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  1. I think you could just plug an actual Atari BASIC cart into the XE and it will override the built-in Altirra, for the occasions you want to play games that need the slower speed.
  2. Also, it might be a good idea to support high score leaderboards through Fujinet.
  3. I like this idea. Another benefit of self-limiting the IDE to 8K.
  4. Atari BASIC also has the construct GOTO <expression> and GOSUB <expression>, where <expression> can evaluate to a line number at runtime. So in Atari BASIC you could write something like: 100 INPUT OPTION: GOSUB OPTION * 1000 where "trimix" starts at line 1000, "mod" starts at 2000, "end" starts at 3000, "min_od" starts at 4000 and so on.
  5. Paging the moderators, we have an incident....
  6. @rensoup, I have a small request: could you open a new thread once you have released the final version? I can't tolerate the toxic behavior in this thread anymore.
  7. In this forum it seems like every development thread for a highly-anticipated game (almost invariably a port) turns toxic. The more anticipated the game, the more toxic the thread becomes (I'm thinking of the Stunt Car Racer thread as another example). I think it's because these ports tap into long-held desires to have these legendary (in our heads at least) games on the A8 platform. People have very strong opinions about how they want to see the games presented, even if technical concerns don't allow it or the developer's vision differs from theirs. Hence the temptation to go beyond constructive criticism and into backseat-driving. It's not enough that we have the best 8-bit version of the game in existence, there's still something wrong with it that has to be fixed. Thank you rensoup, TIX, miker and emkay (did I leave anyone out?) for this really wonderful port of PoP.
  8. Is the game cartridge meant to run under NTSC or PAL? I get significantly different colors for NTSC and PAL running in Altirra, and to my eye the PAL colors better match the screenshots on your website.
  9. 1. Beeblebrox 2. invisible kid 3. Philsan 4. Sub(Function(:)) 5. Spancho 6. CAVOKER 7. 8bitguy1 8. Roydea6 9. pps 10. CharlieChaplin 11. Lord Thag 12. Wilheim 13. Dinadan67 14. TrekMD 15. martinez 16. Ndary 17. Oldyoldson 18. Hurrican 19. a6502 20. Allan 21. hasanc 22. janzh 23. electrohaze 24. Gunstar 25. Tigerduck 26. mariusz-buk 27. manopac 28. atari-passion 29. FifthPlayer
  10. Although I think the phaeron version looks nice because of the smoother movement, I still prefer the original unaltered ROM. The phaeron speedup also affects the gameplay, as it makes the hyperwarp sequence go faster and hence makes it more difficult to play. I suppose some appreciate the increased challenge, but I don't. It probably affects the gameplay difficulty in other ways as well but that's the big thing I noticed. I also get wanting to fix the shield color for PAL users but I always thought the background shield color was a pretty essential part of the experience. Star Cruiser 7's field emitters cause the blue color, because you're viewing space through the forcefield.
  11. Here's an idea for a visual enhancement: since the playfield is rendered using Antic 5, it should be possible to provide a wavy animation for the sewage with a custom charset. Define a few animation frames of the sewage with a wavy surface, and swap the character cells every so often to create the animation.
  12. There's a developer diary over in the 5200 forum. It is an intentional remake of Tron Deadly Discs for the 5200/A8.
  13. The pseudo-speech in Gossip is really well done, decades before games like Animal Crossing did the same.
  14. If you are looking for a C-based software library for writing games, you could check out 8bit-Unity. It allows you to target several 8-bit platforms in addition to A8 (c64, Apple II, Lynx), and it is based on CC65. What's cool about it is that it does take advantage of platform-native features like hardware sprites, scrollable tilemaps and raster interrupts while implementing them in software on platforms that lack them.
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