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  1. That’s probably why it worked for you. It probably had more to do with the hard disk driver used than whether you used MiST, Hatari, or real hardware. Bob C
  2. @English Invader I am curious which hard disk drives you are using: HDDriver, P. Putnik’s driver, the ICD driver, or Atari’s AHDI. I have had problems using AHDI, but that is not surprising since when it was released, you did not have many games that ran from a hard disk. If I use a hard disk image rather than running the games from my Mac’s hard drive, I have found the compatibility to be the same as my friend with a MegaSTE. Bob C
  3. I played with this a bit in Hatari. I didn't have any luck with the hard drive version. I only have AHDI on my Hatari hard drive image. I'd try the floppy image from his site. That worked fine, but I had no idea about the controls so I really stunk at the game. Some of PP's older hard drive adapted games appear to work best with his hard disk driver. Super Sprint goes back to 2011. The newer hard drive adapted games appear to work better with multiple hard disk drivers. Bob C
  4. I don’t have a MiST yet, but which joystick port are you using? If you’re using the port that normally uses the mouse, that could be a problem for a one-player game. If you’re using the MiSTery core and a P. Putnik hard-drive adapted game, I would expect it to work. Bob C
  5. I see it on the mobile version when I logged in. It appears to be in the same place it’s always been. I can’t get an image to appear in this post. Bob C
  6. Randy @rkindig, Here's the link to the scan of the WAACE 1992 program guide: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xfr1k358ez4r94k/WAACE 1992 Program and Guide.pdf?dl=0 At 77 MB, I was sure it was too big for AA. It's not perfect (I only have a multi-function printer with scanner) but, if you haven't seen the 1992 guide yet, I think you'll like it. Bob C
  7. Let me see if I can get it done this weekend. Otherwise, I’ll send you a PM to ask for your address so I can send it to you (assuming any Post Office or similar place is open here). Bob C
  8. I am going to assume that Dal is the person talking about the upgrade on Facebook. I saw an update on Wednesday. Anyway, he is upgrading some other pieces (phpBB and MediaWiki, as an example) while it is down. However, the biggest problem is he has too many real life commitments right now so the upgrade is being done when he has time. Since I cannot seem to copy the text of the Facebook post, that is a summary. I would say we just need to be patient. It will be done eventually. Bob C
  9. What flat screen TV are you using that you’re able to display PAL? I haven’t had luck finding any US TV that will display PAL without being black and white or a rolling picture. Bob C
  10. Looking at the Facebook group and my own attempts, nothing has changed. Bob C
  11. @slx - In 5.0.4, the link goes to the Internet Archive. I assume he is directing all donations there now. The website may not have been updated. Bob C
  12. The latest update I saw confirmed that he hasn’t had time to finish the work. It sounds like he isn’t on furlough like a lot of people in the UK and he’s had to fit in the server move with his work schedule. He mentioned that the work had to be done by Wednesday. I assume that’s when his provider is permanently tearing down the old server. Bob C
  13. I would second @DrVenkman’s suggestion for The Brewing Academy. It looks like both the UNO and Ultimate Carts are available for sale. If you can solder (unlike me), you can build your own device. I have both the Ultimate Cart and an Sdrive-Max. I like the flexibility of dealing with both ATR and executable files. Bob C
  14. There’s no news on the Facebook group since Saturday. I can only guess he’s either had problems with the server migration or hadn’t had time to finish the job. Bob C
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