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  1. Yes! I can pay for shipping and costs, thanks!
  2. I am using a step down transformer for US TI99s. Are the plugs polarized? Does it matter which way I plug them into the transformer?
  3. not that big, its this one, priced very well. https://www.cosmodata.gr/product/223371/periferiaka-gaming/metaschimatistes/aftometaschimatistis/avtometaschimatistis-300va-thg-300 its both a step down and step up option to boot.
  4. Just the console, I was using one that was 300W. I borrowed another from a friend and neither of my TI's power up, even though after I tried to instal 2 new internal PSU. I am afraid that US jacks arent eual on both sides (polarity) so I might have blown up the internal or external PSU. The one I am looking at getting is also 300VA, not sure how that equates in W though.
  5. What is the ideal Wattage for a US TI99 in a transformer from 220v to 110v? I live in Europe and my transformer died and I'm looking into getting a new one.
  6. my Samsung 24 inch LCD seems to handle both NTSC and PAL, although the NTSC colors are a little funky. I have an old CRT monitor that says multisystem and has support for 5 systems, including 2 versions of NTSC, its from the 80s
  7. Thanks guys, I've got it running in the MAME emulator. Thank you all!
  8. oh boy, I don't know how to setup DSK1. Thank for your reply.
  9. I am running a Ti99/4A emulator through MAME. Does anyone know If I can save Basic programs? Is there a list of which emulators allow this?
  10. Yes, you are correct, you did make it clear, thanks!
  11. Filezilla worked fine with your settings, thanks!
  12. Ok, I see your using a site for it. I was just inputting the details and quickconnect, I'll give it a try your way. Thanks.
  13. Thanks, I'm on Manjaro, the commands dont work. I'll figure it out hopefully.
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