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  1. Is there any reason for a new GhostBusters movie? :(

    1. frankodragon


      Could be the bottled water these execs are drinking.

    2. Gabriel


      just watched the trailer. This is a comedy, right? Cuz I didn't notice any jokes. Plus, it seems like a trailer for a TV show.

    3. GoldLeader


      I'm annoyed they're using the name too! They could add a subtitle, or make it a sequel...Anytime they reuse a name it causes confusion for a little while and seems like a remake even if it's not, then the original remains and the reboot is forgotten. They'll never learn.

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  2. I had the same experience at a flea market. This guy had a huge selection of games and nothing was priced. You have to go and ask. Guy looks at eBay prices instantly and doesn't look at condition or weather or not it's sealed. Guy wanted 100 dollars for a copy of raiden 3 for the ps2 (which is like a 5 dollar game mind you)
  3. shopping for retro games in a store is basically a joke where I live. All the prices are 2-3 times more than eBay and really do push the whole "if it's old, it's rare" crap.
  4. Sorry man, only looking for the original carts.
  5. Finally received a NGPC! If anyone has some games they'd be willing to sell, I'd be happy to buy em!
  6. I don't own any at the moment.
  7. How long has this movie been in production for? Must have been quite awhile since they have footage of Jack Tramiel.
  8. I see this all the time. A lot of documentaries on computers focus mainly on IBM, Apple and Microsoft alone. It's really sad, cuz companies like Commodore and Sinclair get no mention in these documentaries and shows.
  9. Been waiting for my Neo Geo Pocket to come... the wait is killin me. Anybody got some spare NGPC games that they would like to part with?

  10. The sticker residue when you try to peel of stickers. It pisses me off . just gotta remember to use a hair dryer when removing stickers.
  11. Looking for some loose ngpc games.
  12. Well actually, I just bought one along with sonic pocket adventure. Should be coming in the mail soon! But I was wondering if you had some NGPC games for sale?
  13. fdurso, do you collect neo geo pocket color games?
  14. Did windows 2000 remove the support for MS-DOS applications?
  15. I have some steam keys for sale. Mostly indie games. EDIT: most of these games are worthless. I'll just give em away. contact me if you want one. Realms of The Haunting (GONE) Nightfall: Escape (GONE) Hyper Fighters The Tower Of Elements X-Blades Kraven Manor Soulbringer Bionic Dues Vox Populi Vox Dei 2 (GONE) Edge of Space (GONE) Catorize Clandestinity of Elsie Unium Eaten Alive (GONE) Ampersand Blood of Old Russian Horror Story Two Worlds 2 (GONE) Bloodbath Kavkaz
  16. get a small crt second hand. All your retro console problems fixed right there.
  17. mehguy

    WTB: Atari 2600

    Looking for a regular atari with some of the common games.
  18. I hear teachers all the time call computers a "hard drive". Make me cringe every time I hear it.
  19. John Romero, recently made a new DOOM map in 21 years. Pretty cool stuff. You can download it here: http://www.doomworld.com/e1m8b/e1m8b.zip And to those who aren't familiar with playing custom DOOM maps... 1. Make sure you have the DOOM.wad file and any DOOM source port (I recommend zDoom: http://zdoom.org/Download ) 2. Download the map 3. Once you download it, double click it and open it using zDoom. 4. Open up the command line and type in: MAP E1M8 - PHOBOS ANOMALY
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