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  1. I wish I was kidding but yeah, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is getting re-released on all current platforms by Limited Run Games, who are also doing a physical English release of the original Turbo Duo version of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Not for current platforms but for the Turbo Duo specifically.
  2. DUDE! You gave an idea that i would love to see but I don't think it'll ever happen sadly, which is seeing someone obtaining the rights to American Hero and finishing it, releasing it on PC and the Jaguar of course. Hell! If Plumbers Don't Wear Ties of all titles is getting re-released, why the frick American Hero can't?
  3. Zero 5, even on its easiest setting, gets vicious on later levels (particularly the Arachnid one). I've dominated Rayman on Jaguar and PlayStation without the use of cheat codes. A full playthrough of Cybermorph, which I haven't done to this day, is extremely grueling without using the cheat code for the planets where they give you items and password. Breakout 2000 requires perfect play across every stage without losing a live. I still need to do a full playthrough of Tempest 2000 without using the level keys. I have finished Val'd Isere's main mode using the snowboarder and let me tell you that you'll pull your hair out in the last courses, as the obstacles will make your life a living nightmare with the insane level of execution they require to pull off. Those are some of the experiences I had with certain games on the Jaguar when it comes to difficult sections...
  4. Oh f*** that lobster boss! That piece of $#!% always annihilates my run in Fractured Furry Tales I've finished Cannon Fodder on emulation with saves states and let me tell you that the final missions are pure war horror. Mad Bodies' second boss can go to die in hell. That second phase of the second boss is nearly impossible. I say that 'cause it's possible to defeat it if luck smiles upon you...
  5. Finally! I hope more RPG-style games are made for the Jaguar once Edom comes out
  6. It would be a miracle seeing Battlemorph running without the Jaguar CD. Either way, I'm looking foward to the re-release
  7. Same here! Congrats on your first ever homebrew release on Jaguar Clint
  8. AFAIK, none. Would be cool seeing it on a Evercade compilation though...
  9. I always say it on YouTube comments but I'll say it again: No matter the platform, it depends on the composer's skill, familiarity with the sound chip and experience to produce good music.
  10. Looks pretty damn cool! I always love seeing well-made remakes like this one
  11. Now that I think about it, it really does suck that Slap Fight MD was not re-released here in the Americas but I find it odd that Twin Hawk was excluded, since it was released in Japan and Europe but not in North America. It would be cool seeing the current company holding the Toaplan IPs (Tatsujin) allowing homebrew devs. make ports for older systems
  12. I played it via Phoenix 2 years ago IIRC and I can say that level 2 does have an exit. That TTA build has an "ending" to put it in loose terms.
  13. Oh cool! Gonna give this a try
  14. Holy hell! This looks awesome every time you give us new updates phoboz
  15. Cool So Speedball 2 did sold well to get more Bitmap Brothers titles on Jaguar.
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