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  1. Fuel comes out directly after you lose a ship. clockwork!
  2. 4,330 Slight improvement, no movement in the chart, methinks
  3. 3,860 Battleship meets frogger meets air/sea battle
  4. 44,500 One minute I'm kickin' ass, the next it's game over.
  5. 36,100 Thought I had a system and could continue indefinitely until the crazed wave hit. Interesting title - Taz gets his speed from junk food. The healthiest thing I've seen him eat so fare is apple cores.
  6. 19,900 First and only attempt for the participation point. These games run long and feel easy even when you're crap at the game -- just like the arcade!
  7. 1,470 Borrows from Donkey Kong a bit, doesn't it? Rather guiltlessly I suppose, given DK's inspiration. 3,388 I have given my pain a name, and that name is Porky's. Would seeing the movie make this a better experience? I've never had the pleasure ...
  8. 3,827 The empire always wins in the end. No wonder Luke grew hippie hair and went into exhile.
  9. 30,885 OK I swear I upgraded my Stella. CGA screenshots persist, must be something odd about my personal setup. Stella!!! Actually the odd screenshots are kinda growing on me
  10. 23,177 This one makes me wish they'd adopted the Q*Bert tilted controller config. Many's the time I sent my rabbit hurtling into the face of danger when I was sure I pushed the opposite direction. Like it, though, much to my surprise. That tune, though ... that tune ...
  11. 20,716 too sooo long to destroy the pillars, before over-turning and hitting the ground. Time to start again? .. ... ..
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