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  1. Dragonfire - 4,640 It's been a long time since I played the 2600 version of Dragonfire. I had never tried the Inty version before. Such a twitch game! And on this level, the dragon moves so fast and was invisible the third or fourth time through. I'm not a huge fan of the Inty disc controllers but they fit this game pretty well -- at least the treasure room part. My Inty is set up on a bookshelf more than arm's length away, so I definitely appreciated the ability to start a new game using the keypad buttons, without the need to wander over to the console itself. So many games of this era really could have used that feature.
  2. Star Wars: The Arcade Game - 876,195 Full disclosure: I achieved this score on real CV hardware, but using an NES controller that had been modified to work with the system. Is that permitted for the HSC? This is the first game I ever played for an AtariAge High Score Club. I'm loving the concept... a great way to enjoy some "new" games in my collection. Although I've played the real arcade game many times, I'd never tried the CV version before. I must say, I could really have done without the inverted control scheme, but otherwise this is a quality port. I was particularly impressed by the tower stage and later trench levels. The R2D2 sound effects were pretty good for the hardware too! The Death Star explosion was a little disappointing though, but that's a minor quibble. A very impressive game. Most Parker Bros. games were really good in this era.
  3. 1. I'm trying to get CIB copies of all the 2600 and NES games I ever played back in the day. Only have 3 2600 games to go, so I'd like to finish that. NES will take longer, some prices for CIB are crazy. 2. Catalog my collection digitally.
  4. Starflight (PC), still my all-time fav. I played it on a slow PC in '87, which increased the time. Years later I played it all summer long, writing down all the alien dialogue and in-game text. Played the Genesis version too. And spent a good amount of time on the sequel as well. Other contenders: Dark Souls 2 (PS3/PS4) - my wife and I are both obsessed with this game. Doom and Doom 2 (PC) - played a lot of randomly generated Slige levels. Super Mario Bros. (NES) Pick Axe Pete (O2) DND (PC) a shareware, text-based roguelike from the 80s with ASCII "graphics" Lightspeed (PC) But if I combined all the time spent playing Ms. Pac-Man across all systems, ports and handhelds, that might take the top spot!
  5. Years ago, back in the rec.games.video.classic days, there was one other collector in my area who also posted on Usenet. One day I was planning to hit a local indoor flea market where I often had good luck, but it snowed and I decided not to risk the icy country roads. That night, the other collector posted that he found 2600 Crazy Climber at that flea. I hate that I missed it, but am glad it went to somebody who appreciated it.
  6. @save2600: fellow Kaos fan here. It was my favorite game growing up and was the second arcade cab I purchased (Pepper II, also kinda obscure, was first). The 2600 or CV could totally handle it. You may be interested to know there are two ROM variations, which I didn't know until I got my cab. The early rev, which I have, has plain dollar signs and not yellow coins. On the fourth screen and higher, the screens don't wraparound and the dragons don't fall from the top. I grew up playing the later rev and it's more fun, buy it was interesting to discover the earlier one. I've played many obscure games (esp via emulation) but most don't stick in my memory. I'd recommend Naughty Boy (arcade), Spacemaster X-7 (2600), War Room (CV), and Devil World (Famicom). There's a Win 3.11 game called Castle of the Winds that was pretty fun too, despite primitive graphics. There's an obscure arcade game I used to play on MAME that I've forgotten the name of. It was some puzzle game using playing cards. I can't remember the play mechanic, but it was pretty fun, and I'd like to play it again. The only thing was, it was one of those Asian bartop games that had nude pics every few rounds to get you to keep paying to continue. That's not why I want to play it though... The pics were too low res to be worth looking at. Prob about NES level graphics. Its unfortunate that it was that kind of game because it was actually pretty fun.
