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  1. Looking for an Atari Portfolio. Preferably with a parallel or serial interface. But if it's just the lone machine that is ok.
  2. I've seen a nuon once at a goodwill. I almost didn't notice it at all.
  3. All those computers in the listing use the same Atari joystick standard. It should work. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_joystick_port
  4. Maybe look for a different keyboard? The apple 1 never came with a keyboard anyways.
  5. Hi, I'm, looking for an Atari Portfolio in whatever condition, can be working or non-working, as long as the LCD screen is OK. Thanks,
  6. This place sells 50 non-working disks for 10 dollars. http://www.floppydisk.com/promo-disks
  7. Well, I contacted best electronics and they want $125 for a replacement LCD screen... Maybe I'll just keep my eyes peeled for a broken portfolio or something.
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