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  1. Yea there were small things like that that I picked up on too. He referred to an Atari 520ST computer as a “keyboard” and tried to get me to pay with a bunch of different methods before settling with PayPal. the initial email where he describes what he’s selling also akin to an eBay description. but I was too eager for an ST and let my guard down I don’t know where he got his photos from though. Reverse image search came up with nothing.
  2. I probably should have brought this to management earlier but I fell victim to his scams unfortunately and lost a rather large sum of money. he gave me his email and we had a back and forth regarding a potential sale. I made sure to take precaution and reverse image searched the images of the item he was selling and nothing had came up. I insisted on Paypal GnS, but I gave in and we made a "deal" through Friends and Family for me paying a part of the lot before and the rest after I received the package. After paying, radio silence ensued for a month after, despite his very prompt responses before the money was sent. But oh well, lesson learned I guess.
  3. mehguy

    WTB Atari SC1224

    Looking for an Atari SC1224. Hopefully locally to Toronto but I'd be willing to pay for shipping too. Thanks,
  4. Hi, I'm looking for an Atari SC1224, preferably in the Toronto or Ottawa area to avoid costly shipping. Thanks,
  5. Looking for an Atari Portfolio. Preferably with a parallel or serial interface. But if it's just the lone machine that is ok.
  6. I've seen a nuon once at a goodwill. I almost didn't notice it at all.
  7. All those computers in the listing use the same Atari joystick standard. It should work. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_joystick_port
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