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  1. Please add me to the list. Any number 11-125 is fine. Thank You.
  2. Please add me to the list for a limited edition. Lowest number available please
  3. I saw that as well. Rare MADE IN THE U.S.A Word Fun. Its hard to spot with the pictures they provided. And No I did not win it.. I already have one. Also, here is picture of my Intellivision games with the “FOR COLOR T.V. ONLY” printed in the picture.
  4. I have been lucky on some things, but I would happily trade my luck for some Intellivision Dude luck. The console works, the left hand held mostly works but the right one needs some help.
  5. Hello everyone, I don’t usually post much on this forum, but have enjoyed reading your posts and learning about the Intellivision these last 2 years. So, thank you. I am writing because I thought the Brotherhood might find this interesting. I have an Intellivision that does not have the words “Intelligent television” next to it. Console variant? The back also has a Mattel sticker. Oh yeah, the serial number is somewhat low as well.
  6. Can anyone tell me why there is different color label on the Backgammon carts? Is this a later variation or a misprint?
  7. There are 8 confirmed. This is what I have. I am only missing Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack.
  8. There was a NBA Basketball FOR COLOR T.V. VIEWING ONLY variant from the same person but it got taken down. : (
  9. Very Interesting IntellivisionDude. I always wondered how you got that Intellivision Coat of Arms.
  10. I have found a Backgammon with FOR COLOR T.V. VIEWING ONLY written at the top. hope this helps.
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