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  1. I'll pay the shipping and whatever you want for the item itself (within reason, of course)...I hope you find it 🙂
  2. I have the pictured cartridge holder, made specifically to hold 18 TI cartridges, with a slot at the top for manuals. I'm pretty sure that it dates from the early 1980s, but I picked this one up a few years ago on eBay for around $20. It's perfect, but I could really use a couple more; anyone know the manufacturer? I used to know who made them, but have forgotten it, and there is no name or manufacturer on mine. Knowing who made these BITD might help me find another one on eBay. Thanks.
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  4. Hi. Many of you Lynxters might be wondering what's going on with the Atari Lynx HandyCast. You are right to wonder. Well, unfortunately, life has very much gotten in the way over the last few months, including being very, very busy at work, and also dealing with family issues (including the untimely passing of my younger brother earlier this month). I appreciate everyone's patience while I try to get back into the regular groove of releasing a new episode of the HandyCast every month, but at this point, I don't know when that will be. My hope is that I can get the partially finished KLAX episode out sometime in June, but that may not happen. I am still very committed to doing the podcast on a regular basis; I just need some time to sort through the obstacles that life has thrown at me, especially since my brother's passing. Please be patient, and I promise you all that I'll get back to it. And when I do, everyone here will be the first to know. Thanks.
  5. Just cast my vote for my favorite Lynx game (at least for now). Great idea, Igor!
  6. Hopefully these images will be a little clearer for you, Ksarul:
  7. Sorry, Ksarul...didn't see your request until this morning. I'll get a good shot each overlay when I get home from work this evening and then post them here tomorrow morning for you. FWIW, I'm guessing that the overlay in the left of the picture is for some sort of graphics software, since it lists colors.
  8. Yep, you were right, Ksarul...the blank key was indeed mounted to an overlay, not to the console itself. It was not glued down, actually; it was a very snug fit to the console's keyboard, so I didn't notice it was an overlay. So I have two different overlays: one that likely came with the console, and one for an unnamed software package that I don't have (but which, I'm sure, will be identified by yourself or by someone on this thread). Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Ksarul!
  9. I have a separate overlay that I got when I bought the 99/4; it does not have a cut-out for that key, and I did not include that overlay in the photos. Having said that, and after reading your post, though, I'll have to check my 99/4 when I get home from work today to see if the overlay of which you speak that includes a blank key glued to it has actually already been mounted permanently to my console. When I got the console, I just assumed that the option commands printed above the keys (Redo, Clear, Ins, Del, etc.) were actually printed on the console. Thanks for the info, and I'll let you know what I find.
  10. Does anyone know why the 99/4 I picked up about six months ago has a blank key mounted just to the right of the L key? The key itself does not do anything; in fact, it seems to have just been glued (professionally, as far as I can tell) directly on to the surface. It makes the overlay sit rather awkwardly on the right side. Any ideas?
  11. I've been looking on eBay for a ridged Gauntlet: The Third Encounter for the last two years and have never seen one. They're hard to find!
  12. And it's a good one, too...at a pretty good price. Congrats!
  13. I'd like to echo David's praise of Wyvern Tales and Zaku...they're fantastic.
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