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  1. is there an easy way to find all your uploads on Archive.org in one search for easier downloading?
  2. If you are happy to post the cassette to me here in the UK I would be more than happy to try and dump it and convert. I have a good setup and have already contributed around 100 tapes to the community
  3. I still use and love cassettes. As a child I grew up with tapes in the UK as I never obtained a 1050 until many years later. For me tapes provide me with the nostalgia and takes me back to the 80s and waiting for a game to load. I know I can instantly load any games I choose now with the many modern options of which I have many of them but where's the fun in that? @baktra I still use your Turgen system today and I believe helped you sort out the Rambit turbo option of which I still have my 1010 with this turbo upgrade and still works today.
  4. use the Turgen system for tape files. A lot more reliable and it outputs straight to audio too
  5. I've checked the rpm and its bang on 288 so don't think thats the issue. Will check voltages and post on here when i get chance
  6. Hi all. Have a 1050 with the mega speedy mod. Works kind of fine. When first turned it reads and writes single density without issue but try to read or write enhanced or double and it fails. If used for a while to get "warm" it eventually starts to work with all disks so i know its not the read head or motor. Any ideas for this behaviour? I have a set of new caps ready to go in but don't want to do this unnecessarily.
  7. Hi all. As the title suggests....does anyone have a Supercard Pro they no longer require? I am based in the UK so as close to here would be ideal to cut down on postage costs. Thanks in advance.
  8. how do you access the FTP side of Atarimania?
  9. any chance of a full dump of Yoomp on cassette please?
  10. If you're in the UK I was offering to send you some disks.
  11. Morning all. I have an 800XL with the U1MB, stereo pokey and Sophia installed. Fairly recently, and before I installed the Sophia, my machine has developed an odd issue. Whenever I switch it on all I get is a black screen and it doesn't boot. By pressing the reset button it then boots and works perfectly. It does this everytime I switch off and on again. Any ideas?
  12. I have already dumped some disks and uploaded but I also have tons of floppy disks that I want to create real disks from images. Such a shame that the greaseweazle software isn't up to the task. May have to look to purchase a Supercard if I can find one in the UK
  13. Ok. I totally understand. So we either need the ability for a8rawconv to be able to communicate with the greaseweazle or the greaseweazle to be updated i guess. My only other option is to buy a supercard pro. If i could get one of these in the uk I'd be tempted
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