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  1. i've always wanted to get an atlantis 2. i've looked for years and cannot find one. could someone please trade one to me. i have lots of games to trade. let me know if a kind person would trade with me
  2. hey everybody. i have looked for atlantis the blue cart, but i've never seen it anywhere for 6 months. is it really that rare or not. also i have looked for air sea battle with the white logo. before i buy this, i thought about getting more info if its rare or not. some people on ebay are selling it for insane prices, some are not. thanks a bunch, -alterdimension.
  3. i have come across some odd games. i've heard about tape on games labels. i have canyon bomber, circus atari, and a homerun. under the name of the game is just black. the weird thing is that circus atari looks like tape as well, but when looking at ebay and google i couldn't find anymore of circus atari black. below this description are some photos to help illustrate this. i apologize for the bad camera work.
  4. thanks for replying. since when did this get so rare. it used to be everywhere for 20-30 dollars. it should have a score in the guide better than 5 in my opinion.
  5. i've been looking on ebay and other sites, but i can't find a sentinel anywhere, not even ebay. has this game suddenly got extremely rare and valuable. any thoughts?
  6. sorry, not the same guy. sorry, my bad
  7. there is a person on ebay selling swordquest waterworld cib sealed for 2,000 dollars. i went to sold listings the same person just sold another one for 6,000 dollars. it seems like this seller could be manufacturing these. i could be dead wrong. what do you think?
  8. yeah its the atari 2600 game. did this repro worth 3,000 dollars?
  9. i saw on ebay that some sucker bought a repro of air raid for 3,000 dollars. it said it was bought. did it sell, or did he just say it was sold then relisted. another one surfaced with a case for it with a neat little case for air raid for 3,000 dollars do you think that someone who doesn't know better, bought it. is this is a scam or what. any thoughts on this?
  10. is it just me or is there a guy on ebay charging 3,000 for a repro saying it is the real thing for air raid? i say this because i have 2 air raid repros that are the same thing as that one. any thoughts?
  11. the cradle is so rare because when it came to to buying it, it was 200.00. most people didn't buy them because of its price tag. so, over the years it became ultra mega rare. i was darn lucky to find it when i did because after buying mine on ebay, last year i have never seen it anywhere again. here is a link for you to find out more about it. thanks for talking with me. https://www.engadget.com/2007/04/23/gp2x-commercial-interface-board-cradle-goes-on-sale/
  12. hey everybody!!! about six months ago i bought a gp2x (i know most people don't know about this, but i decided to ask anyway) the gp2x is a hand held linux based device that plays games perfectly. i bought the cradle which you put the gp2x in a holder that puts the option of four usb slots where you can put four usb controllers in. i bought 2 snes usb controllers and it works great. here's the question. how do you make it so the usb snes controllers work on the nes part of the device?
  13. i have a picture of the cart. how do you put pictures on here?
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