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  1. I wanted to learn how to dev Atari 2600 games and I was just wondering where I start?
  2. Is there something like AGS for Mac OSX? I see that there is a AGS Beta for Mac that only allows games to be played but not edited.
  3. It's funny how N64 was more successful yet Jags are noe worth more. I payed 30 for my JAG in '98 when they were being liquidated at KB Toys and I just got my N64 not one week ago for 17 at EB Games because they're being liquidated. And the games range from 1.99-19.99 while Jag games astoshingly go from 10.00-80.00 higher for extreme examples. Sorry but it ought to be including some games and extra controller for just the Jag system by itself. N64 is cheap because it sold so well! Now they're everywhere and nobody wants them, so they go for nothing.
  4. There are cheats in Gamesharks or Game Genies etc that activate those in game cheats but there more valuable for their manipulation of games. You can get a lot more cheats for a game that aren't really supposed to exisit or that aren't intended for a game. If you load too many cheats at once it can freeze a game, but you can do a lot of stuff you normally couldn't do. Like in GTA u can drive through walls etc. It'd be nice to have an unlimited health cheat for some of these games or a infinite ammo cheat etc. But whatever, I'm gussing from the response there is no project like that underway so their probably won't be for a while. What about that portable jag or any other projects?
  5. Any chance a Gameshark type of thing could be made for the Jaguar? Either as a cart or boot CD? By the way whatever happened to the poratble Jaguar thing? Been out of the loop for about 6 or 7 months, anything new besides Total Carnage (which looks cool too).
  6. Hi all. I was thinking of selling my Jaguar collection. Unfortunately I haven’t been playing it in a while and I need some cash because I’m putting all my paychecks towards college next year ($40,000 a year! What the hell?!). Anyway I just wanna see what I can get for it before I finally decide to sell it, to see if it’s worth it. Here’s what I got and you tell me what it’s worth: Hardware: 2 Jaguar Consoles (With all hook ups) 1 CD drive 3 Controllers 1 Memory Card 1 Jag-Link Software: Troy Aikman Football (Sealed) Zool 2 (Complete) AVP (Cart Only) Wolfenstein (Complete) Iron Soldier (Complete) Extremist Pack # 1 (Complete) Blue Lightning, Vid Grid, and Myst (Complete and yes I know, Freebies) Painter (Complete) Black Ice White Noise Rev. 18 released by “Ambient Distortions” (Complete) Protector SE w/Native Demo (Complete) Supercross 3-D (Complete) Air Cars released by B&C Fight Fir Life (Complete) Hover Strike (Complete) Highlander (Complete) Primal Rage (Complete) Space Ace Jewel Case Version (Complete) World Tour Racing (Complete) Super Burn Out (Complete) Checkered Flag (Complete) Raiden (Cart Only) Tempest 2000 (Complete) Val D’Isere Skiing (Complete) Hover Strike Unconquered Lands (Complete) Jag Ads (Complete)
  7. All of the vintage figures have been sold. But everything else is still available. Taking all offers now. Just PM me.
  8. Ok, I'm just glad we cleared that up. I'll send you Painter again. I don't know why it's broken. But that aside I still paid you for the card and that should have nothing to do wih a faulty Painter game it's a seperate transaction. As soon as I get the card I'll send out Painter again. Regards, Lamont
  9. Willard Where are you! I've been trying to contact you! I'd hate to make you look bad but, Where is my Saturn Video Card! It's been four months!
  10. Now taking all offers except trades unless they are Super8/16mm related.
  11. Actually I forgot to mention R.O.B. is officialy lost.
  12. Hiya, this lot is re-opened. The person who I was selling the lot to found out he doesn't have the room for it. That's no problem, but now everything is still available and it all must go! Not necesarily all together but it all must be sold. Anyone interested please don't hesitate to PM me!
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