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  1. I beat Final Fantasy XV, but the ending didn't play out like other copies of the game. There was no message saying that I completed the game. The title screen changed, but only the logo changed, not the sky or the music. Is this a glitch? Is anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Is it better or worse than the original 2600?
  3. How is it compared to the original 2600?
  4. Got me a 6502 assembly book for Christmas! :)

  5. Any kinda example, novice program?
  6. Hold on, I want there to be items in the game. How do I that?
  7. I think I'm beginning to understand. I'll get back to you with my game's renovated code soon.
  8. In this demo's source code, how exactly does the room data work?
  9. I'm building an Adventure-ish game in Batari BASIC. How do you add multiple screens?
  10. Sorry about that. Lemme put it this way: if you know Assembly, where or how did you first learn it?
  11. I'm having a lot of trouble getting started with assembly. Any tips? Example programs? Anything of the sort would be nice.
  12. Could you explain in Batari BASIC code?
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