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  1. Buyer pays shipping. Trade offers accepted. If you're in the SoCal area and come to SC3 events, we can arrange for pickup there. NOTE: A lot of stuff has been traded or sold. Thanks to all who ordered! I need to reorganize everything that remains. For now I'm only accepting offers on the following items. Post title has been changed to reflect this. Video Game VHS Tapes - $30 (selling as a lot only) The lot includes: Zelda "The Ringer" (from Super Mario Super Show) & Captain N "Gameboy" (plus DVD copy) Game Player's Game Tape Vol. 1, No. 2 (plus DVD copy) Game Player's Game Tape Vol. 1, No. 3 (plus DVD copy) - the plastic hinge on the tape is broken, but it did play in my VCR Game Player's Game Tape Vol. 1, No. 4 (plus DVD copy) Game Player's Game Tape Vol. 1, No. 5 (plus DVD copy) N64 promo tape Donkey Kong Country promo tape Starfox 64 promo tape Capcom E3 2001 promo tape (really just Capcom commercials from that year) Target "Get into the Game" Hot Newz N64 (plus DVD copy that includes the last 6 tapes listed) Magnavox Product Illustrations These are oversized proof illustrations provided to dealers and newspapers to promote Magnavox stereos and TVs in September 1979. There is no Odyssey or video game content in these, just stereos and TVs. Still cool if you're into that kind of tech history. Also included is an owner's manual for a Magnavox TV from this timeframe - $10
  2. Mr. Do's Castle - 8,000 Love the arcade game. Never played the 2600 port before. Very impressive, but difficult. I'd like to play this more but I'm coming down with something today and need rest. This score will have to do.
  3. Heh, my wife works in an academic library so I agree. I'll have to see if her library can hunt up copies of Merchandising.
  4. Lately I've been making a point to try out a few games on the Harmony that I never played before. The other day I was in the H's and tried Harem: http://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=2793 I wasn't expecting much, but it was surprisingly ambitious, with different challenges between the 'explicit' parts. Unfortunately it wasn't that fun to play, but I was actually impressed they put that much thought into it.
  5. Nice find, hunmanik. Do you still have access to that or other issues of Merchandising? I'd love to see what it reports for launch prices of other concoles, like the Bally Arcade and Odyssey2.
  6. Venture - 16,700 After getting this score, I kept trying for a while... it felt like I could probably improve on it but I never managed to. So much randomness in how the monsters move!
  7. Gorf - 25,300. I took out 8 motherships. Bonus: Type & Tell, the Odyssey2 game that let you spell out curse words and let The Voice pronounce them. What more could a kid in 1983 ask for?
  8. Stargate - 68,650 This is one impressive arcade port on the 2600! Very tough to juggle two controllers though. The only thing I could manage on the second controller was the smart bomb -- never used Inviso or Hyperspace once.
  9. Sheesh, I was proud of my score until I saw Klaus's. I only got 474. I think I can increase mine a lot, but topping 4766 is a tall order. The game must have lasted hours!
  10. Zapper - 60 I managed this score after many, many tries. I got really lucky words where the letters were in mostly alphabetical order so I could snag them all on one or two go-rounds. I liked this choice for the HSC. I remember dismissing this game a long time ago as an interesting idea that didn't really work, but back then I wasn't playing the right variation. At max speed, it's really addicting. It had that "just one more game!" quality.
  11. The Guardian Legend is fantastic. For a real challenge, enter the password TGL to play "arcade mode", which is just the shooting segments. You don't get as powered up this way, so it's really tough. Guardian Legend, Zanac (and Gun*Nac) were all done by Compile, who also did Space Megaforce on the SNES. They were shmup masters. Their Aleste series (of which Space Megaforce is a part, it was Super Aleste in Japan) uses my favorite power up system. The two "Nac" games use a system similar to Aleste's so I really like them. Space Megaforce is my favorite shmup ever. More info on Compile: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/aleste/compile.htm
  12. Crackpots - 90,180 Big improvement over my 50K high score from earlier this week. I was about to post it when I decided to try again today, and ended up having a great game (for me). Got the Activision patch!
  13. Hey VPB, are you the same person who was selling G7400 modded AV cables a while ago? If so, you seem to know as much about the G7400 as anybody. I'm confused on the power issue. A while ago I worked with Rene van den Enden to put together a G7400 Import Guide. We were somewhat in the dark while doing it... I was in the U.S. without ready access to a G7400 and he was in the Netherlands which has the Euro electrical standard. We knew the standards were different so we thought a step-up converter would be necessary. Since then I've imported two G7400s. The first I ran through a step-up converter and it blew after about 15 minutes of playing (the internal fuse blew, and it won't power on even after replacing it). The other I ran with just a plug adapter, and it seems to run OK, but honestly I've been afraid to run it for more than a few minutes. Somaybe I should take out the part about needing a step-up converter from the import guide, but at this point I'm not sure which way is safer. I've talked to at least one person in the U.S. who ran his with a step-up converter without issues. How confident are you that running the G7400 at U.S. voltage is safe for long-term use?
