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  1. Hello, I've been using my Adam and disk drive to get some game footage of some adam title such as Super Donkey Kong, Super Donkey Kong Jr, Super Zaxxon (all on the cassettes), Super Sub-roc, Super Front Line (demo), the demo cartridge, music demo, choplifter (Adam Version), A.E., Dragons Lair, Temple of Apshai, and, Cabbage Patch Kids (128k version). I got all of this from one person who was a very avid adam user. He seemed to have everything and kept it all boxed. Much much more I have yet to get footage of. But mixed in with everything weren't these two disks that I know nothing about. Are they anything special?
  2. Cleaned all the connectors. Took the machine apart, cleaned everything and still has a black screen.
  3. I tried another 10k rom from my other 800 that works and it still had a black screen
  4. Then what is this power supply for? The 810 disk drive?
  5. My other 800 works on my tv just fine. Bought another in a big lot of 800 stuff (40 cartridge games, 810 disk drive, 410 recorder and an atari printer) but all I get is the black screen. I think I'm going to try to clean to 10k rom OS card first.
  6. Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the cards?
  7. I'm having an issue with my 800. It seems to power on but it displays a black screen, whether a game cartridge is in the machine or not. Any ideas? Also, what are the power supply specs for the 800?
  8. I got these two in a lot recently. Anyone know what they were for?
  9. So I recently got a large lot of Apple computers and software from someone who used to work at apple. In the lot were several sealed games with stickers: "review copy, not for resale". I don't know too much about computer software. Are these particularly rare or were these common enough to find?
  10. So I used the trackball to start a game and then switched it with tge stabdard controller and the analog still works. I then used the keypad on the trackball plugged into the competition pro controller to start a game. Once started I plugged in the standard controller and sure enough, the competition pro does work. So I basically need to invest in a new flex circuit. I see some gold ones on ebay for around $20. I wonder if those are any good.
  11. Yes, sorry, that is the joystick that I meant. I believe they are in the right position, 9 and 6 respectively. I'll have to do some experimenting to see what I can do.
  12. It's definitely not the port because the wico joystick works fine as does the trackball. I'm wondering if because the command controller is a micro switch joystick it's not able to sync with the trackball where the wico can because it's analog.
  13. My standard controller's flex circuit is busted. No buttons or even the joystick work so I have to use my 5200 trackball controller. My wico joystick works fine this way.
  14. I bought a competition pro joystick for the 5200 but it only seems to work in one direction. The action buttons work just fine. I opened it up and everything looks clean. I cleaned the contacts on the micro switches but I'm still having the problem. I'd hate to write off this controller as they're a little expensive. Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? Do micro switches go bad after idling for too long?
  15. I've tried cleaning the flex circuit of my stock controller but I think it's finally done. If the flex circuit was damaged, would the analog joystick input not work as well? Mine does nothing right now but I was thinking of buying a new gold flex circuit but I don't want to waste my money if the analog control is busted too.
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