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  1. Hi, I have visual batari basic working on my computer and have been screwing around with it. I wanted the code for Real Sports Basketball on the 2600. I've downloaded the playable file from here and can play it on an emulator, but how can i access the code to where i can put it in visuall bb. I did some searching around and can't find an answer. My goal is to make a character resemble air bud and change around a few other things,, Thanks
  2. I've wanted an Astroids machine for years, but recently bought this 1980 Tele-Games set from a garage sale for $40. It came with 18 games/manuals, Wireless Atari joysticks, and various other joysticks. After a good cleaning and new power cord it started right up. I added new battery terminals to the atari joysticks, and now they're functioning pretty well..it's a cool setup, i still can't believe they had wireless controllers back in '83 I'm new to vintage video games but I'm a pretty serious bike collector. I mostly collect 80's bikes but have a little bit of everything,,i parked my 1979 Schwinn Scrambler next to the Atari because they fit so well together Any other bike guys here?
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