  14. It seems like every few months, some new prototype of this game surfaces. In addition to Scott Stilphen's awesome article that timdu linked above, I wrote an article on my Odyssey2 site about this game. I also interviewed Randy Green, the programmer of the ColecoVision proto, and Ed Averett, who programmed about half of the O2 library (but NOT Pink Panther). Based on what they told me and what I've read about the game, I think the 2600 and Atari 8-bit versions are the only ones that were very far along. They seem all but complete. Randy confirmed that he never finished the ColecoVision version -- the proto recently discovered is an early demo with no gameplay. He did say a version with some gameplay existed at one time but it has not been discovered. At this point I suspect the Odyssey2 version wasn't really started, or maybe barely so if at all. Philips was winding down support for the O2 at this time and pouring their attention into the other systems (and developing the Odyssey3 which never came out). All we know for sure is that it was on their lists of upcoming games but neither Randy nor Ed worked on it. Ed had stopped developing games by this time. It's amazing how many of these copies have turned up without the game managing to become generally available.
  15. Absolutely! I just discovered the other HSCs and am loving them.
  16. Dragonfire - 4,820 Just barely improved my best score, right under the wire. Wow is this game taxing at this difficulty! The lack of precision with the disc is just brutal. I'm convinced a 5,000 score is doable but I just couldn't quite manage it.
  17. Q*bert - 16,025 Not the highest score posted here but at least I managed to improve on my score a lot. Actually made it to the qubes that require double hops this time.
  18. Managing to squeeze in a few last-minute games on the last day. It's not midnight yet on the West Coast where I am. Lock 'n Chase - 25,780 The cops are brutal at this difficulty, always camping out near the side exits or, it seems, wherever I had gold bars left to pick up. This game is really fun though. I wish I had had the chance to get to it before the last day, I could see spending some real time with this one.
  19. Pitfall! - 55,767 I knew I wouldn't be able to complete on this game. I charged in with no plan, went backwards and hoped for the best. I feel I did OK by that standard. I used to play the 2600 version of Pitfall a lot, but never spent much time with the Inty version. The disc controls OK, but the controller cramps my hand holding it for 20 minutes.
  20. Nova Blast - 4,350 I think I need to look up the manual for this game, because I don't think I'm playing it quite right. I take it you're supposed to be defending your cities from the ground cannons, but I wasn't sure what the flying objects were, or the "E" barrels on the ground, or how the ship-damage system worked. The Inty controllers really cause hand cramps on games like this. Cool audiovisual effects though. I have my Inty hooked up to a stereo with subwoofer and this game sounded awesome!
  21. Q*bert - 7,025 I've played Q*bert a bunch in the arcade, on the 2600, and even the Odyssey2 (Videopac) port, but I don't think I'd ever sat down and really played the Intellivision version before. Not a bad port at all. Q*bert has such an odd control scheme that I expected the disc controllers to present a problem, but they actually work pretty well here. In a lot of ways it was easier to direct Q*bert with the disc than with a joystick. My biggest problem with this port is that if even a pixel of Coily touches Q*bert, you die -- there's no ability to jump past objects like in the arcade. But otherwise this was a solid qube-hopping experience.
  22. Dragonfire - 4,640 It's been a long time since I played the 2600 version of Dragonfire. I had never tried the Inty version before. Such a twitch game! And on this level, the dragon moves so fast and was invisible the third or fourth time through. I'm not a huge fan of the Inty disc controllers but they fit this game pretty well -- at least the treasure room part. My Inty is set up on a bookshelf more than arm's length away, so I definitely appreciated the ability to start a new game using the keypad buttons, without the need to wander over to the console itself. So many games of this era really could have used that feature.
  23. Star Wars: The Arcade Game - 876,195 Full disclosure: I achieved this score on real CV hardware, but using an NES controller that had been modified to work with the system. Is that permitted for the HSC? This is the first game I ever played for an AtariAge High Score Club. I'm loving the concept... a great way to enjoy some "new" games in my collection. Although I've played the real arcade game many times, I'd never tried the CV version before. I must say, I could really have done without the inverted control scheme, but otherwise this is a quality port. I was particularly impressed by the tower stage and later trench levels. The R2D2 sound effects were pretty good for the hardware too! The Death Star explosion was a little disappointing though, but that's a minor quibble. A very impressive game. Most Parker Bros. games were really good in this era.
  24. 1. I'm trying to get CIB copies of all the 2600 and NES games I ever played back in the day. Only have 3 2600 games to go, so I'd like to finish that. NES will take longer, some prices for CIB are crazy. 2. Catalog my collection digitally.
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