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  1. What's up with all this Ferguson news? I mean one kid gets shot and all hell breaks loose.Did MLK do violent protests when he couldn't ride anywhere on the bus? no.Did Ghandi do violent protest when he was fighting for freedom? no.Did malcolm X go on a violent rampage when one of his friends died,no.These aren't protesters. As history shows, what they're doing only creates more long term divide than generating any shred of uniting empathy.Ignorant ass African Americans(no offe...

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    2. TheObscureGamer


      Brdo even if I had a child and he/she was the one who was killed,you wouldn't see me do riots and burning down buildings and shit

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I only burn down buildings when my favorite sports team wins or loses.

    4. Rhomaios


      jayb3rd, I wasn't comparing anything. I simply was rebutting the ignorant statement that violent protests never solve anything. Heck, the US revolution started as a violent protest. I didn't pay attention to the Ferguson trial in any depth, so I'm not claiming anything about it.

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