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  1. Thanks man. I can take a poke as long as it is done in the interest of FUN. In fact I encourage it. I haven't done any Intv homebrews yet at all. Haven't gotten around to picking any up.
  2. Sigh. I used the wrong box are for the Intellivision port, I'm sure we can get over that. What I cant get over is that you think the game I am playing herr is the amazing Coleco port. I should be up in arms and angry, but nah, I have a sense of humor. Lol
  3. I dig the music in this game. This game was fun. I liked it anyway.
  4. I'm in Boston (just outside anyway) and have wanted something to come our way for SO long. I would cruse to Worcester.
  5. NO!!! @OEB_Pete should rock the Mutton Chops. Not that pussy James Hetfield chops. I want to see 1979 PlayBoy centerfold bushy chops on his face!!!!
  6. Jeremy is a good dude and just starting out. Show him mad love!!!!!
  7. I honestly do not remember seeing the art, but that could be because I have a deal where I forget stuff. Plus we talked about so much in a short time after I stopped recording. I can say I have seen the blank box itself and commented on that ^up there somewhere^.
  8. Lots of though and class went into just the box. Hard talking about it and not F up here but let's say this, it will make you feel like you purchased something more than a "toy" when opening it. Class is the best way I can describe it. Hope that's not too much @Tommy Tallarico You are permitted to shoe me in the nuts when repoing my Amico stuff if it is. LMAO
  9. Yes, it was lovely. LOL Seriously though, I think a lot of folks, especially motorcycle/car folks will like it a lot.
  10. I came in here to post this. You kats are FAST!!! Or so your ladies tell me.
  11. That shit is going on a t shirt!!! With @Tommy Tallarico blessing of course. If not I can crop it.
  12. I HATE hyperkin, especially after the hell I went through with the Retron 77 but that ranger controller is a solid well working little unit. If you can get past using a thumbstick vs a d pad or actual stick. Stop throwing your shit. Smoke a bowl or something man.
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