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  1. Man, I feel like a goof for not finding that, but it worked! Pixelboy's link described how I remembered the code, but ed1475's instructions also work, which suggests that the leading # wasn't necessary. Thank you both for your prompt responses, and I can now feel re-assured that I didn't imagine it. It even looks like this isn't the first time it's been asked about here, but the answer wasn't found last time.
  2. This has been bothering me for a long time, and it popped back up in my head today. Searching around, this forum seems like the best chance I have of finding someone who can help. I believe there is a level select cheat in Miner 2049er for Colecovision, but I don't recall the code to enter it. I received the code from an employee I used to badger by phone at a Toronto video game store when I was still in my single digits and I used it regularly. My recollection is that it went something like this: * or # A combination of the digits 3,4,5,6 * or # again The level number you want to start at I've tried various combinations of the above over the years without success. I decided to give DASMx and Mekaw a try today, and then realized that my knowledge of Z80 assembly and debugging tools are quite lacking. Is anyone interested in digging further to identify this cheat code?
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