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  1. If other than playing games, which the TI has plenty of, you like programming the extended BASIC on this machine is a work of art. The no Pokes and Peeks will become such a beauty that will become evident fairly quickly. May I also add that this community is one of the best, If not THE best for support.
  2. Can you save your own programs on the Sdrive or Fujinet? They just arrived, haven't opened them yet.
  3. Does the sophia make it look like PAL? I mean for games.
  4. That means it could be a totally different color!
  5. Out of curiosity, what happens when a software piece chooses a color from the palette that the secam doesn't support, what happens? Do the secam machines go for the nearest color? Do they change it with a default color? What exactly happens?
  6. Is there a Paypal option? I get to the area where it asks for name and billing, which is usually for credit cards only?
  7. I also had no idea of this option. I'll get subscribed, it's worth contributing to this site.
  8. Hi. I'm looking to buy a IIe (or IIe platimum) with cards preferred. I'm located in Greece. I prefer PAL but will consider NTSC models as well. Thanks.
  9. Just an Update. It's been working fine with my monitor, everything seems fine, even when playing with my cartridges, I don't notice the 128 colors instead of 256, since it's the cartridge is obviously not using all of them, the colors seem fine. All in all, an interesting addition to my collection.
  10. I guess I was judging from my now dead original PSU size, which I now realize was unrealistic. The only other thing is the lack of Watts info, but I guess knowing the Voltage is enough. I also thought the Amps would have been higher in order to accommodate for new addons like SD card hardware.
  11. Thanks. Could you tell me who you bought it from in aliexpress? I have only ordered 1 time from aliexpress years ago and it was not computer related, so I don't know the site that well.
  12. I mean will they be fake? I need one 74LS04 (7 +7 PIN) and a TMS9900NL (32 +32 PIN) Thanks.
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