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  1. I'm surprised I never electrocuted myself, although 12 V isn't that high. I had made my own AV cable that I used on the 800xl, and 2 days ago tried it with my bare hands on the 99! Now, I ordered one from ebay, but who knows when it will arrive with covid 19...
  2. Anyone know what this is? It works with the 64, not sure about the 800 or 99
  3. The C64, 800 and 99 US seems to have different pinouts in the pic above.
  4. I had one for each but I've since moved and can't find the AV cables. Will 1 work for the others?
  5. Are these 2 in the same demand group? I don't mean in compatibility, I mean is one of these 2 more sought after?
  6. I hadn't read it because I saw a youtube video about the uber99 and 1 before it. By the time I got here I realized that there were a plethora of different versions, but I should have read the FAQ.
  7. Hi all. I'd like to buy a Grom cartridge but I'm very confused as to which is the final version and where to buy a pre assembled on from. Can I download games (for example) and have them run from it directly instead of inserting my solid states one by one?
  8. Ok, so I will fully open it up then. Anything specific I should check first? Thanks.
  9. Here are a few quick inside pics. In the last 2, I have removed the one in the joystick port. It's a UK model.
  10. I can't get a picture/sound to try to hear sound. The red cover is removable, I tried removing it but nothing.
  11. One of my Ataris' is an 800XL that I bought used around 1994. I remember distinctly that the person I bought it from mentioned something about the red cover on the joystick port, I just can't remember what. I've tried both the monitor output and the TV output (it's a PAL machine) but no picture. The machine does power on. Here is a pic of the red 'cover' on the port, it is removable.
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