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My Collection so far in no particular order: Kim-1, Sym-1, Aim-65, , OSI Superboard II, Atari 400/800/800XL, Atari 520 ST, Amiga 500/600/1000/2000, Apple IIe, Apple GS, Apple-1 replica, Sol-20, ELF2k, Comx-35, Northstar Advantage, SBC-6120, HP 9000, TRS-80 model 3/4/4p and Coco 3, SSB SWTPC clone, Kaypro 10, P112, Commodore 64 & 128, TI-99/4, Atari Jaguar/7800, Sega Genisys, RCA Studio II. Heathkit ETW-3800, MCS-85, SCCS-85, etc

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