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  1. Hi all Selling off my Atari collection piece by piece. Up for grabs is a rare 5200 console with selection of games. This was not available in Europe AFAIK so hard to find here in the UK. Comes complete as you see in the photo with all games pictured, two controllers (these could do with a little TLC as they are notoriously prone to failing), and the trakball add-on (works great with Missile Command) Because this is an American console I will also include a UK to US power convertor. I have also performed the AV mod so the console will work on all modern TVs. Looking for £250 which includes postage to anywhere in the UK.
  2. Use the Turgen system. Far more user friendly and works like a charm
  3. Try this disk image. Should have what you're looking for Demo D030a.ATR
  4. I am willing to try and copy them to floppy if you want to post.
  5. I think you use option or select. I tend to use MyCopyR as it seems more reliable for me.....copy 2000 quite often fails to format the disk
  6. What I do is run Aspeqt or Respeqt and place the atr that I want to copy back to floppy into drive 2 and leave drive 1 empty. Turn on 1050 and place copier program disk in drive, turn on Atari and boot copier program. The select D2 as source and D1 and destination, remembering to remove disk from 1050 and replace with a blank. Hit start and leave it to do its thing. Just find this way easier if you want to make more than one floppy at a time.....just keep changing blanks in 1050 and images in D2 and keep repeating.
  7. Not sure which one I tried to be honest. Its not an issue. To be honest it kind of better letting the disks load at the normal speed. I will keep you posted with regards to the rest of them as I intend over time to put most of them on floppies.
  8. Thanks for these uploads DJ. Like other, I prefer the "as original as possible" disk. On a related note, not sure if anyone has tried copying any of these back to floppy so thought I would give it a go using Aspeqt connected to a mega-speedy enhanced 1050 and 800XL via SIO2USB. I tried Dimension X and Pharaohs Curse. Pharaohs Curse - loads perfectly when drive set to standard mode but fails half way through if set to speedy or mega speedy (think this is fairly usual for protected disks anyway so no worries really) Dimension X -again loads perfect when set to standard mode but doesn't like speedy mode. THING TO NOTE: on first attempt i had the drive write protect mode switched off and once the loading screen appeared the game decided to format the disk. Presume this is something to do with the copy protection. Copied the disk again, set the write protect to on and game loaded fine. Looking forward now to finding time to copy the rest back to floppy disks.
  9. Great software......really lets me use my Rambit mod here in the UK far more than I could back in the day. How easy is the Turbo Blizzard mod to get here in the UK? I have some spare tape decks that I wouldn't mind converting and having a play with
  10. As per my Manic Miner artwork I decided to try one for this game. Now I'm no artist or photoshop expert so its a little rough around the edges so please be kind!
  11. That really is a great conversion. Its just so sad that all this new software wasn't available back in the day as I think the Atari would have stood up a lot stronger against its rivals. Anyway....decided to try and make a cassette of this port.....check out my handy work below. Also included a short video of the game loading via the Rambit system. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Pj09m9fG2WQ
  12. Cheers Baktra...that sounds great. Just out of interest....can a tape player with the Rambit mod such as mine be used for any of the other turbo loaders?
  13. Hi Baktra Liking the colour change of the loading bars. Working well. Just tried 3 games and work fine. Just one thing (and sorry if it seems picky!) but is there a possiblily of putting more than 2 loading screen bar colour options into Turgen and allowing them to be selected during the wizard process or set manually? Just would be nice to have some more to choose from to make each conversion different. I.e. green, multicoloured (the current and previous colours) and maybe black/white, red/yellow (like Spectrum), etc etc. Mat
  14. No Problem. If there's anything else I can help you with, testing wise, then please let me know......always glad to help.
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