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  1. Someone recently sent me issue #1 which came out in November 1981. I was expecting it to be filled with talk about the brand new IBM PC, but there was nothing much at all, except for a line mentioning it in a chart summarizing most of the personal computers available at the time. I realized the reason was because of the 3 month lead time between putting together the issue and when it was published, and the magazine was probably produced right as the IBM PC announcement happened. I too have been searching for an archive of issues, mostly because I was curious to see if/when a large part of their issues started becoming dedicated to the PC.


    It's actually interesting to look at the ads, so many random computers. Back when it didn't matter what a computer did or what applications or games it had, everyone and his hamster were creating "computers."

  2. I'm running a ProLine BBS on my Apple IIgs (http://bbs.fozztexx.com) and I keep running into problems with not knowing how to do things. The PDF manaul that came with ProLine has lots and lots of info, but doesn't describe how to do some really basic things.

    A current problem I'm having is there seems to be no way to reset a user's password! The documentation says just use the passwd command as root, but uh, there is no root user. I've tried it logged in as the sysop account and it doesn't work.

    Another problem is the message board conference system is extremely clunky. None of my users can figure out how to join the message boards, and even less can figure out how to post a message. Did anyone ever make a different message board system that is simply menu driven like a normal BBS?

    I also can't find a way to break in and chat with someone while they're online! It's not a BBS if you can't jump in and freak people out by chatting with them. So far all I can do is bang my way through the menu system and go to the chat. Again, very crude and when the user doesn't realize what's going on they keep choosing different menus while I'm trying to get to the chat.

    If anyone out there used to (or still does) run a ProLine BBS, I'd love to hear from you!

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