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  1. Greetings, The RamFactor ROMs are here.
  2. Hello, RAMFactor uses 41256 (i.e. 256 Ko) chips while Apple //e uses 4164 (i.e. 64 Ko). Both chips can easily be obtained at electronic stores (Mouser, Jameco, Digi-key, ...) or eBay.
  3. Hello, In fact, the LS125 will blow up if it takes 12 Volts instead of 5 which happens when the 20 pin connector is not correctly plugged in the Disk II controller card (ie shifted by one pin). Since you have one working card, I suggest you tried every single IC of the defective one on it. There is good chance you'll spot more damaged ICs. Cheers,
  4. In fact, you could run into problems with some fast loading disks if your controller is not in slot #6. Some cracked games would also not work too (Conan comes to mind).
  5. Hello, I have no clue here but you can browse some Nibble disk images on the Internet Archive.
  6. Hi, Here is an eBay auction (not mine).
  7. Hi, You should take a look at speedyG's Disk II webpages. It shows all the possible tuning you can achieved. It seems your drive A has a misaligned head. This kind of setting is tricky.
  8. Hi, EDD 4 has a useful "Certify & erase disk" which does exactly what you are looking for. It is even capable to go for half or quarter tracks.
  9. Hello Bloodnose, Using the Master Diagnostics IIe image in an emulator, I experienced exactly the same behaviour with an unenhanced //e. The ROM test is okay with an enhanced //e so your Apple is probably ok. You can try the XPS diagnostics which works great with an unenhanced //e (but not with an enhanced one).
  10. You can also use Plamen excellent VGA adaptor (as soon as it will get back in stock).You can try to contact Plamen to ask him for one.
  11. Hello, You can take a look at the very useful SpeedyG site.
  12. You can try http://www.floppydisk.com/5point25 They have new 5.25 floppies. Be sure to use DS/DD.
  13. Can you post pictures of this drive ? It would be awesome if you could document all the mods (#4 & #7 are already available in the FAQ though).
  14. This person is Peter Ferrie. You can ask him directly (check http://pferrie.host22.com/for his email address).
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