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  1. Are you all talking about Google FI? I've been using it for years now. No problems so far. Other than some coverage dead spots due to who they have partnered with.
  2. If that is true, I won't even be on the bus.
  3. Hmmm I think I am going to take my EverDrive apart this weekend and make sure it has some level shifters in it. Better safe than sorry.
  4. I liked the original and it was something for it's day. But I like this reboot much better. Which is usual since too often they screw up the re-boots.
  5. Sounds like that might fall under a future firmware update if it proves possible.
  6. Check this out -> https://twitter.com/TheRetroHQ
  7. Shhhhh. We are all asleep. Don't wake us
  8. Complaining about 20C?? It's been 32C + all summer here. We think it's a nice day when it's 27-29C. It's not unusual for it to get over 37C here. Of course I'm the USA's midwest. So we tend to get weather extremes. It's been know to be hotter than Florida here and in the winter colder than some parts of Alaska
  9. Glad you health has been good and you've had a change to enjoy the weather ! I imagine that endless cold rainy weather would really get old and depressing after a while.
  10. I've been lurker and following along with this. So I'm curious, has there been any progress?
  11. Recently purchased an Jaguar. So needless to say, I'd interested in this SD cart too.
  12. I just got one off ebay and it was getting the red screen of death. So I googled and found this thread. In my case, I just used some deoxit and it started working right off. Great stuff when it comes to old electronic, retro computers, etc.
  13. If I'm not already one the list. Please put me down for a cart with shell and the composite video too. Well the shell if optional if you are running out or low. Thanks David
  14. Thanks for posting this. I was interested in one of these too. So now I have yet another project to do David
  15. Put me down for one. The composite video board would be nice too. As far as the shell goes, I'll probably design my own and print it with my 3d printer. Of course, I'll publish anything I come up with.
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