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  1. After Vector Pilot you might consider getting a multicart (like the Sean Kelly3.0) or a flashable cart like Vecmulti or Mateos burner/dumper.
  2. fmml


    A VecFlash is different from a Vecfever.
  3. I‘d like Pen C, connector left, right handed.
  4. From a gamer's perspective it is not really a good game plus you can download it for free. From a collector's perspective $99 sounds like a fair price.
  5. You find them as "Universal Game case"
  6. You just got another order to keep you busy after your vacation Steven. I got a new address with umlauts now. Not sure how Paypal handles that with international payments. Let me know if the address is messed up because of that.
  7. First 20ish copies as well as the 10 green LE have shipped. Federico does contact the people on the list once he is ready to ship. First 30 copies took more than a year to make - not sure how long the remaining 80 will take. But the wait is worthwile.
  8. I am wondering whether Richard's 3D print design will work for the first batch of controller kits.
  9. If you look closely you will find that most homebrew games are available for purchase or download. Check packrat videogames, kristof tuts homepage (Vector Pilot), madtronix (for vectorzoa games), Luchs soft, binary Star soft (bins and upcoming releases), Revival studios and fury unlimited (free bins) for a start. You can find some of furys discontinued games at gooddeal games. You often see homebrew games sell on eBay for insane prices which are available from the developer for cheap. There is tons of stuff to get and unavailability is more the exception than the rule if you look closely and have patience with the publishers.
  10. I havnt started either. Life is busy so I probably wont start until this fall. Im a novice in electronics so I expect this project to take a while to succeed. Keeping my eyes open for a proper casing.
  11. Packrat is still active (last fb update last week). There are several projects David is working on currently, and there has been a backlog in O2 multicart orders for a while afaik. Just be patient, he will get back to you.
  12. Bought a SABA Videoplay game for Blazing Lazers from a german seller and shipped it to him. Easy task as he knew what he wanted and covered all costs promptly. Very friendly communication. Wouldnt mind to help out again.
  13. In the presentation video of Xmas Cart 2015 (games available as free bin) the Scramble overlay was used, I think it works well with Parcel Panic. I also use Scramble for frogger (not perfect though). For Zantis (free bin available) I use the Rip Off overlay. It gives some vertical orientation to take out enemies which always appear in the same place.
  14. Those are the real pictures of the kit? I thought you were joking. What a nightmare.
  15. As far I can tell no harm was done during domestic shipping.
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