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  1. Hi DaveM, after having been reading the kernel code written by Dennis a few days ago, I have found the error of the "yo-yo pixel shift", what happens is that at the beginning of the kernel, the sprite moves one pixel to the left by the "HMOVE", you have to clear the HMP1 register (or with HMCLR) before the HMOVE, I just added a "stx HMP1" on line 1156, now I had to modify lines 1658 and 4002 (offset by 2 pixels how was before). I also found another isue at the end of the kernel, 2 scanlines were missing, (line 1389, it was "ldx #13", I changed it to #15), also "PVmin" should be 158 now (line 636). I do not remember if there was something else that I had corrected, you can see the source (I used the source of this post). Cheers, DINTAR816 mr_yo_yo
  2. Hello, here I am again, after 2 months, here is the test version with "cornerig" (finally!), it works fine (I think), I just need to improve it a bit. DZ-jay, your method is difficult to apply here because it would require a lot of rom (many tables) for example I would need 4 times more rom for the "move delta" table (that is, 256), since my method uses 8 x 8 virtual tiles , thank you anyway for the detailed explanation, since it inspired me to make this possible. Now it is also possible to increase the speed of the game with the right switch (in the "A" position the speed increases). Enjoy. pacman2600_8k_v8test_corn.bin
  3. Hello, I'm working on this again and recently I've been making changes in the movement routine, now the objects are moving much faster, in the test I'm doing you can switch between normal and fast with the left difficulty switch. With that change I made, it is much simpler to do the "cut corner", I am doing tests and I think it could work, although only advancing up to 2 pixels diagonally for now, the DZ-jay method is interesting, although I still don't know how It works, neither know if I can do something similar here. Soon I will be publishing a test version. Well, I know I have not written for a long time, I apologize for that, I'll try to be more active now.
  4. This can not be any 8k version because the "power pills" are yellow and square as it was in the 4k versions.
  5. Hi, I have decided to put the "v7 test" version with a difference, because in the test version in the PRGE there is an error when activating the "improvement" of the "flicker" (with the "color / b & w" switch) Sometimes objects disappear from the screen, although they show cut in this version. For the moment it is only a test and sometimes it is better to leave it disabled. There are also some graphic changes like in the text of "ready!" And a new score font (suggested by IEPOSTA). And an improvement in sound priority (the "eat monster" sound has higher priority now than other sounds). Well, I think that's it. Sorry for the delay. pacman2600_8k_v7_test.bin
  6. Hi all, I have decided to post just to report that the version "v7" is almost ready, but for now there will be a test version in the PRGE.
  7. Hello, after a long time (about 7 months since the last version) here is a new update. These are the changes: 1. Now the "hi sccore" is only on the title screen. 2 .The function of the switches has changed: "reset" = reset to the title screen, "select" = select level, and now only with "fire" starts the game. 3. Added a "pause" function (with "fire"). 4. A change in the "chase / scatter timer". (now there are 3 "tables" like the arcade: the first at level 1, the second at level 2 and the last from level 5). 5. A change in "flicker" routine (more optimized and simplified). and some other optimizations (especially in the kernel). This time I included the "pal" and "pal60" versions. pacman2600_8k_V6.bin pacman2600_8k_V6_PAL60.bin pacman2600_8k_V6_PAL.bin
  8. Ms. Pacman ?, perhaps later, after finishing plumber bros (mario bros). High score table with initials ?, could do, something like "Juno First" and using the save key ?. The Intelligent flicker still not implemented yet, I'm thinking how to do it without using many cycles. Although it could do a version pal50 as would have more cycles (about 20 lines more, or about 1500 cycles more) to do that. Well, right now I get about 1000 free bytes in ROM, to do various things, such as options screen, I will add later. And maybe can make fruits with 2 layers of color (perhaps using the missile ?).
