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  1. As someone who owns a 64K XEGS, I’m hoping that he’ll reconsider releasing a cartridge version. Bob C
  2. That was my assumption when I ordered it. I figured it would be a digital download. If it’s not, I’ll have to change my shipping option since I can’t really pick it up in person. Bob C
  3. You should have received an email regarding your pre-order. That email contains a PayPal link where you will pay for your pre-order. I had to add another credit card to my PayPal account since I was sending money directly to a person instead of having the option of paying by credit card without having to log into PayPal. Bob C
  4. I would like a disk version, please. I have the ABBUC version and the patch, but it sounds like there are further improvements. If you include the ATR, that would be great. Otherwise, I will pull out the 1050 and create one myself. Bob C
  5. Thanks for posting this. I was trying to run it on my NTSC Atari. I have had problems seeing where the hole is located. Does it run better on PAL? Bob C
  6. Some of us use Google Translate and point our phones at the ABBUC magazine pages. 😀 While I can’t read German, sadly, I got that much out of the rough translation. I was curious if there was other news in that article. I hope a new board is elected since I paid for an extra year in advance. 😉 Bob C
  7. Unfortunately, I sent my information to [email protected], but I assume the person is too busy to give me access to the subforum. Bob C
  8. I thought that might have been the answer. If you still have a macOS Mojave installer, you could create a virtual machine (using VMWare Fusion or Parallels) or install it on an external drive and boot to Mojave when you want it. I will upgrade to Catalina in the next few months, but I’m hoping that Wine will be working in 64-bit before I make the move. Does MADS have any source available so you could compile a 64-bit binary yourself using Xcode? I don’t know since I don’t do any 8-bit development. Bob C
  9. Yes. For the unsorted problem, you need a utility that physically sorts the files on the SD card prior to using it with Sdrive Max. I compiled fatsort on my Mac to do this. There’s a Windows utility that’s always recommended as well. I just can’t think of the name right now. For the long filename support, hit Ctrl-L on the Atari to display long filenames and Ctrl-W to save the configuration. This site is a wonderful resource with information on the Sdrive Max: https://atari8bit.net/everything-sdrive-max Bob C
  10. I’m also interested in whether a digital download can be purchased for these new titles (Rescue Expedition and LiteRally). Bob C
  11. In my case, I noticed that the last letter of the password changed from the first letter of my city to the first letter of my state when the passwords were changed. I will definitely add my email address so I can reset my password in the future. I will also keep a copy of my ABBUC address label in case I have to guess my password next year. I will say the instructions were clearer this year for those of us who are US or UK members. Unfortunately, it appears the password file did not match the instructions on the website. @freetz If you want me to send you a PM with my ABBUC membership information, I am happy to do that. Bob C
  12. Don’t know. Don’t care. The arguments stopped. That’s all that matters. Bob C
  13. Unless you’ve purchased from him before, “cart-only” doesn’t mean reproduction since Best sells “cart-only” games where the box and manual have been lost, but it’s an original cartridge. If he used “Video 61 exclusive“, it would be a good euphemism for the fact that the media isn’t original. As I said, I learned my lesson and ask the question now. It’s no big deal and I’d order from him again if he had something I wanted. Bob C
  14. When dealing with Lance initially, I was unhappy when one of the cartridges (World Karate Championship) was sold to me as a cartridge dump and wasn't an original cartridge. I'm not a collector, but there was no indication of that on the website. However, in subsequent transactions, I always asked if the game was an original disk or cartridge. I've had no problems or surprises with Lance since then. I don't care much about shipping times as long as I get the product. I stopped buying the original cartridges awhile ago since they didn't appeal to me. I also didn't want to rehash the "anti-piracy" policy so I just steer clear of those games. I would never send a credit card number via email. I'm glad he's using PayPal for processing the credit cards. In my opinion, small dealers should not try to do e-commerce themselves. If you're looking for Lance or Peter, you're much more likely to find them at atari.io. I think they stopped coming here because of the complaints regarding the piracy policy and rehashing the digital downloads. I don't really go there (I have enough Atari forums), but that's where they are now. Bob C
  15. Thanks for investigating this for me. The programmer said it wasn’t the final version so, hopefully, it’ll be fixed in the final release. Since it was done for a European weekend party, I doubt there was much testing done (especially for NTSC). Nice to know it wasn’t something I did wrong in Altirra. Bob C
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