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  1. Is the chat gone forever? :,(

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    2. CPUWIZ


      LOL, that would be an incoherent mess.

    3. GoldLeader


      I hope it's not gone forever, I really dug it from time to time...

    4. zetastrike


      Aw, I've been using the chat room every sunday night. I enjoyed it. Please bring it back if you can.

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    2. GoldLeader


      One of a kind!

    3. GoldLeader


      One of a kind!

    4. GoldLeader


      Damn Atari Age! It was messing up when I did that comment! AA quits working at 1:45 or 1:50 to about 2AM...I should know better!

  2. Was looking at the software we have on our computers at school. Apparently AppleWorks 6 is still on our computers :D

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    2. jd_1138


      Now it's been supplanted by iWork.

    3. Emehr


      I made a lot of pixel art and interfaces with ClarisWorks 3.0. Good times. I think it turned into AppleWorks at version 6.

    4. BillyHW


      Appleworks is available for Windows?

  3. Spotted an Amiga 2500 at my school. How should I go about trying to get this thing? hehe

    1. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      The password is pencil.

    2. simbalion


      It's a miracle it's still there. Might be easier to get than you think. Around here, they dumped all the old computers over a decade ago.

    3. save2600
    1. save2600


      wasn't this predicted eons ago in one of these threads? To make way for the new portable/home console of theirs: ipswitch or something like that. lol

    2. jd_1138


      I wonder if they'll take the last Wii U made and put it under glass at Nintendo headquarters? My newest console is a Wii, so I am going to be 2 generations behind when the Switch comes out.

  4. Nintendo Switch is powered by Nvidia Tegra CONFIRMED. https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2016/10/20/nintendo-switch/


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    2. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      I don't know about the "Switch" name, but the system looks awesome! And Bethesda! You cheeky devils! I see Skyrim! =D

    3. The Mr. Video

      The Mr. Video

      Can't wait to see the games they'll release on it.

    4. HoshiChiri


      I kinda dig it- I like the idea of taking a portable console (not a handheld) around places.

  6. I'm trying to installing OS/2 2.0 on my old Windows vista machine haha. But whenever I put in the second diskette, I keep getting the error "the file OS2LDR is missing". Any ideas?

    1. xucaen


      I thought you needed a floppy disk to install that. Maybe it expects the file to be on drive A:?


    2. xucaen


      BTW OS/2 warp 4 is now a free download. IBM donated warp 3 & 4 to public domain.

    3. mehguy


      Yup, I'm using my 3.5inch floppy drive.

  7. Super mario bros duck hunt-20 dollars at a thrift store. what a joke.

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    2. BassGuitari


      ^I was just going to say I remember when you couldn't even give those things away.


      For $20, you still can't. :P

    3. GoldLeader


      I remember hearing about this guy who was tiling a wall with them...

    4. JFD62780


      The REAL joke is they barely even cost 20 CENTS!

  8. I'm building a new computer. I'm thinking of a GTX 950, anyone think DOOM will run on this card?

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      People with more money than I have. I baulk at paying more than £100 for a graphics card. Actually, I don't think I've ever paid more than £100 for one.

    3. Punisher5.0


      It'll probably run decent in Vulcan mode. I'm surprised 970 is minimum when my 980M runs at 70+fps on ultra

    4. Amstari


      I played Doom on a 386sx.

  9. I think I saw an Atari ST in Jason Bourne :D

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    2. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      I caught it as well, pointed it out to my wife lol

    3. R.Cade


      Yeah, because they will totally still let in a "terminal from the 1990's" or whatever they call it onto their modern secure network. Ugh...


    4. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Inside of him? Up his butt or surgically inserted?

  10. Sega Saturn copy protection was finally cracked.

  11. How do I even play Civ 3?

    1. GoldenWheels


      Honestly? Either leave it on Settler and dominate in spite of anything you do (which is pretty lame), or prepare to go FAQ reading and really figure out how to specialize cities. Honestly I love Civ but sometimes..it feels like math homework.

    2. mehguy


      I just got it on the steam sale and I really wish there was some sort of indepth tutorial...

    3. SoulBlazer


      Civ 3 is the weakest of the series, I think. They made too many changes from 'classic' Civ 1 and 2. I'd suggest skip it and try Civ 4 or better yet Civ 5 instead.

    1. roadrunner


      Comments are disabled for this video.

    2. jaybird3rd


      Funny, they had comments on earlier today.


      For those who don't want to click the link: it's another parking lot brawl, this time from Canada!

  12. New AVGN episode :)

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    2. Yurkie


      Very good episode. I didn't know he was still making new ones.

    3. Dr Manhattan

      Dr Manhattan

      Just watched it too. Many laughs!

    4. splendidnut


      I really enjoy Paperboy... once you get used to the weird collision detection, it's a pretty fun game. Too bad the game ending isn't more interesting.

  13. I'm literally addicted to Bruce Springteen's songs now

  14. "Missisa-agwa"

  15. Is there any reason for a new GhostBusters movie? :(

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    2. frankodragon


      Could be the bottled water these execs are drinking.

    3. Gabriel


      just watched the trailer. This is a comedy, right? Cuz I didn't notice any jokes. Plus, it seems like a trailer for a TV show.

    4. GoldLeader


      I'm annoyed they're using the name too! They could add a subtitle, or make it a sequel...Anytime they reuse a name it causes confusion for a little while and seems like a remake even if it's not, then the original remains and the reboot is forgotten. They'll never learn.

  16. Been waiting for my Neo Geo Pocket to come... the wait is killin me. Anybody got some spare NGPC games that they would like to part with?

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