  9. Hi, I've been working doing tests on some routines to make the "objects" can move faster (up to twice) to make the "options" of "fast" and "turbo" and also the fast corner (more easy to do), I'll leave that for later. For now I'll put this little update to see if it can be shown in the PRGE. In this version I added the hi_score, shown in a different color during the demo / title screen, by now a fixed color, but then I'll make it show a different color depending on the score (10,000 or more: orange, 20000 or more: red, 50000 or more: purple, etc). In the next update I will put versions of PAL and PAL60. pacman2600_8k_v5b.bin
  10. I had not edited the first post for some time, and there was not the latest version of 4k (and 8k). It is done.
  11. Funny video, well, the option of "turbo" already had planned to do on a screen "options", although it could do as suggested by stardust4ever, with the right difficulty switch for now. I think also add an option of "fast mode" where all (pacman and monster / ghost) will move faster. The "fast cornernering" still pending, to do so I have to change some things (eg routine "collision with the maze"), but not impossible to do.
  12. Hi all, a new update available, also made a new video. In this version I have now completed the routines of the "monsters" in the "home", in the video you can see this behavior (at 0:53 see "Clyde"). The "fright sound" now stops (deactivates the "fright mode") when Pacman eats 4 "ghost/monster" before the end of the "fright time". I improved a little routine flicker (just a little), I tried to make the "inteligent flicker", although the kernel is already prepared for that, the problem is in the routine of "flicker sort" that has to be fast, just 500 cycles are available to do so (in a version "pal50" would have sufficient cycles for that). Some changes in sound routine: The intermission music now uses the two channels of sound, although not as arcade (I'll try later). I changed a bit the tone and speed of sound "extralife" to make it more like the arcade. And some other things in the sound. pacman2600_8k_v5.bin
  13. It's impressive that you did 163.340, I think the most I've made are about 40,000. The energizer time are not equal to the arcade, in the first 9 levels are 1 second more, and the levels of 0 seconds, you have 0.5 seconds. Anyway I'm adding a screen with options and one of them will be to choose between "nomal" (as is now) and "arcade" (with the "energizer time" and speed equal to the arcade). 4k version is finished, but I found some parts that I can optimize, while working in the 8k version (can save about 12 bytes), however later I will publish a latest version of 4k. Well right now I'm finishing the code of the monsters / ghost in home, (to make it more like the arcade) and then I'll continue with the code of sound (to improve some sounds). and I'm also thinking about the things I could have the screen "options" ( I have 4 in mind, one could be PATTERNS = on, off.).
  14. Hi all, a new version available. In this version I have done some optimizations in the code, I've also added the option to change the color of the maze with the left difficulty switch (A = 84, B = 86). I finished the title screen (although I perhaps need to adjust some things ), just missing an option screen. Starting from now I'll take care of the most important things as the sound (improve intermission music), the "fast corner" and finish the code for the behavior of the ghost / monsters in the house. I have taken some time to update this game because I've been working also in "mariobros" (or perhaps plumber bros or plumber man?), I've been changing the code completely (the kernel mainly). pacman2600_8k_v4.bin
  15. Hello everyone, right now it is optimizing some code, and reorganizing some other parts to improve space utilization. The intro screen (where are the names of ghosts / monsters) is almost ready, missing the title screen, and then I'll add a screen with some "options". Well, let me answer some questions. The color of the maze, I think it could lower it to 84, but I think 82 would be very low because in the arcade that blue is made of 100% blue, or a saturated blue (representing a 11% of luminance in Composite Video ), but the VCS / 2600 has no saturated colors, all have the same average level. With a value of 82, the luminance level would be about 14%, but is not equal to the arcade by the saturation of color. That happens in the 4k version ?, because there was not using the reg. "VBLANK". Well if so, I'll leave this version equal to 4k version (without using the reg.). Well, about the sound, I'll improve intermission music (2 channels) and at least the sound of "extralife" and then I'll see if I can improve other sounds. Sorry for not responding more quickly.
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