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  1. Ok, so I will fully open it up then. Anything specific I should check first? Thanks.
  2. Here are a few quick inside pics. In the last 2, I have removed the one in the joystick port. It's a UK model.
  3. I can't get a picture/sound to try to hear sound. The red cover is removable, I tried removing it but nothing.
  4. One of my Ataris' is an 800XL that I bought used around 1994. I remember distinctly that the person I bought it from mentioned something about the red cover on the joystick port, I just can't remember what. I've tried both the monitor output and the TV output (it's a PAL machine) but no picture. The machine does power on. Here is a pic of the red 'cover' on the port, it is removable.
  5. Wow! This person either does not know Atari 8 bit computers or he is so biased he can't see (nor hear)...
  6. Does anyone know where I can buy a monitor cable for the IIc? I have a PAL IIc which only outputs monochrome video from the composite output, so I'd like to use the monitor output. If there is one with SCART even better. Thanks.
  7. Nice selection. Unfortunately they don't have the monitor cable which I badly need.
  8. Is the output different on PAL machines compared to NTSC?
  9. It's a composite video out port on the IIc. I'm hooking it up directly to the composite video in. Great picture, but no color.
  10. I have rediscovered a few of my computers from back in the day, and found my old IIc I have tried every combination I can try on the TVs I have, but all I get is B&W, never color. The things is, I remember in school, the IIc had color from the same RCA port (not the monitor output). I have tried many cables just in case, but its still B&W. Does anyone remember If the IIc could output color from the RCA port or am I slowly losing it??
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