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  1. I believe it stands for “complete in box”. If you were to create a boxed version, he was suggesting copies of the letters could be included as extras. Bob C
  2. You need to go to the forum link (or Foren on the original German text). You will have to use the register link since the account credentials did not come over from the old site. Someone on the ABBUC web team will have to validate whether you are a current member to get access to the member-only parts of the website. If your membership has lapsed, they should either tell you when they approve your access or I think it will appear in the membership (Mitglieder) section of the website. That is where I see my ABBUC membership number and expiration date. I am hoping as the web team gets more time that members will receive a courtesy email when our membership is ready to expire. Right now, I simply put a reminder in my phone telling me when I need to renew my ABBUC membership. Bob C
  3. I own an XEGS. It’s really a 64k system. I’ve run games that required 64k on it. As I understand it, the guts are almost identical to a 65XE. Bob
  4. I purchased the digital download yesterday. It’s unfortunate that mono has to be used, but the video explains why the trade offs were made. I don’t need any more software boxes, but $10 was easy to justify to support people writing for the Atari. Bob C
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I had not heard of this before. Bob C
  6. Thanks. I just downloaded the magazine and disks now. I can copy any text into Google Translate if an article interests me. Bob C
  7. Since the old Google Translate button messed up the website anyway, I prefer using the built-in browser translation capability anyway. Bob C
  8. Mathy, Thanks for providing that information. I just missed that information in the magazine. I also pay for two years at once to minimize any PayPal fees. Bob C
  9. I would message @slx. I need to renew my membership. Sascha gave me the PayPal link, but I don’t remember the yearly membership dues amount. I may check the printed magazine to see if it is printed there. Bob C
  10. Thanks for releasing these games. I have had fun with the earlier games. I see you have moved 100 years in the future since the earlier games were 2021. 🙂 Seriously, thanks for sharing these games with the Atari community. Bob C
  11. Actually, I own an Sdrive Max. You do need a PC or Mac to load the files into the SD card. If you create a blank ATR image file (either on the Sdrive Max itself out using a utility on a Mac or PC), you can save BASIC programs or any other file onto the ATR image once you mount it. To be fair, you can use Fujinet the exact same way as the Sdrive Max and you have network capability if you want to use it. You don’t have to set up your own TNFS server if you don’t want to do that. It isn’t required to use Fujinet from everything I’ve read. Bob C
  12. https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=8052 News section on Fandal’s site. Bob C
  13. I really like the game. I've been playing the pre5 version. I thought I was better with words than I actually am. My high score is only 124 so far <sigh>. Is there any way to make the flame red when it's very hot and a few seconds (maybe 10) from ending your game? The change in color would be a nice way for me to know I really need to find a word with that letter ASAP. Anyway, it's a nice game. I look forward to trying it on my XEGS. I've been playing it on Atari800MacX right now. I use it to determine if I like a game well enough to put it on the SD card to be used by the XEGS. Bob C
  14. Agreed. There is so much happening in the 8-bit community right now. That is all because of the hardware and software developers making such good stuff. Congrats to everyone that makes it happen! Bob C
  15. Does the new payment policy only apply to compilations? Will individual games still be added to your webpage? Will the existing games be removed from your webpage to support paying for the compilations? Bob C
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