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  1. TravisTD, the mode you selected is great for a High Score competition. We just need to simplify the scoring. No need to keep track of multiple times and then adding them all together for the lowest combined time and sweating just to finish Challenge Mode, which is extremely difficult in itself. Each player just needs to post the highest race they reached in the Challenge Downhill mode and then the time. A tie in the Challenge and Race goes to the fastest time. It will also be fun and challenging to see if any of us can complete Challenge Downhill mode. Example: Val D'Isere Scores: 1. TramielRulZ: Challenge 3, Race 2, 55:32 2. 64Kibbles&Bits: Challenge 3, Race 1, 1:01:23 3. Jaguar4Lyfe: Challenge 2, Race 3, 53:49 4. LynxLover: Challenge 2, Race 3, 56:37 5. 3D0Loser: Challenge 1. Race 1, 1:15:10 Each player only needs to post one screen shot. Example:
  2. Unless there is some kind of economic meltdown, prices will only go up. If you want to get in on future runs of games, you will have to watch LRG like a hawk and be there the minute they go on sale.
  3. Pro Controller support is horrible. The number pad is still the best option.
  4. Im with everyone else and consider the Telegames releases as part of the official Jaguar library. They were advertised in video game magazines of the day and also sold through Electronics Boutique. The first two Telegames releases even came out in late 1996, along with official Atari releases like Defender 2000 and Fight For Life, which came out in early 1996. Wasnt it Iron Soldier 2 and Breakout 2000 that came out in 1996? If Atari would have hung around a little longer, games like Battlesphere and Skyhammer would have been official releases.
  5. I've owned this game since 1995 and I tried manual for the first time yesterday. I can't seem to get any kind of quick speed off the line and it takes me like half a lap just to get up to full speed. I'm using a pro controller and using the shoulder buttons to shift. I've tried to shift in conjuction with the clutch button, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Anyone figure this out? BTW, I never really noticed this before, but the menu system for Super Burnout is pretty unintuitive. 0'34"04
  6. I notice some people are riding alone and don't have to worry about AI drones as they try to hit the apex.... Here is my best so far. 0'34"54
  7. Just some constructive criticism. I always found Fast Food style games on the 2600 incredibly boring and generic, even as a kid in the 80’s, and especially so in modern times. Maybe come up with something more interesting and fun to play?
  8. Ya, it isnt perfect, but it still looks way better than before. It helps to keep it out from sun up to sun down, as it hits different angles for a more even look. Considering this technique requires almost no effort, the results are pretty awesome.
  9. It was fun to go through and read this thread again. I need to fire up Game Room. Are the leader boards still up? I remember getting in the top 10 on a few games.
  10. Old vs new on my 1040STE, after about a day and a half in the sun.
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