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  1. hahaha! CLAUS you have influence on this!!! i know i read your article and ran with it!!! If i remember correctly...yes!..16k banks and I split the PIA address space and used it for bank select...you can see the 373 select line hanging off the board, it went to other decoding inside the 800 ('138???) i didnt open it yet..... again..just for shits and giggles. I would love to replicate this setup with static ram...may I reach out to you for technical advise sir??
  2. Yup it worked. when i do these things its just for fun. i dont have any diagrams. there was also modifications to the mother board , thats not shown. but i will re build it and post the schematics.
  3. I totally forgot I did this a long time ago...1 meg dynamic ram (dont ask me what scheme) and a IDE interface for my 800... you can just see the decoded address being intercepted from the other 2 slots
  4. Hi All, what access speed should I be looking at?? I've always wanted to build a eprom programmer for the 800...for shits and giggles!
  5. You don't need skill cause you have balls!! and with the help of all these good & smart guys & gals here, You'll have it working in no time flat!! Cheers!!
  6. I turned 50 this year and all of us here are just to young to know!
  7. Going back to hardware....Ever considered 8 bit parallel to serial converter...can do joystick and 4 buttons at the cost machine cycles to reset and clock in....and only 3 PIA lines
  8. Hahaha! I do stuff and I mean to document it but I get so into it.. I forget!!!! Looks great!
  9. Hahaha! I do stuff and I mean to document it but I get so into it.. I forget!!!! Looks great!
  10. WOW! That kicks ass!!! How about a left right (think bookshelf ends) and interlockinging centers. To expand it to as many cartridges as needed....
  11. I read the all the post to make sure I dont replete this!!! Lol ! A pair of shift register ... 16 outputs ... not too bad...
  12. found this picture of 'of what i do with my atari!!!' lol my son playing Bruce Lee probably!!........ home made 1 meg 30 pin simm under the breadboard with the hard disk interface....
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