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  1. @ilmenit - I will try to recreate the problem. I have been trying on simple levels like 1-1 and 1-2, but I have not been able to recreate the black screen. I had the problem occur on both 1-6 and 1-7. If I did not use rewind move or restart level, the level completes successfully (including saving the level as complete). @adam242 - I should have mentioned that the XEGS has the keyboard attached. I use it as a computer and not as a game console. If you can recreate the problem, I would appreciate it. Bob C
  2. @ilmenit - I have only started to play Adam Is Me. I agree with the other comments about the originality of the game. If you had charged $15 for a digital download, I would have gladly paid it. I just have too much stuff now so physical copies do not appeal to me. On my NTSC 64K XEGS, I have noticed that if I try to use the rewind move (fire + left) or restart level (fire + up) too often, the level will not save when I finally complete the level. I get a black screen and no way to continue the game. I have to reboot the XEGS and restart the game. Since I now know how to complete the level, I can complete it without using any rewind or restart levels. Then, the level will save correctly on my Sdrive Max and I can continue to the next level. I knew rewind moves would be limited on 64K, but I was not expecting the game to lock up. I have not tried it on my Atari emulators or my MiST yet. Both of them can be set to 128K or more. Bob C
  3. Yes. I have used one for years on Altirra and Atari800MacX. It works very well and I think it is well made. I have an older model (2600-daptor II) that I purchased a few years ago. Bob C
  4. For #1, that can’t be avoided since @atarimac isn’t a registered developer. You only have to go through the right-click process once. Since he is only creating a hobby product, I certainly understand why he doesn’t want to pay $99/year to be an official Apple developer. I can’t help with #2 since I always use it with a CX-40 and a 2600-daptor II. Bob C
  5. That would be my suggestion. I assume you only want to transfer these disks to ATR. If you have no other need for disk transfer after this, asking someone here to do it for you is your best and easiest option. I did the opposite (transfer an ATR to a floppy disk for an AA member) a couple of years ago. I am sure someone would be happy to help you out. i do not know the Happy drive well enough to know if Happy-formatted disks have to be read on a Happy (or Happy clone) drive. If so, I won’t be able to help you out. Bob C
  6. Since @skr wants to know the international postal situation, I received #143 on 19 January 2021. I only wish I had the German language knowledge to help translate articles to English. Has ABBUC thought about a digital-only subscription? My 1050 is in storage and I end up copying text from the PDF to put into Google Translate to see if the article is interesting to me. I hate to end up recycling the magazines because of how much postage ABBUC spends to send it to me in California. I works also like to see the floppy disks go to members that only have vintage floppy drives. Bob C
  7. Why do you say that? I have run both Altirra 3.90 and 4.00 (up to test 20) on Wine. I haven't had luck with the 64-bit version, but the 32-bit version works fine on Wine. I can't really use it right now because there's a problem with game controller support on macOS when using Wine, but it should work just fine under Linux. Bob C
  8. While I know what it is, Fujinet can be easily misread now. I have a New Content filter on AA. I noticed that I was no longer receiving any Fujinet news, I realized I needed to change the filter to pick up the new sub-forum. Bob C
  9. It’s a “Swiss army knife” SIO device. I would go to https://fujinet.online and look at the guides for more information. @tschak909 has also done a bunch of YouTube videos about it if you search for Fujinet on YouTube. It does networking, SIO drive emulation, printing (to PDF), and much much more. I don’t have one yet, but it’s a very nice device. Bob C
  10. Thanks to @atarimac and yourself for producing a Universal binary. There aren’t many of us Apple Silicon users yet, but I expect it to increase in the next 6 months. The Universal binary allows gamepads to work. Hopefully, the Rosetta 2 bug will be fixed but a Universal binary fixes the problem now since the problem doesn’t happen with a Universal binary. Bob C
  11. @Irgendwer - I just wanted to let you know that you have created a very addictive game in our house. The “Game Over, Man, Game Over” also never fails to get a laugh. You have created a game that makes the vintage Atari enjoyable to even a 20 year old. You should be proud. I will be setting up Altirra on a PC just so the 20 year old can play Disc O Pop. Bob C
  12. @atarimac - To be pedantic :), my first attempt ended up being an Apple Silicon-only application. However, as we discussed, I was able to create a Universal binary of 5.5.0Beta2 by changing the build from My Mac to Any Mac. I wanted to be sure that was all I had to do. I couldn't use the button to build and run the target. I had to choose Product/Build For/Running in order to create the Universal binary. However, since your code doesn't appear to rely on any Intel-specific quirks, it appears to run on Apple Silicon as it was originally designed. Bob C
  13. @atarimac - Thanks for publishing the source code to GitHub. As I mentioned to you in PM, your Xcode project was very easy to compile. Bob C
  14. I'd say they did it for the ads. I own an XEGS and I've never seen that BIOS screen. Bob C
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