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  1. hmm, I will check the cfg files before and after and see if anything is changing. thx
  2. Hi ALL, New guy here.. Im trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong here. Here's my setup: 2011 13"Mac Book pro, plenty or RAM etc. Running OSX 10.9.4 Trying to run VirtualJag 2.1.0 I'm running the program locally as I'm not sure if it requires installing it to my applications folder or not. (not much info to go on) First run, the em runs great! no problems. If I back out and then try to go back in later to play again, the cartridge selection window shows no carts at all. just has black info. (screen shot attached) If i delete the whole thing, clean out my trash bin, then unzip the file again, drag and drop some game files into the software folder, and try running the em again, its fine. BUT when i close it and come back later, AGAIN the same issue. Some thing is corrupting in the file system each time I close the .app file causing it to dump the cartridge info. Ive tried searching several things online and it seems like no one else is having this problem. Ive deleted everything, downloaded new files, cleaned up my old files restarted, re-arranged things in the new file, but no matter what after one game play, the emulator fails on the second run. Has anyone else had this problem?? NOTE: I know some emulators require running them through terminal, (MAME) I'm trying to run this just the emulator by accessing the .app file locally (Does that make sense?) Any ideas you guys have will be really appreciated!! Thanks
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