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  1. Bump! Surely someone out there must have tried some of these..
  2. I've gone over the comparison pages of some of the various Atari 2600 video mods, and still not much clearer, as to which is the best video mod for an NTSC Atari 2600, in terms of colour accuracy, sharpness, etc. And also it would be nice to know whether the video mod would be the same (video quality but also construction wise i.e. would the modification be the same, or need to be altered) for a PAL Atari 2600. Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey guys, I'm having problems with a Vectrex too.. Can anyone tell me is the European MB Games Vectrex any different internally to the American GCE Vectrex? I turn it on and get a white dot which moves very very slowly left for about 3 centimetres then stops.. I've tried checking the common fix for it but its not a bad solder joint there. I don't get any sound at all that I'm aware of.. all I get is some crackling if I move the volume up and down.. Any ideas what to check? Could it be a 6522 VIA IC that I've read about elsewhere? Cheers, don't mean to hijack thread but didn't think it was worth making a seperate thread.
  4. Hello, I would very much like to know the correct value of resistor to use when tapping the stereo audio signals from an Atari ST E and routing them to a SCART plug. The sound is far too loud so it needs toning down to a "normal" level so that there is no risk of the television speakers being damaged. Thank you very much in advance to whoever answers, I really appreciate it. CJ.
  5. C'mon, im sure someone here knows this.. if someone could open their Sears Video Arcade II Controller, really carefully and tell me how the bendy metal bit thats between the two fire buttons goes, id be REALLY grateful..
  6. Maybe, as per above you need the dual power version of the willem programmer.. some chips will only program with a higher power rating, which the USB connection simply cannot provide. Its also possible that your DIP switches are set incorrectly, do you have the programming software set to the correct diagram? I know that when my DIP switches were set incorrectly for chips, it says the same message you're getting.. hope this helps in some way..
  7. Hey, I picked one of these up yesterday, a Sears Video Arcade II Controller The left direction wasnt working so I opened it up and tried to get to the point inside where the plastic presses on to make the connection, it all looked ok so I realigned it and then tried to put the bendy bit of metal and 2 plastic fire buttons back on. But now I have another problem, I can not for the life of me figure out how the bendy bit of metal, with a hook on either end fits onto the fire buttons.. obviously when one of the fire buttons is pressed the metal bends and presses the button on the PCB, ive tried putting the bendy metal bit in all different ways but no joy.. Anyone have any ideas as to how it goes in properly?
  8. I have used a program called "Omniflop" for 820K images now, with some success, so far I wrote two discs, one works perfectly, the other mostly did not work.. so seems like a decent program so far. I have no idea how to use MSA etc, its very techy lol
  9. Where can I get some RAM thats suitable from? I looked on ebay but its all too fast (as described in the doc)
  10. Hmm I got 800K disks working. I used a program called "SamDisk" to format the DS/DD floppy disk in my PC to 800K, and then used SamDisk again to copy the .ST image file (after renaming it to an extension that SamDisk can recognise) onto the disk. The disks now work, however I have some disk images .st that are 819KB, so I suppose I need a disk formatted to 82 tracks to fit this on? The SamDisk program does not go above 80 tracks, I tried fastcopy pro on my Atari ST but couldnt figure it out (too complicated). Im using Windows XP and I dont have any means of running Win9x or pure DOS..
  11. Hey guys I have an Atari ST 520, im trying to put some games on disk, they are 800kb in size Ive tried LOTS of different programs.. mostly on the PC but I tried one on the Atari ST and still would not make 800K disk images work.. 720K disk images work fine using WFDcopy Anyone got any ideas? whats the easiest method.. step by step for a real noob
  12. Does anyone know a good website with in detail rarity for Commodore Amiga games?
  13. Mysteriously I came accross the auction from which that picture must be stolen from... lol The actual item must be beat up or something! STOLEN FROM : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...&category=38597 It's a UK auction that would explain the UK sticker, note the damage to the box in same place etc, same bedsheet now if 2 guys 1 in UK and 1 in USA have same sheets and exact same damage on a box, thats one hell of a coincidence
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