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  1. Check out these neve-before-seen assets from Data Design Interactive's Deathwatch (a.k.a. Switchdeath, a.k.a. Bug) for the Atari Jaguar. Looked gorgeous from a company that would later become infamous for their Wii shovelware... https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/2020/10/deathwatch/
  2. You know what would be awesome? A remake with Tengo Project-level visuals featuring the playable characters from the PC Engine Arcade Card port + the soundtracks from every port to have the ultimate version of Mad Stalker: Full Metal Forth...
  3. Looks dope Looking foward to the final product!
  4. In no particular order, here are the ones I like the most: - Superfly DX - Black Out! - Protector S.E. - Hyper Force - BattleSphere - Soccer Kid - Rebooteroids
  5. For those who don't know yet, Jeremy Parish of Retronauts began covering the Atari Lynx on his Game Boy Works Gaiden sub-series at YouTube. I'll be posting his videos here as soon as i can for everybody to enjoy. He'll cover the Lynx library per year with 3-5 title across each video...
  6. Really like the look of the hand-drawn visuals. Well done!
  7. I know U.S. Gold's Strider 2 is reviled by pretty much every Strider fan but damn, it sucks to know that Lynx Strider 2 was completed but left to rot in the limbo of canned game projects...
  8. IIRC, Kizza was kicked from the magazine staff not too long ago for throwing a temper tantrum so there's that. I do like certain sections of the magazine, namely the unconverted and the making of sections...
  9. For Metal Mutants, we would have to contact former Silmarils employees then...
  10. God bless your heart MacRorie! This is just too unreal!!!
  11. I think one of the better videos comparing Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure has to be from Digital Foundry: The author of the video, John Linneman, also interview Bill Kroyer of Kroyer Films about his past works including P:TMA as well...
  12. Is there any way i can contact Frank Gasking to see if he's interested in unearthing anything in regards to The Dome Software Developments' Gotcha! on the Jaguar? I'm still friend with Jonathan Court (currently of Creative Assembly), who has various stuff from his past works...
  13. So, a playable prototype of Green Thang does exist but for the Amiga. At least it's reassuring to know the game wasn't completely lost forever. Looks pretty dope as a fan of run and gun games.
  14. As Pacman000 said, Sonic 3 & Knuckles was the one with the spherical bonus stages. The ones in the Genesis version of Sonic 3D Blast are reminiscent of your demo
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