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  1. The Jaguar never had any Cabal-style shooter and with the news of Piko Interactive acquring the rights to various Gaelco titles, i believe Alligator Hunt would be a great fit for it. Its one of the best Cabal-style shooters out there that almost nobody played and it had a sick guitar-riffed sountrack!
  2. Add John Linneman to the list, as he rightfully questioned Kieren's comparison videos and their garbage quality (using fucked up emulators to do so).
  3. Trust me, as someone who was expelled and witnessed the vanishing of Shawn Lavery (co-creator of Jaguar Sector III and one of the main two guys behind Jaguar Heretic) due to Kieren William Hawken's fucked up ego, don't expect to see this completed in this lifetime, as Shawn and Jeff Nihlean left the Jaguar scene after that debacle...
  4. I wish I had taken a screencap but I clearly remember Kieren talking about not seeing his daughter at Facebook so, I can back up this claim.
  5. What a loser. That's what he is now. Watching this thread like its the most important thing to him, ignoring his family. No wonder he has personal issues outside the Internet. Kieren William Hawken, if you're watching this, just stop. Go outside and do something else that's not watching this thread, 'cause your "reputation" was absolutely squandered by your own actions. Why in the fuck can't you admit that?
  6. Karma will serve him one day. The best course of action we can all do right now is to report every puppet account Kieren has to stop his ever-expanding regime of terror on Twitter.
  7. It sucks that re-releases of both Relief Pitcher and Hot Dog are never going to happen
  8. Bumping up this thread so this can be seen by everybody on the Lynx sub-forum :)
  9. Ever since i laid eyes upon Laurens Simonis and Yiri T. Kohl's TNT Terry, i wanted to know if there was more beyond the existing prototype cartridges and potos showcasing the game playable during one of the old JagFests. That led me in contacting Yiri, who worked as graphic artist in the project (http://yiri.maniac.com/ego_lynx.html) via Facebook and sure enough, i found him in October 2018 but took a year later for Yiri to respond my DM. He told me about his experience working for the Lynx, stating the following: - "I hear you! Unfortunately developing stuff for the actual hardware is,or at leas was, at the time, not as simple as, say, pick up a c++ devkit for making something run a a gameboy advance.... Which is why I never picked up the project again in later years." Afterwards, i told him if by some miracle he had artwork for TNT Terry after all these years, since they could be lost for some reason. Luckily, he did and send me a .zip file containing all of the surviving artwork for the project. I want to thank Yiri T. Kohl for preserving his decades-long work and allowing me to showcase it for everybody. Here's the .zip file for all to enjoy. I hope someday that a .ROM of the TNT Terry demo is preserved for historical purposes... :) Also, check out Yiri's other website, which hosts a GBA homebrew conversion of Oil's Well: https://shintaro.home.xs4all.nl/shinlabs/index.html tnt_terry.zip TERRY.tif
  10. KGRAMR is a combination of both my online handle (KidGameR) and my real name, Roberth Anthony Martinez Rivero. Hence KGRAMR. I'm not afraid (unlike the pussy that is Kieren William Hawken with his "Galaxy Brain" attitude and "wonderful" actions) to say that I did the dirty work of Laird's Lair and I apologized for what my actions did to various people acting in his name. After a while I became a moderator on JS3, I slowly lost interest on keeping up with the group before I was kicked out for my neutral comment at Andrew Rosa's Facebook post, where I did not threw any insult at him and remembered what he said about having issues with Octav1us Kitten, yet the fucker threw a temper tantrum and assumed I was attacking him. Well Kieren Hawken, who's laughing now? Your stupidity is what it's ultimately leading to your downfall. Nobody wants to do anything with you anymore because you're such a pussy that can't handle any sort of criticism, like with Lynx God's video review of your crap book filled with grammatical horrors. And in your message to Octav1us saying that you don't know anybody here then guess what? You're just a lame ass two-faced hypocrite. I wonder how your wife and child would react by knowing their man is a irrespectful little prick towards women? Get the fuck out the Internet Kieren. If you can't face the truth of your actions and criticism of said actions here then why bother sticking around to annoy those who have genuine passion with this hobby? Get some fucking mental help at once dude. Jesuscrist...
  11. Hey Kieren William Hawken, remember that one post you did at your group throwing me under the bus because i was "acting in the name of JS3"? How did that worked out, you stupid idiot...
  12. Who the fuck was the idiot who included Kieren Hawken's A-Z toilet paper packs on a number of Wikipedia articles? Since that worthless and valueless shit are independent publications with nothing of value such as interviews or anything that's worth a damn, they DO NOT count as reviews for the games they have it. If people want to include reviews in the reception section, do some actual research beyond just searching on google and you'll come across with multiple reviews for certain games. Yes, it's headcache-enducing but at the very least, that's effort from your part. I don't give two flying fucks if your regard those piece of shit books as a source Kieren William Hawken, they do not count and there's nothing you can do about it. Hell, people on the video game section of Wikipedia ARE aware of your past and current antics, so you're just another joke of a "game journalist".
  13. I'm glad you finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I had almost the same experience with Kieren W. Hawken as you described in your post.
  14. Update about the c64.com interview: Andreas Wallström is the author of the Kristi Louise Herd interview Kierona Hawkerus plagiarized his text for the Blue Lightning feature in issue 152 of Retro Gamer. His first name was at the very end of his interview and he was not credited on the special thanks section of the magazine...
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