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  1. Hey doctorclu! You might want to download this as a MP3 for preservation sake. Someone at YouTube finally uploaded the Jaguar-exclusive track Metal Blockage of Zool 2. This song actually doesn't appear at all in the Amiga versions of Zool 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McepqEfOI0w
  2. I recommend downloading the Phoenix emulator. From my experience, it's a really good 3DO emulator. That's how I played Immercenary (really good and foward-looking game in terms of premise).
  3. I did see a picture of the Zool arcade cabinet somewhere on a magazine so, I'll try to find it again...
  4. Some of you probably may have seen this particular picture roaming on the Internet for almost two years but i want to post this here in case of being completely lost: This is the only screenshot of Jaguar Bomberman (a.k.a. Bomberman Legends) by Genetic Fantasia. It was posted by co-author Mike Mika on a Facebook group i used to belong (https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10217929023958034&set=p.10217929023958034&type=3) before being kicked out. It was really cool to see this the day he posted it I just hope we see more of Jaguar Bomberman someday... and sorry for bumping this thread!
  5. Having another horizontal-scrolling shooter on the Jaguar would be cool so yeah, sign me in!
  6. Just to be contrary, I view both Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night as Action-adventure games, just like Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap.
  7. Can we keep this thread about Kings of Edom and not about other titles XD? I just wanted to give an idea to phoboz, that's all
  8. Or Gauntlet even. The reason I brought those two games was because of the multiplayer aspect.
  9. Adrian, are you going to fix the link to the interview? I checked Arcade Attack to see if it was still available to read but its not there. I also tried with Wayback Machine but it was not archived, which is dangerous if the website shuts down. Also, when are you going to post a new Atari Jaguar interview to the site? :)
  10. I know you are busy with finishing Kings of Edom phoboz but if you ever have ideas for a sequel then you should check this recently unearthed PlayStation Net Yaroze game that went unreleased for 20+ years for reference: Magic Castle. Not in 3D like Magic Castle but something in the lines of arcade games such as Dungeon Magic and Dark Seal II
  11. If I'm interested on a Metroidvania game for the Atari Jaguar? Hell yeah I am! :D
  12. IIRC, JSTetris was the original name before we all called it JagTris, as it was released on a old Jaguar server...
  13. Yeah, that list is by my hand and I could be wrong with the number of games released for each system so, read them with a grain of salt. Speaking of the 3DO, it's actually not that bad of a system. I really like some of the games released for it such as Immercenary, Burning Soldier and Icebreaker, to name a few...
  14. No ****ing way! We have footage of Full Court Press for Lynx at last
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