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  1. Was Pitfall ever released in disk format for the Atari? I think it may have only been available in cartridge, which doesn't lend itself to this sort of hacking.
  2. The trak-ball would be the perfect controller for this game. Software sprites for some of this might be doable in a character mode. Looks like fun!!
  3. I remember seeing the 2600 version appear before the 400/800 version. Everyone was so disappointed by the 2600 version- at least they could have chosen arcade-appropriate colors for the maze and the ghosts. Then the 8-bit version appeared and we all marveled at it in comparison. I can't remember dates, except to say my friends and I played the heck out of A8 Pac-Man (and Miner 2049er) over the summer of 1982. My friend got a Colecovision about the same time; with it and my 800 we were in home gaming heaven.
  4. For a more hand-holding intro to 6502 assembly, you could give Richard Mansfield's "Machine Language for Beginners" a try: https://www.atariarchives.org/mlb/ There's also a sequel: https://www.atariarchives.org/2bml/ The only caveat is that it is a book of its time, so it tries to leverage what you know about BASIC programming to teach you assembly. And of course it will have nothing to say about modern coding tools. I do prefer it to Zaks's book because Zaks opens with the driest discussion of ones and twos-complement arithmetic this side of the Kalahari desert.
  5. The idea of an Asteroids controller sounds appealling, but the official Atari port of Asteroids to the A8 is pretty lackluster. Better to target the Asteroids coin-op emulator that runs on the A8.
  6. Nice, kind of has a "megamania meets galaga" feel to it. Shame that the game is now defunct.
  7. You're quite right, I should also have said I didn't want to have to acquire the parts and assemble it myself.
  8. This is true, but I'd love a modern-day reproduction of the A8 hardware that can easily connect to modern hardware, i.e. something that has HDMI or DisplayPort for AV output and a USB port for attaching keyboards and game controllers.
  9. It's really nice to read articles like this one, written by someone obviously familiar with the platform and its history, and who can convey the things we find special to a general audience.
  10. My bad....I thought Galaga let you have up to three ships side-by-side, but that is found only in sequels (Gaplus, Galaga '88). Dual ships only makes an Atari port easier.
  11. By no means was I trying to criticize what has been accomplished so far. I've seen the nitpicking in other threads once a WIP is shown to the masses and by no means do I want to be one of the people who has nothing to do but complain. I'm really impressed by what has been accomplished so far, and I'm optimistic the devs can manage to pull off a faithful arcade conversion.
  12. There's a lot more that needs to be done.... for instance, I'd like to see how the double/triple player ships will be accomplished, and also the "tractor beam" effect the aliens use to capture the player ship. Those could be very challenging depending on how the player ship is depicted. One player ship depicted with multicolored PMs is straightforward, but three is very challenging given the hardware sprites available.
  13. I think it's a cultural thing - the 2600 sold more by at least an order of magnitude and it has many more fans to this day. The Harmony cartridge might be a cheat, but so are some of the various hardware upgrades - VBXE, 65816 mods, etc - that are available for the Atari 8-bit computers. Of the three generations of hardware from the same design team - 2600, 5200/8-bit and Amiga, I think the 5200/8-bit line is the most interesting because the hardware has enough features to make some very nice looking games, but it also has some limitations that can be overcome by clever use of the hardware features. The base 2600 is too limited no matter how much cartridge code space you throw at it, and the Amiga hardware is just so powerful that there isn't as much of an imperative to use the hardware creatively.
  14. It looks like the players and missiles are available to render content items in addition to wall tiles.
  15. As good as the previous Moon Patrol Redux was, this is yet another level beyond. Very impressive. Is there a way I can configure one of the alternate controllers (Genesis, Joy 2B+) in Altirra? I have a USB gamepad (SNES layout) and it would be cool to use the Genesis controller support within emulation.
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