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  1. Just a boring joystick, I seem to have lost a couple of them in my move 2 years ago or have accidentally thrown them away at some point (?!) and I got married in April so needed another joystick to lure the wife in to vintage gaming (eased her in with NES emulation).
  2. He will soup-nazi you if he thinks you are wasting his time, are going to resell, are trying to horde etc. If you tried to order 2 of something you might be on his bad list now. I ordered a restored 800xl off him some years back and a couple months later wanted a restored 2600 too and he acted like he didn't want to sell and like he suspected me of trying to make some flipping profit, I explained my mother had been talking about how she used to play my brother's 2600 and I was buying her one for her birthday (which was the truth) and BAM invoice.
  3. Haha that's only 18-20 months of growth in that photo.
  4. Off-topic for the sub forum but neat anyway!!!
  5. Well, if you've any amateur radio operates in the area it is just common courtesy to replace the shielding.
  6. Get one of the podcast guys in here, they can share their download stats by country. Assume at LEAST that many users per country (obviously not all listeners will be users but not all users will be listeners).
  7. The good thing for most people is, the current tariff changes (while they are killing us at work and frustrating us while we rapidly adjust to hundreds of tariffs being force-formal now) are mostly just electronics, motors, connectors, cables etc. Bad thing is for those of us in this forum is, it's mostly just on electronics, motors, connectors, cables etc.
  8. Here's a funny story from my work history. We can get a package literally halfway around the world in 12 hours from the origin facility to the customer... the air conditioner for our office at the hub 12 years ago broke in the middle of summer, to get a part (that would easily fit in a box) from Tennessee to Indianapolis it took SIX BUSINESS DAYS. We were above our sort facility at the time and it was reaching 115-116 in our office and our computers were randomly failing from the heat unless we kept yyyyyuge fans every few desks blowing air down the aisle. It still boggles my mind. As far as the cheaper thing, you know why? Chinese shippers gaming the Universal Postal Union https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Postal_Union
  9. Don't have to tell me, literally my industry haha (I clear international freight through customs for a living, hopefully for not much longer). It's why it has taken me 13 days to come back to this thread, it's been a nightmare at work and when I leave I just want to go home and vegetate.
  10. I've been moving and dealing with an industry test and stuff the past 6ish months so haven't really paid any attention to the forum, just the podcasts. Have I missed anything exciting in new hardware or software?
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