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  1. I'm just a gamer dammit, not a coder! 🤣 If the Jaguar would have been a CD system, Sam Tramiel would have hired Trent Reznor to do the music for Cybermorph and life would be grand! 😜
  2. I do think the Jaguar would have been better off as a CD system from the get go, as I think 3rd party support would have been slightly better for the Jag. Cybermorph would of had music and maybe a few more textures. Atari's biggest problem was lack of funds to properly support the Jaguar from the very start. OP, I think some of your Jaguar CD history is off. The Jag CD was mentioned as an add-on in the initial press release announcing the Jaguar and was shown at the first press event.
  3. That sucks, Cobra Kai. When I was playing Elite Dangerous hardcore a couple of months back, I would see you on almost every day. I actually haven't played Elite Dangerous since the Odysee drop for the PC. I know Odysee has been a big shit show on the PC side, but didn't know it effected the console side as well, other than it was delayed for console. Hopefully Frontier can get its act together and get this game back in shape. I play Elite Dangerous in spurts, but have been playing it since the beta on the Xbox. When I do play, I'll play it almost every day for like a month or two strait. I grinded Imperial rank and bought the Cutter, but still need to engineer it. I was grinding a combo of passenger, trading and combat missions for achievements and credits to help pay for the crazy amount of credits needed for the upgrades. I was getting the urge to jump back in as well, but maybe I should give it a little more time.
  4. Thought I missed out, but was able to get a copy. Woot! The packaging and stickers look cool. Thanks, Clint.
  5. Highlander is very beatable. Some of the puzzles are a little challenging. Most of the idiots on YouTube don't even bother reading the instructions and figuring out the combat and get owned in the first village and blame the game for their lack of basic knowledge and a little skill. I'm with the Cannon Fodder crew. That game is frikin' hard in the latter levels. Has anyone ever beaten Cannon Fodder on the Jag?
  6. -Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Adam version) - The Atari 8-bit version of Buck Rogers sucks. The 2600 version is better, IMO. -Super Action Baseball w/Super Action Controller -Slither for the 5200 Trak-Ball -Turbo w/steering controller -The Heist (Micro Fun had some cool games that never made their way to the Atari 8-bit)
  7. I'm having a blast with Last Stike. It has that addictive quality that keeps me wanting to play one more game. Great job by CyranoJ and the crew for making a quality game with great packaging. I need to up my game though, so I can make it into the Top 10 on the online leader board.
  8. After watching this, the Jag looks the best. The pistol in the 3DO version looks like a cheap toy gun. The Jag is also full screen, which is cool and the gun/shooting animations look really cool. The Jag version of Wolfenstein has Q-Sound as well, for a surround sound effect. Do any of the other versions have that?
  9. That was cool to watch, Austin. You got some mad skills!
  10. LOL...I put that in my comments section of the sign-up page. I still have my demo marked copy and even downloaded a cover, but just put it in a regular black DVD case. Looking forward to the Songbird release. Songbird is on fire with all kinds of news and new releases! Thanks, Carl! 😃👍
  11. As a Jaguar fan, the Jag CD had a bunch of sequels to Jaguar games that I enjoyed, such as Battlemorph, Iron Soldier 2 and Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands. In the case of Battlemorph and HS:UL, they were definite upgrades over the cart releases. If I remember correctly, I think the Jag CD version of Iron Soldier 2 came out several years before the cart version. Battlemorph is also one of my favorite games on the Jag. I was one of those who enjoyed Blue Lighting and Highlander. I was looking forward to the complete Highlander trilogy, but knowing the dire straits Atari and the Jaguar at the time, I knew it probably wasn't going to happen. Back in 1995, the Jag CD with Blue Lightning, Vid Grid, Myst demo and the VLM was a pretty good deal at $150. I think I only paid full price for Battlemorph and Highlander and then shortly after that, everything for the Jaguar started to be discounted. It was easy to get a complete Jag CD collection for dirt cheap back in 1996. I paid $10 for a new copy of Primal Rage at Electronics Boutique. Is the Jaguar CD worth it for what they are charging today? No, but we could say that for almost all of retro gaming. Most retro games aren't worth what they are charging today. The best deals are the brand new games coming out for retro systems or picking off a few hidden gems here and there.
  12. Was it Strike Fleet by Lucasfilm Games and published by Electronic Arts?
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