  7. I've always found Ski Run to be pretty laugh-inducing. It's not the worst-playing game really, but the sound effects are something else. I can't tell if the developer was just bad at sound design or was going for over-the-top goofiness with the effects. Either way it makes me laugh. https://youtu.be/9XzZ_mFK32c
  8. Cool thread. There are at least four coin-ops I played back in the day that I don't think got ports: Kaos (my favorite back then, thankfully I have my own cab now!) http://www.arcade-museum.com/images/118/1181242123362.png Thief (haven't seen one of these cabs for 30 years, would love to see one again!) http://www.arcade-museum.com/images/118/1181242182294.png Naughty Boy (an odd game but I like it) http://www.arcade-museum.com/images/118/1181242139214.png Gimme a Break (not surprised it never got ported, it requires a trackball and is decent fun for 1-2 games at the arcade but wouldn't hold up to repeated plays at home) http://www.arcade-museum.com/images/118/118124212015.png Did Astro Blaster ever get an official port? If memory serves Megamania is pretty similar but not exactly the same. http://www.arcade-museum.com/images/118/1181242049123.png
  9. Correct: loose carts, but generally quite good labels. Only Front Line had a manual. Couple others I just remembered: Star Wars The Arcade Game - $30 Star Trek SOS - $20 Nova Blast - $15 Thanks for any input. Most prices felt a bit high to me. Many of the ones I bought were borderline too... but I didn't have to pay shipping, plus it's a rare experience these days to buy CV stuff in the "real" world (not online and not at a retro convention).
  10. There's a shop near me that specializes in books, DVDs, and games. They have lot of collectible stuff, and price it fairly close to online prices, sometimes a little more or less. They must have bought out somebody's ColecoVision collection or something because today they had a TON of rare carts, almost all with near mint labels. I picked up the following (all loose): Motocross Racer: $10 Chuck Norris Superkicks: $10 Dam Busters - $8 Gust Buster - $10 Montezuma's Revenge - $20 Robin Hood - $20 Roller Controller - $15 Front Line (with manual) - $8 These seemed a little expensive to me so I didn't get them, but I'm not as up on CV prices as I used to be. Whaddya think... should I grab any of these before they're gone? These are the prices as best I can remember: Q*bert's Qubes - $60 Sir Lancelot - $30 Tapper - $20 Choplifter - $15 Aquattack - $40 Crossforce - $30 Dukes of Hazzard - $15 Blockade Runner - $15 Dragonfire - $40 Spectron - $30 Oil's Well - $40 2010 Graphic Action Game - $20 Alphabet Zoo - $15 Facemaker - $15 Brainstrainers - $15 Jukebox - $15 Moonsweeper - $20 Threshold - $40 Bump n' Jump - $25 I already had these so I didn't buy them. Now I'm wondering if any of them would be worth picking up at these prices for later sale/trade? BC's Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge - $8 Campaign '84 - $15 Sewer Sam - $20 Flipper Slipper - $15 (would be a minor label upgrade for me) Pitstop - $20 Defender - $15 James Bond 007 - Wasn't priced Frogger II - $20 Wing War - $30 Driving Controller - $25 (The one at the shop had the gas pedal, and mine doesn't) I'm still shocked at seeing this stuff show up at a local shop. They rarely have stuff this good but occasionally great items come in. They had some boxed NES games yet to be priced that I'm eyeing too.
  11. Wow, I can't believe I'm actually seeing this marquee again. number six is correct about this being from that bootleg Pac-Man with the Popeye head sprite. There was actually one of those machines in a grocery store where I grew up (West Portsmouth, Ohio). It was the weirdest machine. It's totally Pac-Man, but with Popeye's head instead of Pac. There's no reason for Popeye to be in it at all, even the ghosts are normal Pac-Man ghosts. And that marquee! No title, no explanation of WTF this game is, just a weird disembodied Popeye head and crude looking ghosts. That marquee has haunted the edge of my memories for 30 years now. I am just in awe seeing it again. It's not often I get to freshly reconnect with a game from my past now, having been into retro gaming since 1994, but this did it. Thanks for posting! If anyone's curious about the Popeye game, it's a really odd bootleg that must have made the rounds in the Midwest region. Mine was in Ohio, and it's been reported to have been in Indiana and Arkansas too. It seemed to turn up in out of the way places like grocery stores. Mine was in a 2nd-tier grocery called Foodland, which served poorer neighborhoods. I don't really remember the cabinet, but have a vague memory of it having just plain woodgrain sides. My memory of the game is that it played basically the same as Pac-Man but was slightly harder. Popeye's head seemed bigger than the Pac-Man sprite, meaning that sometimes near brushes with the ghosts would get Popeye when they would have missed Pac-Man. I know there is a MAME ROM available of it if if you're really curious. At age 7 or so, I don't think I really knew what a bootleg was, but I think I knew it had to be some kind of ripoff game. I liked real Pac-Man better.
