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  1. Anybody want an Atari 2600  Jr. With 10 games for $40. I really need the money by tonight so I would be very appreciative of someone could buy this from me. No cords sadly.

  2. Got this at a flea market back when I was in middle school back say 12-13 years ago. Need this gone by tonight so it's priced to sell. Comes with Pole Position 2(7800), Frogger, Air-Sea battles Astroids, Breakout, Berserk, Combat, Krull, Cosmic Ark and Donkey Kong. I'll take a picture of the 2600Jr when I get home soon. If anybody could help me out and but this is REALLY appreciate it as I am in need of the money(shit happens) ASAP. $35 for it all. No cords sadly.
  3. Not in Europe but if its not to expensive to ship it i can do that
  4. Need some bills paid pretty soon so im selling it for cheap. Missing a joycon but it comes with the docking station and the power cord. Never updated it when I got it 2-3 days after the launch day in hopes of hacking it. I'll upload some pictures later
  5. Really needs some bills pay soon so does anybody want a launch Nintendo Switch for $100? It is missing one joycon but otherwise it works. Comes with the dock and is never been updated...

    1. masteries


      I can be interested,


      You can send or post here photos regarding the system,


      Are you in Europe?

  6. Nevermind I'm a dumbass I put 6 ounces when it only weighs 4 ounces
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194437049480 I have it set to first class shipping, 0 pounds, 6 ounces, thick envelope but it's showing $5.10 for me on another computer and it's clearly in the same state. Large envelope(which is the option before that) makes the shipping like $2.19 but 5 seems high just for once 4-6 ounce game
  8. Is it because my auction was for 3 days and not 7 days? Is it because of the picture?
  9. Can someone tell me how much a complete Genesis game weighs?

    1. Zoyous


      I reckon it depends on the size of the cartridge (number of ROM chips), if there is a battery, how many pages the manual has, which shell design (first party or third party), clamshell case or cardboard box. But as an example, my CIB copy of Super Hang On is 6.25oz / 177g.

  10. Did ebay get rid of the "sell one like this" button or am I a dumb*** cause I don't see it anywhere 

    1. TheObscureGamer


      I see it now, its under the pictures, it says have one to sell? sell now smh I'm an idiot anyways I hope you all stay safe

  11. I get that but unfortunately I looked up what the 8 most expensive games are and they are selling for(total) about what they won all 31 games for...
  12. Does selling games on ebay for 7 days benefit over 3 days? Sold 31 games together and just 8 games sells for what I sold all 31 for smh
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