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  1. I don't have a web store but I do have both kits and fully assembled devices ready to ship. Just drop me a PM here and I'll send you my email address and get you a total cost with shipping. Heather
  2. They aren't bad inside the messages. Just when looking at the lists of threads. Heather
  3. Boxes boxes everywhere. Why is everything surrounded by boxes? It makes for less content on a page and more scrolling. Other than that, looks pretty good. Heather
  4. I love my Commodore Colt (PC10-III). It's a really nice 8088 system. I just wish it had one or two more slots. Heather
  5. I verified that the connector is a single, solid piece so it looks like I'll be making an adapter PCB. I just need to be sure I can source pin headers and a socket with the correct pin spacing first. Thanks everyone. Heather
  6. Thanks for the picture! Maybe I missed something because it looks solid on mine. I'll double check this evening. I'll feel quite silly if it's as simple as what I'm seeing in your picture. Thanks! Heather
  7. In this case, it is not a raiser connector. I removed the metal shielding of the original connector to verify that it's one solid piece of plastic with the cartridge pins being soldered directly to the motherboard. It's not a two-piece design. Unless I find a feasible replacement, I'll design a riser PCB with a connector where I can plug in one of these replacement connectors. Heather
  8. It's difficult to believe I'm the first person to want to replace this exact connector. Other than parting out a broken unit, what do people do if they have bent/broken pins or the connector cannot be cleaned? There are plenty of the connectors with the smaller row distance. I suppose I'll have to make an adapter PCB if it's my only option. Heather
  9. Thanks for sharing the 3D printer files. I'll print out a case this weekend. Heather
  10. That's a last resort. I would rather have a new one installed.
  11. Hey everyone, I've spent hours looking for a new cartridge slot to replace the one soldered into my SNES. I purchased a replacement on eBay but the rows are about 4.5mm apart and the rows in the original are about 6mm apart. I've already de-soldered the original connector so any help on sourcing a new one would be greatly appreciated! Here's a picture of the original connector (top) and the eBay replacement. As you can see, the rows on the replacement are closer together than those on the original. Thanks! Heather
  12. Very nice! I'll have to see if I can find a case on Thingiverse for my Kryoflux. Heather
  13. Received mine! Thank you so much. You did an excellent job on this. Heather
  14. Glad you got it going! I just started installing one of these in my VCS today. I should be able to test tomorrow after work and hopefully have everything put back together soon after. Heather
  15. I would also like to get one of these. Please add me to the list. Heather
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