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    vintage board games; Atari 2600 and Gameboy/Gameboy Color collecting; Batman; art (draw the webcomic Remedy www.remedy.remedialcomics.com and write/draw Wonder Weenies www.wonderweenies.com)
  1. This reminds me a lot of a thing I used to draw as a kid on lined notebook paper- I always envisioned it as a side scrolling Indiana Jones style game. Perhaps I played this "Tower of Rubble" game and it just stuck in my head... I have no memory of the game though. That being said, this looks awesome and I want in!
  2. I totally dig Fast Food; had it when I was a kid- a favorite then and a favorite now. I have a fun (well, interesting, maybe?) story about the game. I work at a residential treatment center with teens that deal with an assortment of mental disorders. On occasion, I will bring in some of my retro video game systems for them to enjoy... unfortunately, I had to stop bringing in Fast Food as it was triggering to a few of the kids that deal with eating disorders. "You're getting fatter" just doesn't fly with that crowd, great gameplay or no. Okay, that wasn't all that fun a story- so I'll add another: when I was a kid, our parents made us hook the Atari up to the black and white television... You want a challenge? Play this game in clack and white... you think avoiding purple pickles is hard? Try avoiding ALL pickles... talk about panic mode; or the risk and relief of risking eating a pickle and it not causing you to BURP.
  3. I have several... a few I use with the teens I work with at the treatment center (rather than lug a bunch of original consoles into work; which I still do on special occasions)- those are mostly Namco ones (with Mrs. Pacman, Dig Dug, Pole Position, etc.), but I really like the round one that has Super PacMan on it. The other ones I really enjoy are my Commodore 64 Plug-N-Play (that I picked up for a song at a Pawn Shop; I don't think they knew what they had), a Coleco-Vision Plug-N-Play (never had one as a kid and I really wanted to see what the fuss was about), my Atari 2600 Portable (which counts, right?), a mini-Genesis one and a weird one shaped like Sonic The hedgehog's head with his fist as the joystick (has a bunch of Master System/Game Gear games on it- the control is awful but I don't know how else I'd play those games). For a while I picked up every Plug-N-Play I saw at Thrift Stores- the above were the only ones I kept.
  4. The pre-programmed games all worked just fine... I did get the system to read the disk again... after a while it did the same thing; just couldn't read it any more. I've never dabbled with ROMs like this before; not sure what if anything I am doing wrong when I put the files onto the SD card.
  5. I was very excited to pick up the Portable today... I used this topic to add ROMs to a Lexar 8GB SD card I also picked up today, which worked great until after I tried Sinistar. The thing just stopped working and the FBP won't even recognize it now. I tried deleting all the files and readding them, but it still doesn't see it. I'm not really sure what to do... any suggestions? Has anyone else had this happen after trying out Sinistar or was that just a coincidence?
  6. CoreyremarK

    Misc Art

  7. I added the Copyright Info under the logo... and should you decide on my image, "Corey Kramer" is fine in the credits.
  8. CoreyremarK

    Atari Themed Art

    Assorted bits of Atari Themed Art I have done (some for label design contests, some for fun)
  9. oop- forgot to mention I wanted to put some copyright info underneath the "Drive!" logo but I wasn't sure what to go with- just plain "Lumi" or something else...
  10. Here's a little something I came up with. Thought I'd share.
  11. So excited to have been a part! Everything looks amazing! My inner child is soooooo happy!
  12. I decided to blog about my experience both with Atari and in making some label art for Wall Jump Ninja over on my webcomic's homepage for anyone interested. www.wonderweenies.com (and while there, feel free to read the archives and let me know what you think wink wink nudge nudge) Had a blast on this! Hope to get to do it again sometime!
  13. Yup... the box turned out great! I am so excited to have been a part!
  14. Well... if a name change is all you need; my vote is either "FishFunnel" or "TwisterTeeth"
  15. A couple of tweaks... added some subtle texture to the walls and silhouetted the ninjas a bit more... I can still "shadow up" the closest ninja some... I didn't want to lose too much detail with him.
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