  12. Well, this weekend I finally played through Earthworld. I followed the walkthrough, but to make the experience a little more authentic I looked up each clue in the comic and wrote them down as I went. I knew this would make it take a little longer, but with the walkthrough I really didn't expect it to take that long. It took me over an hour! But I finally did it: I'm glad to have experienced the full "game" for real, but looking at it now you can't help but see the missed opportunity. Wandering around a big labyrinth, finding magical items (some of which give your character abilities), occasionally facing tough challenge rooms, all while trying to solve a big overall puzzle? That sounds like the most awesome 2600 game ever! It could have been something like an early Legend of Zelda. But instead it's just an illogical scavenger hunt and trial-and-error guessing game with annoying challenges. Too bad they had the contest hanging over its head... had they actually tried to make a "video game" out of this it could have been great. Still, I'll have to tackle Fireworld now, just to have done it. I owe my eight-year-old self that much. Never played Waterworld back in the day, but I may have to go through that one too (on the Harmony cart) just to complete the Swordquest trilogy.
  13. This thread has been an interesting read. I never owned the Swordquest games growing up but a friend of mine had both Earthworld and Fireworld. He understood enough about them to know you were supposed to look for clues and match them to the comic, and he managed to find a couple, but lost interest fairly quick. I only played the games when at his house and I kept getting the feeling that I was just missing something, like they would have been grand adventures if I could just figure them out. I guess I was wrong. Still, ever since then, "play through the Swordquest games" has always been on my 2600 to-do list, but I guess I really don't know what qualifies as "playing through"... finding all the clues I guess? I still want to. I was tempted to try without hints but after reading this maybe I'll just follow one of the walkthroughs. I think I need to put that on my list for my next 2600 gaming session.
  14. Picked up a few more and removed them from the original post. Still looking for the remainder!
  15. Bought some 2600 boxes from Tombstone a little while ago. I only needed the boxes and one manual so he "parted out" the games for me and sold at a terrific price. I even offered to pay MORE but he wouldn't take it! Fantastic to deal with!
  16. Bought some CIB Atari 2600 games from Mxyzptlk and they arrived quickly, well-packed and in great shape. Great transaction all around.
  17. I agree, Windows seems like a strange choice but it's kind of inevitable when you realize that Ed's wife Linda is a Microsoft VP who (among other things) helped design Windows 7, and his son also works at Microsoft. I'm not sure what he intends to do about other platforms at this point. One of the first things he told me was that he realized Apple and Android owned the apps market, and he said he had "a plan" but didn't elaborate. Guess we'll just have to watch and see.
  18. Maybe I should have posted this in the Modern Gaming forum, but it involves a classic character so I put it here. Ed Averett, the man behind fully half of the original Odyssey2 games and "father" of KC Munchkin, has asked me to spread the word about his all-new game featuring our favorite blue hero! (Ed owns the rights to the character so this is a 100% official outing.) "KC Returns!" is currently available for Windows 8 through the Microsoft Store. Ed is also working on a Windows 10 version. In this adventure, KC arrives in a new, rarely seen world -- the world of the microscopic -- in a maze constructed of atoms. The mission is to rebuild a broken strand of DNA. To accomplish it, KC must energize each atom so that it will move off the playfield into the structure of a DNA base pair, displayed on the right side of the screen. With this game, Ed hopes to use the KC character to unveil (in a fun way) the largely unseen world of atoms, DNA strands and the like, to increase its visibility and players' understanding of it. In advance of the game's press kit becoming available, Ed provided The Odyssey2 Homepage this introduction to the game. Once you've read up on it, head over to the game's official site, kcmunchkin.com, to watch gameplay videos and read an introduction directly from the game's star. Then visit the Microsoft Store to download it! Ed has asked for comments on the game, "no matter how brutal" as he put it, so be sure to send your feedback after playing.
