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  1. Hi, I can't see a direct link between the keyboard fault and the disk drive... Maybe one track to follow : the //c is using two round metal washers to make contact between the disk drive and the ground on the motherboard. Misplacing them may result in short circuit. But it can't explain the delay. You can always try to remove them and do a test. My two cents 🙂
  2. Hi, The very first thing to do is to clean the head of the disk drive with alcohol. This is usually the root cause of your problem, especially if the disks are working with another drive (yes, //e and //c disks are interchangeable). The wDrive is still selling, I bought one some weeks ago, but the site has changed. You can go to the Shop to order one IIc adapter. If needed, I can provide you the email of the guy who is running the business. Last but not least, you can download diagnostics software by using ADTPro but it requires a specific serial cable for the //c.
  3. Looks really cool. Keep up the good work.
  4. 1) TotalReplay 2) None I'm aware of 3) You can use CiderPress to convert .wav into disk image 4) Using anonymous account does the job. You're welcome 🙂
  5. Hello, Maybe here for the docs and there for the disks.
  6. Since it is using the composite output which is balck & white only on a PAL machine, I don't think so. As far as I know, the only options to get color output from an Apple IIc will be using the official Apple //c "Chat mauve" scart adapter (search for "Le Chat Mauve //c RVB PERITEL Apple") or the VGA converter from Plamen.
  7. It's the A.E. Sonic Blaster application. You can take a look here.
  8. The link was valid for one week only. Here it is again. Grab it now, it will expires in 30 days 🙂
  9. I've uploaded Enhancing Your Apple II Volume 1 (Second Edition) here.
  10. I'm using the "Certify & erase disk" from EDD. It erase the entire disk using half tracks. It may requires the EDD card though. I think you could also use the "Disk Drive Test/General Operation" from MECC Computer Inspector as it erase the entire disk.
  11. You will find the manual & software for the SAM here. Hook up a speaker and try it !
  12. You should ask to John K Morris himself but IIRC I've seen a post on Apple II enthusiasts FB group where he said he was focused on the Mac.
  13. You're right, both games requires 128 Ko in order to use double hires. According to your description, you already have the needed 128 Ko : 64 Ko on the motherboard and 64 Ko on the card in the AUX slot. The double hires also required a jumper to be put on the expansion card in the AUX slot. And finally, the motherboard have to be a Revision B (early motherboard doesn't support double hires). But if you have an Enhanced //e (65c02 marker on the keyboard and "Apple //e" printed on top of the screen at boot time), you're good.
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