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  1. I simply wanted to mention it in case there was anyone interested in adding a Windows-native interface. If I was a Windows user, I’d use Steem as well. Bob C
  2. Quite simply, there are no Windows developers working on Hatari. That’s why Windows users are stuck with the SDL interface. While there are not active macOS developers for Hatari, work was done years ago to use a native interface and other users have tried to keep the macOS interface up to date. If someone who did Windows development volunteered to make a Windows-native interface, I’m sure the developers would accept it. All of the main Hatari developers use Linux as their OS of choice. Bob C
  3. I would also recommend Hatari on macOS. You would have to run Steem or Steem SSE in Wine or a Windows virtual machine. Hatari has a native macOS binary. Bob C
  4. For now, the game is only available to ABBUC members. After the contest is over, the developer can decide whether to release it or not. Bob C
  5. The extra memory is handy for a few homebrew titles. I’ve been able to run the vast majority of games (even recent homebrew) with 64K. I also don’t use my XEGS for word processing or any productivity needs. Bob C
  6. I have the XEGS and I love it. However, it was given to me about 5 years ago. If space is an issue, and your decision is between the 65XE and the XEGS, I’d go with the 65XE. If I could justify it, I’d go with a 130XE so I could use external memory upgrades like Syscheck 2.2. Unlike most people here at AA, I can’t use a soldering iron if my life depended on it. That’s why I like simply plugging something in. Bob C
  7. Thanks for having a link to the contest entries on the ABBUC home page. I have been able to download them now. Unfortunately, the drop-down menus on the website tend to only work sometimes on my iPhone. Bob C
  8. Ok. I was expecting it at the link on the asc.abbuc.de website. The main ABBUC website does not work well on my iPhone. I will try to download them later. Bob C
  9. Now that the magazines are arriving (at least in Europe), I was wondering when the ATR files would be posted to the contest website. Bob C
  10. While I prefer Hatari myself, as a Windows user, I would say Steem SSE has a Windows-like interface unlike Hatari. However, I want to correct one thing. Hatari is in very active development. They do only create one official new version every 12-14 months. There are also sorts of changes made in the interim. You can find nightly binaries for Windows and macOS. I assume Linux users are assumed to know how to compile the development version themselves. Since there are no Windows developers on the Hatari team, the Windows interface is very bare bones. Bob C
  11. I had an SIO2SD that was built by Lotharek. It worked great with other drives. I used to copy non-copy protected disks from my 1050 to an ATR on the SIO2SD. Bob C
  12. Yes. .ST files are like .ATRs on the 8-bit. STX files are the equivalent to ATX files on the 8-bit. If the ST program is in a zip file, you may need a program like MSA converter (Windows) or zip2st (UNIX Shell script included with Hatari emulator) to convert the zip file to something you can use directly on the ST using a Gotek or Goex. However, I haven’t owned an ST for decades (no room now) so one of the people who had one of these devices can tell you if you can use the ST files directly without converting it to an ST image first. Bob C
  13. Did you try every folder? I do not know what chip that touchscreen uses. Normally, you will find that one of them will work perfectly unless that touchscreen is not compatible. Bob C
  14. I do not know where you downloaded your file, but if you go here, you will find the files you need: https://github.com/kbr-net/sdrive-max/releases/tag/V1.2 The *.eep files are probably source files which will not help you. Bob C
  15. @Fred Olivas - I think @DrVenkman's confusion is because, in the released firmware, there are no *.eep files. You do not make clear what version of the firmware is running on your Sdrive Max. Here are my thoughts: 1. If you have version 1.2, you have the latest released version of the firmware. Kbr is working on 1.3, but it has not been released yet. You would have to compile that version manually in order to use it. It only has a few fixes so it probably is not essential for you right now. I am sure simply using xloader will not be enough for you to use firmware version 1.3. 2. If you have built your Sdrive Max yourself and need the 1.2 firmware, the Github link for that firmware version is in the first post of this thread. From that link, if you click the link for "Assets", you'll see a zip file that contains the 1.2 firmware for every supported screen. You probably went to the main Github page which now points to version 1.3 (also known as master). That version does not have a compiled version you can simply load onto your Sdrive Max. I do not want to go through all of the steps of installing the 1.2 firmware since there is a great page (https://atari8bit.net/everything-sdrive-max/) that explains the process very well. Bob C
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