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  1. Get well soon, @CPUWIZ. 😟
  2. Hurry up and get one before Atari buys 500 of them!
  3. Did younbuy your AtariTokens yesterday? https://www.atarichain.com/#/
  4. Atari update! Sorry backers, it would be unfair to send out only some units, so we're not gonna: https://medium.com/@atarivcs/atari-vcs-managing-the-unexpected-d87ac17b99df
  5. Would I be considered a "hater" if I point out we're literally weeks, not months, from the commercial release? If Atari was honest in any of this, their consoles would've shipped before COVID-19 was even known to be a thing. But I guess they "call it hardware because it's hard", and not because it's a physical piece of equipment.
  6. ... except my belly. But make it a Choco Taco and you have a deal!
  7. Only Scrapyard Dog, Super Asteroids / MC, and Basketbrawl are from Atari. I believe the rest are @Songbird's.
  8. Shot (Dec. 13, 2017): Feargal's letter saying they are not prepared for a crowdfunding campaign, copied above by @Flojomojo. Chaser (Dec. 14, 2017): One key element. Sobering reality (Feb. 19, 2020): It seems they're finally to the place they should've been before even thinking about crowdfunding.
  9. Atari isn't really doing the hotel, of course. It's just another licensing agreement: this time to True North Studio of Phoenix, Arizona. Pretty peachy sign-on deal for Atari, too:
  10. My Sept. 2017 Moto X4 is 2.2 GHz, 3GB RAM and 32GB flash. Brand new I think it cost $350-$399, but it's 2020 and unlocked versions go for $139. I don't think that's the Amico's draw, though. People wonder why there are no exclusive AtariVCS games to coerce them into buying the console. Well, now we have a console that is exclusively exclusives. The very low-end specs may not even matter.
  11. AA needs a "horrified" reaction. 🥺 😆
  12. Guy who banned several users in Amico thread complains about our using analogies in this one. Where are we allowed to voice concerns, then? Not there; not here. I don't think any of you are bought--and-paid-for by Tallarico, but this slavish watching out for his best interests has become sickening. Nobody blocked Tallarico from coming here and discussing concerns. He threw a hissy fit and left. It seems he's only interested in this thread when he can sell something. Weird.
  13. Did the owner of a footbath company come in and report all of our footbath posts? Is this really the line not to be crossed in this thread? If footbaths are off topic, I'm sure we could start a new thread. Considering how the footbath started doing very similar things as Atari, it doesn't really seem off topic to me. Or at least is worthy of discussion.
  14. Feeling a bit long-in-the-tooth; like a TV show going on one season too long.
  15. They ran stock AtariVault footage over the most interesting part: Artz having trouble navigating the UI. He says they are on track for shipping in March, which means they misled with the whole "Weeks, not months" thing. Not that it matters at all since supporters just want to get something. He also says there are 31 days in March, so we can throw out the first 30 days. The Windows activation watermark can be seen on the Borderlands gameplay. That's not proof of anything, but to me it indicates they are at least not running it on a Windows laptop. Probably filmed in two locations: Kingston booth and Atari meeting room (or PowerA hospitality suite). +1000 Internet points for ignoring the "Do not touch" signs and playing with the joystick. Well done, sir!
  16. A problem is just a solution without a solution. — Iris Kimura, HBO's Avenue 5
  17. Coincidental to the OP's handle, Maro Kart 64 really helped me through some tough times in the '90s. I think it was probably just being able to focus on something and being in control of something I was good at. Today, its whatever game that interests me and I'm decent at playing. I'd prefer a more productive hobby (like writing or woodworking) to take my mind off things for a while, but I don't seem to be built that way.
  18. Truer words never spoken: American poker card size. Clear and noisy (like above) print-ready CMYK versions attached. I got the template from the first place I googled. Don't know if they'll print them, but if they do pics are required! Atari Please Dont Touch.zip
  19. Somebody gave me a nickle to "buy" my $0.25 ALDI shopping cart. CALLING POLICE.

    1. PlaysWithWolves


      This crime shall not go unpunished!

    2. Flojomojo


      It's a victimless crime. Like punching somebody in the dark. 

  20. 100% of the proceeds of this $25 bundle go to Australia Fire Relief: https://www.humblebundle.com/games/australia-fire-relief Not familiar with most of the games, though.
  21. Shout-out to @Flojomojo for being a good sport when I implied Flo would have too much integrity to show up at a private Atari schmoozefest. Or higher price. I'm not sure
  22. I could be mistaken, but I'm making the assumption it's blown out like a gaming laptop: But, we'd need to see longer, uncut, footage to know if there were any heat issues. They may have brought v1 of the board. I doubt v2. And as @JBerel points out, their use of weasel words brings into doubt if they even brought a working prototype board at all. Atari not answering @Paul Slocums simple request for clarity after three days seems to fortify the position. Well, safe to say that my high from my Atari Interactive HQ trip is gone. If any footbath companies would like a review, a ride in a mid-80s Countach would be great. Or a Bugatti Veyron. Of course, in no way would any indulgences affect my report.
  23. @Lodmot, as one who has seen a working unit and the transparent-case pictures, I can safely say the AtariVCS' cooler is on the top of the board. It's supported by a fan blower vent. If there's one thing we know Atari is great at, it's blowing hot air.
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