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  1. I was a member. Was the Sysop of the BBS at one point, Newsletter Editor, Vice President and then President. I created a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/cintari/ for it awhile back. I put one of the newsletters I made on there too in the files section. I was there for the last 6 years or so before we shut it down. We use to do booths at Computerfest in Dayton, and I think the Mist show in Indiana. May be wrong on that ones name.
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  3. Congrats on the release. Hopefully it spurs some more Jag goodies.
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    Forgot all about that one. That was some crazy story. Hmm.. Now I am thirsty for some reason.
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    When I talked to Carmack 3-4 years back when viMaster and I worked on Death Tongue he said that I could not distribute or include any assets from Doom or even the Shareware Doom. We had to do a total conversion where the art, music, maps, sound, etc were all our own. He did say Zenimax (sp?) who owned id back when I talked with him (still do now I believe) had the final say and he was not the "end all" on legal matters as Zenimax had a team for that. With Carmack not being with id anymore I fear anyone trying to get anywhere with them will have a rough time. Long as I stuck with just the source being the only thing of id's that I used, he felt we would be safe. The policy does seem to follow the policy back in the day with Doom/Doom II/Heretic/Hexen. Map authors could not make maps that included any id assets, and their maps needed to only work with the commercial version of the games to promote sales of it. You couldn't develop maps that used the shareware version. Plus pretty much all the new ports of Doom out there don't include either the commercial doom.wad or the shareware. They "leave it" up to the user to supply that themselves. Conversion looks good though. Nice work! <edited for real bad spelling>
  6. The 800MB stream also has the talk after the 6502 one in it. I downloaded the whole thing and stripped off the beginning static screen stuff, and the second talk and am re-encoding into a m4v file. I suspect it will be around 200MB or so when finished. Not sure if these videos are released under creative commons or some other free license. If so I can make this smaller file available.
  7. I have run a TON of files through the skunkboard both during initial testing, and when writing and testing the SkunkGUI. I had only one time where I got the red screen and that was when I accidentally put in some bogus parameters for the download address. When I fixed the typo it worked fine. I would suspect that 99% of the time this never occurs with users. If the issue wasn't related to an issue like I had, I would bet Tursi is dead on that it is a false positive. Not sure if the ROM image was Tyrants or someone else, but if they work with Tursi I am sure he will iron it out.
  8. Actually I just posted for the first time in that thread over on JSII
  9. I was not addressing anything said in this forum. I was just talking about the info posted on the jagtopia website. And also posting the info that I did not do a cdbypass ROM image that has been linked to me.
  10. Please don't put words in my mouth. You have no idea my opinion on any subject. I am disappointed in any bashing no matter the side. If you don't like someone or some group I see no value in posting it in public. Also the profanity laced name calling I find troubling. As I said, congrats on the release. I am sure jagtopia will prove useful to people in the jag community.
  11. Just to clarify. The cdbypass I posted on JSII is not my creation. I forget where I found it. I have actually never even tried it. I might have got it from Glenn, but it is not my creation. All the b.s. on here though is annoying, and all I have to say is this. Congrats to Reboot on the release of Jagtopia. Anything released for the Jaguar is a plus. Jagtopia looks like it could be useful to people. But I am disappointed with the attacks against tbird and the flames on the jagtopia website. I just don't see the point or value in it.
  12. I generally don't like the global rule for all C or all assembly. I generally specify it for each source file since I like to have any include files for that particular source file on the line also. That way I don't have to add those dependencies down below, and can keep them all together. Plus sometimes I use different compiler/assembler options for particular files. That way I can turn a debugging define on for a particular source file instead of group wide. Or I may turn off optimization on a certain file (sometimes I have found the optimization with the old gcc with the original dev tools can cause problems). But the beauty of makefiles are they can be tailored to each programmers use and tastes.
  13. p.s. Chris linked to the code on my website in the first post here. So if you want to see all the files (I kept the project quite tiny), download it off my site.
  14. Chris posted the assembly startup code. Which is just a slightly modified version of the Atari stuff. I agree 320x240 would definitely be better, and it is super trivial to make a couple changes to implement it. Basically the 320x200 was a holdover from when I was doing a quick port of my old MSDOS Atari 8-bit Emulator (Pokey was its name). I used 320x200 for that and set the Jag up the same to test the code. Someone wanted a simple hello world program, so I just hacked it together quick with the startup code from Pokey.
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