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  1. May I ask who long the entire process took you?
  2. You haven't left anything else out have you? 🤗 At this rate, I might as well just keep it for parts instead of ordering everything.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have a couple on order from China, they still haven't arrived, and I hope they aren't fakes when they get here. My order also contains a few 74LS04's
  4. The thing is, this specific TI99 I'm working on, exhibits the same type of errors as the video does thus far. I'm only using a multimeter, I don't have an oscilloscope. I'm worried If I skip to his 4th video, I might miss out on something important, but don't want to follow the video for hours If he is just testing useless things. From the errors so far in the video, what do you think is wrong with this TI, in this case mine, so I can take a short cut? Coincidentally, mine is also a beige unit, non QI.
  5. I find that he is quite knowledgeable and I'm trying to follow his footsteps where applicable to my broken machine. I was just wondering If anyone else has any experience with this channel?
  6. You know what those crazy $800,000 cartridge sales might be? Money laundering. Maybe people are money laundering through crazy auction sales, I just can't think of anything else. An $800,000 cartridge.
  7. Somebody must be buying these. I still don't see the point of these sellers placing them for sale at crazy prices, what are they getting out of it?
  8. It's good to see that a few of you think the prices will go down after our generation is gone. I think the opposite, as there won't be enough people to fix them as they fail, there will be less and less good working units. I'm introducing my son to this hobby and he seems kind of interested, but then again I've been trying for many years. In any case, I think the future prices will be higher than even now.
  9. I fixed my PSU by chasing the fuse, however I still don't trust it. I'm using it for now, but I keep glancing at it when the buzzing changes volume a little.
  10. This thread is like time traveling through TI!
  11. Thank you for your very generous offer! But you are right, the weight of those things and the taxes make it non feasible. Thanks!!
  12. I just dug up my almost forgotten transformer from 110v to 220v, so I can buy a US version and plug it in.
  13. I'm looking for this, but with a Euro plug. https://thebrewingacademy.com/products/tbas-replacement-power-supply-for-atari-400-800-1050-xf551-1200xl Maybe I can buy an off the shelf part, but I need to know If its center positive or negative polarity, or it doesn't matter?
  14. I opened it and it smells like burning in there and it looks damaged.
  15. It just stopped working. It makes no buzzing noise like it used to. Now after the horror stories I have read about these vintage power supplies, I really would feel much more comfortable with a new PSU. I've found US versions, and UK versions, but for some strange reason no continental European ones.
  16. The one I had just died. I would prefer a new replacement not an original. Also, it would be great If it came with a continental European plug. I searched google and the forum, but I didn't find anything. Thanks!
  17. But it works with a color monitor of the era, right? I mean it couldn't have been marketed as a B&W computer??
  18. Does the Pal IIc even have color? I mean does it produce color internally, or is it done by external modulators, boxes, monitors...etc...?
  19. there is a cable that comes out of the rgb port and delivers 2 composite leads. Would that work? On the NTSC machines, it works like a normal composite video signals. I attached a photo
  20. I'm struggling to get color out of my IIc. I found this at RM. Would it give a color output? Anyone test one of these? Thanks. https://www.reactivemicro.com/product/reactivemicro-mini-av2hdmi-video-adapter/
  21. So, I now have a fully usable system for games and using extended BASIC or RXB and saving. So far I have: The computer, obviously, the 32K RAM expansion with the TiPI (I haven't yet installed it), FinalGrom, and Ti Joysticks. I can't think of any activity I can't do that I want now. I'm trying to do the same with my Atari 800XL, but the peripherals are more expensive I think. Also I accidentally bought the Secam version (French) that has less colors but it works fine. In any case, my intention really is to start programming again in TI Extended Basic.
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