  19. With a big thanks to Tombstone, I picked up five boxes from my original list. I removed them from the above post. Still looking for the rest!
  20. I am trying to get boxed copies of all the 2600 games I played "Back in the Day", including all my games, the games I borrowed from friends, played at my cousin's house, etc. I have most of them now but am still looking for a few: Canyon Bomber (Atari) Keystone Kapers Kool-Aid Man Omega Race Squeeze Box (also need manual) Note: I already have carts for all of these and manuals for most, but I realize it's not too likely anybody will have loose boxes for sale so I'll take CIB or CB copies too. Of course if you happen to have just the box, so much the better. The boxes don't have to be mint, but I'd like them to be in good condition (no significant tears or crushing, etc.). I know I could find these on eBay eventually but I thought I'd try here as well. Willing to buy or trade items from my trade list. Other wanted items can be found on my Want List. Thanks! *EDIT* Removed the games that I acquired since first posting this.
  21. Here's my list of items for trade. Pictures can be found below. Highlights include an O2 Power Lords cart, some unusual advertising items, a couple of semi-rare 2600 and ColecoVision carts and some other misc items. Want lists are available here. I'm hoping to trade, rather than sell, if possible... but I'll probably slap prices on stuff that's not traded after a few days. Please PM me with offers or your tradelists. Thanks for looking! Misc. Video Game Advertising Vinyl GBA advertising scroll. Features Golden Sun and Wario World. Includes original(?) wooden dowels. Approx. 36" x 26". SNES Killer Instinct newspaper photo proofs - These 14" x 17" photo negatives were provided to college newspapers in the mid-1990s to print ads from. I have four of them total, with two different designs. Very unusual items. Shipping on these may be expensive because they should remain flat. I collect classic videogame advertisements pulled out of old magazines and comics, and have several extras for trade. I have photos of some of them below. If you are interested, I can put together a list. PS2 Gradius V Poster (approx. 21" x 28") Odyssey2 Master Strategy Series sales flyer Odyssey2 Catalogs EL2258-1 (x2, one missing cover) and EL 3380-2 Magnavox 1979 Catalog Proof. This isn't videogame advertising -- sorry, no Odyssey2 content -- but cool if you're into '70s TVs and stereos (and who isn't?). It's an oversized "proof" document provided to newspapers to reproduce ads from. I included an Atari 2600 cart in one of the photos to give you a sense of how big this is. Several pages of high-quality product illustrations and advertising copy. Misc Items Super Famicom Japanese Chrono Trigger Strategy Guide Arcade Gamer Fubuki - DVD of the fanservice-heavy classic videogame anime! (English & Japanese with English Subtitles) He-Man / Masters of the Universe Party Invitations - Unopened package of 8, straight out of the '80s! Tron: Legacy Light Cycle Zero Gravity R/C (CLU) - Complete in package, never opened Tron: Legacy Light Cycle Zero Gravity R/C (Sam Flynn) - Complete in package, used once RETRO Magazine Issue 2 Totally Unauthorized Guide to Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey (PS1) - used condition Lightblast Entertainment Projector - more info here Atari 2600 (loose carts unless noted) Adventure (Sears) Adventures of Tron Air Raiders Alpha Beam with Ernie Asteroids CIB Baseball (Sears) Baseketball (Sears) Beany Bopper Berzerk Blackjack (Sears) Bowling Bowling CIB Brain Games (Sears) Breakaway IV (Sears) Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Capture (Sears) Casino CIB Centipede Combat CIB (x2) Cosmic Ark Cart + Box + Plastic Tray Defender (Atari) IB (no cart) Defender (Sears) E.T. Indy 500 ("11 Indy 500" end label) Journey Escape CB Jungle Hunt Math (Sears) - No End Label Math Gran Prix (pic label) Memory Match (Sears) Missile Command Pac-Man CIB (box top missing) Pitfall II Space Invaders (Sears) Spider Fighter CI Spider-Man Star Fox Star Raiders - Cart is