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  1. I am willing to accept offers. In fact I would take like $95 on the entire lot shipped in the U.S.
  2. Hello, I have some old games for sale here. Some of these are hard to price, so please bear with me here, and don't hesitate to make an offer on one or all. First up is a case of My First Alphabet brand new sealed for the Atari 400/800. You can see a few have a little ripped cellophane, but otherwise they are in excellent condition. There is one listed on eBay for $80 with 4 watchers, that might be too high, I'll do $85 shipped for the entire box or best offer. Next is brand new sealed Dig Dug for the Commodore Vic-20. I cannot find any sold listings for this game anywhere and no current listings either. So I'm assuming it's pretty uncommon, but I can't put a solid price on it. Feel free to make an offer and we'll negotiate. I mean I'd take $40 shipped on it or best offer. Also 3 copies of CIB Ms. Pac-Man for the Atari 400/800. These have heavy wear on the ends from improper storage. Cellophane is ripped on one end, but I don't think this was done intentionally, since the contents appear undisturbed. The rest of the cellophane is mostly intact. Again, hard to price in this condition, but I'm thinking $35 shipped for all 3 or best offer. Next up, 2 copies of Pole Position for the Atari 400/800 same situation. One mint copy sold from the UK for $30 + $30 shipping, so how about $38 shipped for both of these beat-up copies? Lastly, two relatively good copies of Football for the Atari 2600, brand new sealed. $20 shipped for the pair.
  3. I'm selling an Atari 2600 4-switch CIB. This one has a Sunnyvale sticker on it. Discussions on AtariAge seem to indicate that these are either promotional units, or have been factory reconditioned, or maybe manufactured for a test market. They usually have a light 6-switch bottom shell that has been modified with a plastic plate to cover the controller ports; this one also has two speaker vents. The AC adapter and paddles are in the box. The paddles are presumably brand new and don't look like they were ever used, the cable twist looks factory. Joysticks are nice and clicky. There's a little serial number sticker that matches the one on the bottom; I'm not sure where it fell off from. Comes with everything shown including 8 games, and the games are in great condition. $80 shipped. (Shipping will be a good $20-25 of that.) Cross-posted to AtariAge FB group and also NintendoAge.
  4. Extremely happy with the mod, even without a Framemeister the picture quality is amazing. Zero issues into a Shinybow SCART transcoder. I like the palette switch but I can't see how anyone would use anything but the natural setting.
  5. Anyone know if Yurkie's alright? He hasn't been on the site in several days. Maybe it's work or something, just wanted to double check.
  6. Bought an RGB mod from Yurkie, excited. Reserving a spot for impressions
  7. The PS2 was the first example I can think of where the console was legitimately hard to get. My parents waltzed into Target and picked up the N64 and later the Dreamcast on day 1, no problem.
  8. Silicon Image DVDO iScan Pro. It's an obsolete 15-year-old scaler so there's no company page for it. There are a bunch of different iScan models but the Pro is the cheapest one you can find that accepts component input. Paired with a SCART to YUV transcoder it's no Framemeister, but it handles 240p properly, looks pretty good, and has reasonable input lag. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Silicon-Image-DVDO-iScan-Pro-Progressive-Line-Doubler-MM503A-/172360498083?hash=item28217c7ba3%3Ag%3AFloAAOSwmfhX7-Rf&nma=true&si=MZYxPcCwFLCNPnPAMmN%252BHnITMvo%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  9. Snagged a second iScan Pro off eBay as soon as I heard the news, just to have a backup. After awhile folks are going to have to scour for replacements and alternatives... the old scalers are already getting to be pretty uncommon.
  10. 8 Colecovision games, labels are intact. SOLD 6 Atari 400 games, SOLD Also listed are two uncommon/rare Atari 400 games, Ant Eater by Romox and Bounty Bob Strikes Back. Ant Eater, usually goes for $50, I'd take $30 shipped for it, Bounty Bob sells for $60, I'll take $40 shipped for it.
  11. Swordquest Waterworld, in pretty good condition, $95 shipped.
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