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  1. That Simone cover is really cool looking. Nice work, Clint!
  2. That plate frame would be cool on a restored 80's sports car.
  3. I have two Jags , one K and one M. I have two for JagLink Doom and BattleSphere. I have one Jag CD, which I've had since launch and it has never given me any problems.
  4. The original run of Zero 5 doesn't have any holographic stickers. Iron Soldier II (CD), World Tour Racing (CD), Breakout 2000, Zero 5, Worms and Towers II were all available through Electronics Boutique and the few Atari retailers that were left, as well as directly from Telegames themselves. Telegames was a licensed 3rd party publisher for the Jaguar and the deal for Telegames to release these games was made with Atari Corp. Most people agree that they are part of the complete Atari Jaguar retail collection.
  5. The Xbox has Silent Scope Complete, The House of the Dead 3 (also includes the Dreamcast version of HOD2) and Starsky & Hutch (uses the light gun in co-op mode, one person drives and the other person shoots).
  6. Is there a video of this up somewhere? Is it improved over the Jag CD version? Do the characters now have texture mapping?
  7. They only do that if it is the last copy. Their display stock is just sitting on the shelfs, easy prey for shoplifters, but cool for gamers who want to read the back of the box. Otherwise they would have to go the route of Walmart and Target and keep everything locked up. If the last copy is all jacked up, just don't buy it or ask for a new case. I've asked for a new case for grungy display copies several times at Gamestop and I've never had an issue. I also do that at used mom and pop game stores as well, as they usually have a mountain of sports games in the back, with a few good cases here and there.
  8. I don't own this game or a Skunk board. Does the ROM work on an emulator?
  9. Is the label glossy? If so, it is probably legit.
  10. I remember that site. I still had AOL back then. 🤣 I like that he put Highlander in his Top 10.
  11. Better get this in before time runs out. Week 6 Day 3
  12. Not sure what kind of games you like, but you might want to check out: Halo The Master Chief Collection Rare Replay Quantum Break Gears of War 4 (the soon to be released GOW5 also looks really good) Forza Horizon 4 Dead Rising 3 (the DLC is also really good) Recore Definitive Edition Sunset Overdrive Sea of Thieves You also might want to check out the backwards compatible list as well, as Xbox One exclusive games are on the light side. Backwards compatibility ramps up the number of exclusive titles and great multiplatform games significantly.
  13. TravisTD, the mode you selected is great for a High Score competition. We just need to simplify the scoring. No need to keep track of multiple times and then adding them all together for the lowest combined time and sweating just to finish Challenge Mode, which is extremely difficult in itself. Each player just needs to post the highest race they reached in the Challenge Downhill mode and then the time. A tie in the Challenge and Race goes to the fastest time. It will also be fun and challenging to see if any of us can complete Challenge Downhill mode. Example: Val D'Isere Scores: 1. TramielRulZ: Challenge 3, Race 2, 55:32 2. 64Kibbles&Bits: Challenge 3, Race 1, 1:01:23 3. Jaguar4Lyfe: Challenge 2, Race 3, 53:49 4. LynxLover: Challenge 2, Race 3, 56:37 5. 3D0Loser: Challenge 1. Race 1, 1:15:10 Each player only needs to post one screen shot. Example:
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