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  1. I don't see any books on the hexbus site
  2. TI Extended Basic is one of the best interpretations out there.
  3. Thanks Greg. So my 32K is compatible after all. I guess I'll wait and get a TiPI. In the meantime, I tried the tape recorder and it works fine after all these years!
  4. Do you have a direct link for it? The ones I see are out of stock? Also can you manage to send them from within the EU? Thanks.
  5. Ok, Will do. Do you think my 32K expansion that I linked above is compatible? Arcadeshopper would probably know for sure.
  6. I live in Greece. I don't think there are many TI users here to do it for me.
  7. This is the one I ordered, I don't think it has a power connector. https://ibb.co/wdVgRvj
  8. But does it require a special type of 32K expansion? How can I know If it is compatible with mine?
  9. I can't get a compiler in cartridge form from the FianlGrom?
  10. Do you have any examples of what is required to save to a Cellphone? That would really help.
  11. How would I compile a TI Extended Basic program. The FinalGrom would be running TI Extended Basic, so how do I use a compiler, unless I use a tape recorder?
  12. I'm in the EU, I bought it from the EU, it's a 32K side cart. I'd love to buy from you, but taxes would be killer. I haven't received it yet. My kids are looking at me as If I'm a mad man when I just took out the tape recorder for the TI... I last used it in 89, or there abouts. I feel like it's unreal.
  13. I have a 32K expansion. But ideally I would use TI Extended BASIC, so I guess short of getting a TiPI, my tape recorder is the way to go. Who would have guessed my cheapest bought machine in the 80's seems to be the most expensive to use as intended today. I really never thought I'd take out my TI cassette recorder again since the 80s.
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