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  1. I have an Amiga 2500, and I want to be able to put perhaps a zip disk or a cd rom drive into it but its occupied with a HDD already. I have a A2091 SCSI controller and I'm not very familiar with SCSI. The SCSI ribbon cable doesn't have multiple connectors on it like a floppy or IDE ribbon cable has on it. Does this only support one device or do I need to purchase a SCSI ribbon cable with multiple connectors on it?

  2. I'm selling a 25 Canadian dollar iTunes card that I got as a gift that I don't need because I don't use iTunes. The store doesn't accept returns on these so I'm selling it here. I can part with it for 23 20 Canadian Dollars. Paypal gift or you're paying the fees.

    This will only work on the Canadian iTunes store.

    But I will keep it open to world wide (useful if you want to buy an app that isn't available in your country).

    I will send the code through PM but if you'd like, I can ship the card itself for around 2 dollars, depending on where you live.


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