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  1. Sure thing. Large high-res scans (front and back) can be downloaded here: http://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/upload/enduro-poster.zip I attached smaller res ones below too. The sheet is 8.5" x 11". I guess it's more of a sales flyer than a poster. Is it possible that He-Man for the 2600 didn't always come with the same minicomic issue?
  2. Aha, I wondered about that. I guess everything in the lot was Atari related after all. Thanks for the info!
  3. About two weeks ago, I was browsing eBay, trying some random searches to see if anything interesting turned up. I enjoy doing that sometimes... I don't usually end up buying anything but it can be fun to look through the photos anyway. I came upon a listing for a "massive" Atari manual lot. The BIN price was $95 + $4 shipping, which I figured would be too high no matter what was in it. But the first photo showed the poster/manual for Tac-Scan along with some of the stickers that came with that game. Since I didn't yet have those in my collection, I went ahead and clicked on it. There wasn't a textual list of the lot contents but there were a bunch of photos. I saw a handful of items I didn't have, including a couple of things that weren't very familiar to be. But it wasn't until I scrolled to the last photo that I decided to pull the trigger. It showed these two items: This is my photo, not the one from the auction -- it's reflective because I'm storing them in a plastic sheet protector. I just couldn't resist. I don't have a Rescue Terra I cart, but I've had an interest in this game since reading about in the Digital Press Guide many years ago. Is this game still considered as rare now as it was back then? Seems like most extra-rare games aren't that fun to play, but Rescue Terra I is supposed to be a good one. I really should try it on my Harmony cart. The overall lot really was pretty big, and had enough items of interest that I thought I'd share: There's some goodies in here. Nothing as rare as Rescue Terra but some stuff I haven't seen often, anyway. The Enduro ("99 Days if Racing") poster is pretty cool. Anybody know how it was distributed? How about that 2600 Trackball one in the first photo? There were many catalogs, most of which I already had. There were a couple that I didn't though, including this Atari revision that I don't remember seeing before: This is the only piece of Atari advertising in my collection that I can recall having a listing for Swordquest Waterworld (sorry for the poor photo). Somehow I didn't have an Atari Log Book before, so I was glad one was included. I also liked finding the Free Log Book offer card with the mail-in part removed. It's cool that I have the Log Book along with probably a piece of the actual form that the original owner sent away to get it. Looks like most of these items had the same original owner. They recorded a lot of their scores (and some dates) on a few manuals: Luckily the written scores are all on common manuals -- the rare pieces are clean. Usually I don't keep items that have writing on them in my collection, but I'll make an exception when it's actual high scores from 1984. It's been a while since I tried for high scores on these games... is 158,650 a good Dig Dug score? Maybe on Jan. 7, 2020, I'll have to try to best "GH"'s high score from exactly 36 years before. This He-Man comic was the only non-Atari item in the lot. I've since learned it was the original minicomic included with the first issue of He-Man action figures. Not terribly rare but at least it's a period piece. I enjoyed spending part of my Thanksgiving going through this lot, so I feel I got my money's worth. Overall it contained: 1 Rescue Terra I manual 1 Rescue Terra I contest card 6 Activision manuals (rarest was Bridge) 1 MotU minicomic 1 Imagic manaul (Atlantis) 3 Atari silver manuals 15 large white Atari manuals 6 warranty cards 2 Log Book items 2 joystick instruction sheets (Champ and LeStick) 3 M-Network manuals 1 Parker Bros. manual (Tutankham) 4 posters (including Tac-Scan manual/poster) 5 Atari comics 8 black Atari manuals 20 catalogs (almost no dupes) 1 sheet of 3 Tac-Scan stickers That's 80 items total, or $1.23 per each. Not too bad. Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. This is a great thread, thanks to everyone for their research! Unless I missed it, this thread doesn't list a protector for the Jaguar console box. I haven't purchased one, but an Internet search turned this from a seller in the Netherlands: https://www.theboxprotectorshop.nl/en_GB/c-4126967/atari-jaguar-console-protectors/ Anybody know this seller or product? The other console box I really want a protector for is the Astrocade, but I haven't been able to find anything suitable yet.
  5. Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. I think I'll take the advice to "leave it alone", but will at least go for a laptop cooling pad first. I still would like to find a console box protector. Not so much for the outer shipping carton, but I'll probably put the console box somewhere in my game room where it will be visible. I do this with most of my hardware boxes because I love being able to see the artwork and carton design. Most of my other boxes are just out in the open but an Astrocade box is rare enough I'd like to have the extra protection from dust, etc. If I find a suitable one I'll post about it.
  6. I finally took the plunge and purchased a new Astrocade to replace my old one, which stopped working after I had it in storage for a long time. The new one is complete in box -- it even still has its original shipping box. Not cheap but I feel I got a decent deal. This was working when I purchased it, but I haven't tried firing it up yet. Knowing how fragile these machines are, I want to do whatever I can to avoid damaging it. I know about how it overheats easily, so keep it in a ventilated area (not on carpet, etc.) but I wonder if there are other precautions I should take first. This guide recommends removing the RF shield, advice I've heard elsewhere too. Do any Astrocade owners here recommend it? Should I open and clean out the unit? Any other safety tips I should know about... like maybe plugging it directly into a wall outlet rather than a power strip, etc.? I'm not handy enough with electronics to recap it or install heatsinks or a new power supply, but if that's a necessity maybe I could get it done. Also, do you know of any appropriately-sized box protectors that would fit the Astrocade console box (or even the outside shipping box)? I checked this thread but didn't see anything.
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    PM sent about Ewok Adventure.
  8. Thanks for all the interest. I think I replied to everybody... if I missed anyone let me know. Updated original post to mark pending items.
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