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  1. Relationships nowadays are like what happens when you sell an Ultimarc arcade stick as-is and the buyer is mad it does not work fully 🤣 Only certain people will get this 


    1. Kiwi


      Oh I seen that status update, that buy/sell thread, and buyer beware thread.  So I know what you're referring too. ;)

    2. ClassicGMR
  2. Anybody want a lightly used PS5 for $450 shipped? PM me if so need it gone ASAP

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Sure why not that's a great price shipped. Send me the invoice at [email protected]

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      So that sold to somebody else then? 

    3. CPUWIZ


      Replying to status updates is mostly futile.

  3. Has been barely used. Unfortunately cousin left some scratches near the usb port in the front but other than that its like new. Works great. $450 shipped. Can maybe do less let me know if you want it need it gone ASAP
  4. Still looking to sell my new PS5 for retail ASAP. PM me if you're interested. Crazy how they are all sold out and have been for months but cant even get this sold for retail. Guess its my fault for trying to sell for Retail and not for scalper prices SMH

  5. I have one i could sell to you for retail price if you wanted one still...
  6. Anybody want a PS5 for retail? Brought but never used only opened and tested for functionality as initially there were reports of problems with them working.

  7. Anybody want a virtual boy for WAAAAY cheaper than Ebay prices. Trying to sell it buy tomorrow before 11 so your best offer might get accepted

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheObscureGamer


      Well it's missing the stand so half of what they go on Ebay whatever that is?

    3. CPUWIZ


      Very confusing status update, asking people to go look for how much they go for on ebay.  But it made me check, because I have a NIB one, never opened and I had no idea how much used ones go for.  Wow.

    4. GoldLeader


      I'm truly afraid to ask.   And TBH, I probably can't afford it right now anyway, but for the sake of argument, did ya have a number?  As in how much you're looking to get out of it.   I will honestly consider it.  Feel free to PM me!

  8. I need it gone asap preferably in 7 days or so and that's not happening here unless I do a major price cut
  9. Never thought to sell my games but I could use the money. Only like 5-6K worth of games but I could use that money. Where can I sell these games outside of Ebay.
  10. I know but it does not have anywhere on it what power supply voltage it uses and i have a power supply that can go from 3 to 12 volts(well 3, 4.5,6,7.5,9 and 12 volts) but none work on it(assuming i screw in the screwy cord with one part into the RF thing and the other into the to tv. Thing of the converter box thing is correct)
  11. Moved some stuff around and cant find the original AV cables(I never had AV cables for my Genesis and I played it before on this TV so i guess i switched the TV to channel 3/4) so i triesd hooking it up with the cord labelled TV on the rf cable to the back of my flatscreen and nothing. Im now thinking I need to change it to channel 3/4 because its not av cables nor component(one of the TV modes says AV/Component) but i don't know where the remote is so i cant fricking play any of my Gamecube games or few Genesis games smh. It says on the RF thing AV so maybe i can just change it to AV/Component but im doing it wrong? I have this thing which i forgot what i used it for since i have not used it in like 9-10 years and maybe that will work but im not even sure what cord it uses as it has no label on it to tell me what voltage it is.
  12. Ok thanks,as long as the number is below 70 thousand I feel like I can work with that 😄
  13. Great news but will there be more than just arcade style games and more fully fleshed games like a 3D mario type game or a Sonic or Castlevania type game? Cheers
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