Atari version; I also have the Sears manual for trade Star Voyger CB - Cart and outer silver box (no tray) Submarine Commander (Sears) Surround CIB Swordquest FireWorld Titlematch Pro Wrestling Towering Inferno Vanguard Warplock Atari Force #4 pack-in comic Atari 5200 Berzerk (shrinkwrapped) Star Trek (loose, please excuse the bad photo) ColecoVision Expansion Module #1 Carnival Mouse Trap (loose overlay) Nova Blast (plaque label) Popeye (plaque label) Space Fury Squish'em Sam (Label has come off and is wrinkled but is still intact) The Heist Zaxxon Intellivision Auto Racing CIB + 2 overlays Beauty and the Beast CIB (no overlays) Bomb Squad CIB + 2 overlays Chip Shot Super Pro Golf (loose) NFL Football CIB + 2 overlays & 2 Playbooks (no tray) Night Stalker CIB + 1 overlay Space Spartans CIB + 1 overlay Nintendo NES The Battle of Olympus Golf (instructions only) Cover damaged Ninja Gaiden CI Pinball CI Pipe Dream CI Snake's Revenge CB (box worn) Wizards & Warriors Yoshi's Cookie (instructions only) - Warped NES Game Atlas (book) Used condition NES wooden storage box, includes storage for controllers, Zapper gun and several carts Odyssey2/Videopac Power Lords (cart only) Eroberung Der Welt - Rare German version of Conquest of the World, with cart, box, manual, plastic tray, lid, many tokens (but missing some), and game board Speurtocht Naar De Ringen - Rare Dutch version of Quest for the Rings, with cart, box, manual, plastic tray, G7200 keyboard overlay, no tokens except 3 castles Alien-Invaders-Plus - NEW, never opened and mint! Formula 1/Interlagos/Cryptologic (Brazilian Speedway/Spin-Out/Crypto-Logic) - one loose, one CIB Serpente Do Poder (Brazilian Power Lords) Freedom Fighters+ (Videopac 39+) CIB Invasion Intersiderale! (French Canadian version of Invaders from Hyperspace!) K.C. Munchkin! Pachinko! Showdown in 2100 A.D.! Thunderball! Type & Tell! War of Nerves! Other Systems Atari 400/800 Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar - Disk game, Complete in Box with Maps, etc. PS1 Classic Trackball New in box Sega CD Robo Aleste (Disc Only) SOLD Famicom Sky Destroyer Famicom Zippy Race Super NES Chavez GBA Orcs & Elves - complete. There is a slit in the plastic covering the box, but not too noticeable. Super Mario 64 (loose manual) - Poor condition http://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/trade/small/omega.jpg VIC-20 Omega Race (loose cart)
  22. I found this unusual PGA Golf cart this weekend. Over top of a normal blue Intellivision label, someone has taped a new label. Of course, anybody could make their own label and slap it on a cart, but this one strikes me as very odd. For one thing, the label seems to have been professionally printed. The title, part number, and PGA logo are all the same piece of paper and are printed at high quality. The logo is 2-tone color (purple and yellow). It's true that with a decent color laser printer, anybody could produce a label like this nowadays. But there are two things that make me wonder if this was printed for some official PGA or Intellivision purpose. First, the cartridge's part number, #1816, is printed on the label. Second, there is an asterisk printed after the PGA Logo. It's the kind of thing you usually see for copyright reasons (asterisk indicates "*logo used with permission" or something like that). If this label was created by a private owner, why bother to put the asterisk or the part number? It just doesn't seem like stuff you'd bother to include if you were simply making a prettier label for your cart. The original labels don't have PGA logos or part numbers. I've not been able to play the cart yet. I'm having some work done on my house and a lot of my classic gaming stuff will be put away until it's done. I'll try it then (probably next week). I fully expect it to be a normal PGA Golf cart though. I found the cart at a used book store in Southern California. (They have used games too.) They had a few other super-common Intellivision games too, nothing worth picking up. Any ideas what this might be?
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