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  1. Hey! I can correct the info on that page. After all, i'm the one who did it. So, i owe to that info error.
  2. From my research (as i'm the one who did the Wiki entry), it was reportedly near-completion according to Yak in a old online magazine. Not only it received a ESRB rating but a retail box as well. I posted that picture somewhere on the forum.
  3. To give my two cents on the matter, i do hope Super Burnout and Iron Soldier 1 make the cut. The owner of Ultra Vortek is still active (now under the WildWorks umbrella). Yes, Atari published Val d'Isere but Virtual Studio went defunct in 1999. It would be cool to hace it but not only is the eponymous resort an issue, Fila also showed up in the game as a brand as well. Now that i think about it, didn't Piko Interactive grabbed the rights to Mutant Penguins? Atari published the Jag original but GameTek were the ones who published the PC version. Also, something i also noted in the trailer was that the 8-bit homebrew game Yoomp! was included. So, why not add either one of Reboot's full-fledge games (like Superfly DX) or BattleSphere into the mix as well?
  4. A compilation for modern platforms titled Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration was recently announced (https://www.gematsu.com/2022/06/atari-50-the-anniversary-celebration-announced-for-ps5-xbox-series-ps4-xbox-one-switch-and-pc). However, the biggest draw of this news is the fact that some Jaguar games will ve included. I linked the trailer for you all to see: For those who don't want to watch the trailer, here are some of the Jaguar titled included so far: * Atari Karts * Cybermorph * Fight for Life * Missile Command 3D * Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy But the biggest question among you might be "How they included Jaguar games? Knowing how difficult it is to emulate the console." Well, a simple answer really - a member of Digital Eclipse wrote a new Jaguar emulator for this compilation: https://twitter.com/DickWhitehouse/status/1542169227485777921 This is all the news for the moment. I'll try to keep you all to date regarding any other Jaguar game in the compilation.
  5. I've told this before on another site, But i was introduced to the Jaguar during my junior school days between 5th and 6th grade via YouTube, and my dad bought my first Jaguar console bundled with Cybermorph + Doom. It was in my 10-19 years. I'm currently 25 and i plan to save up money to buy a Jaguar once again in the future...
  6. Damn! Looking at the date embedded on the ROM file, this one was 2-3 months before the final April release.
  7. Didn't knew Orion made a similar game but for TI-89. However, even on the website you provided, he refers said concept as a "classic game" so, there may be an older game with the same exact gameplay. Who even knows that name of that one, but i can see why you would compare it with Sokoban. Or maybe i'm the dumb one...
  8. Sorry for bumping up this thread but i had a lingering question on my head regarding DiamJag (and its follow-up Yopaz IceStar): Is this game based on a earlier game on another platform? Much like how Atomic and Atomic Reloaded were based on Gunther Kramer's old Atomix game for home computers? Just curious to know...
  9. That's what Wayback Machine and Archive.is are for! But i never understood why the heck Jaguar Sector II was excluded from Wayback Machine. Some of the old Jaguar-focused pages are preserved on archive.org except that one...
  10. Damn cool to see the canyon stage everyone saw from the teacher commercial. Is this similar to the one ViMasterJag has posted on YouTube?
  11. Nope. Before changing the name of his YouTube channel, Hans Reutter is the name of the one who hosted Cyberroach.
  12. The first time i saw those screenshows, i seriously couldn't believe these were real CV screenshots. I still can't believe they're indeed real. This is SICK!
  13. Finally! A homebrew beat 'em up that will fill the void left bt Konan. Looks absolutely great A word of advice: most beat 'em up employed the double tap for the dash mechanic and characters would stop the dash animation as soon as your thumb leaves the d-pad.
  14. The packaging looks great! Seriously, phoboz has been a great blessing for the Jaguar scene. Not to dimish the hard work of others making homebrew games for the console, but it's really awesome seeing someone like him with his talent pouring so much effort with his projects for the little black cat
  15. That visual effect would be perfect for cave areas or deep underwater locations.
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