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  1. i can do some voices as well if you want some more help in your next game
  2. The game actually has hidden analog support but since a analog stick for the system was never produced it remains unactivated.
  3. i aslo talked to him on FB as well, really nice guy. we may see BattleSphere again in the future...
  4. Those would be Project W (Warlords) and Virtual Xperience's Pong.
  5. There's aslo the source codes for Hover Strike, Fight for Life and Alien Vs. Predator out there if you need more
  6. I'm just saying that you never know where those unreleased games could pop up.
  7. Don't lose your hopes man, Phear will show up eventually. It takes time but it can happen.
  8. Is there any updates regarding your future projects guys?
  9. i'm aslo have to make an apology to Clint for derailing this thread, sorry man
  10. Exactly, Although GT and his friend are going to recreate the game on the M.U.G.E.N engine. All that i will say is that there's a near-finished build of TRF somewhere out in the wild...
  11. Someone has Tin Head but that person hasn't showed up yet, same thing goes to Nerf Max Force and Varuna's Forces level editor. What i know about Green Twang's Jaguar port is that it's somewhere between 75-80% complete but it seems that the source code's whereabouts is unknown as of now.
  12. I'm aslo aware that Tin Head, Green Twang, Nerf Max Force and Varuna's Forces exists in some form or another for the system.
  13. To sum it up, while alpha has more characters it's more unstable, beta has less characters but it's more stable.
  14. Oh and if you can Carl, try to find Phear 'cause everybody in the scene would love to play that game at last
  15. Yeah it's true, i know that at least Bomberman and Gotcha! have been found (2 or 3 people has Bomberman while Jonathan (Jon) Court [who worked on the port of Cannon Fodder for the Jaguar] has Gotcha!).
  16. i remembered something Carl, do you plan in doing something for that beat'em up that Rastersoft was working a LONG time ago for the Jaguar?
  17. At least they are not overcharging for it, you're getting all that OPTIONAL stuff for 20$ Unlike the crap that Square-Enix,Capcom and EA pull with their games.
  18. 'Cause you dicks want to own the Jaguar scene and not give anyone who has great promise a chance, or i have to remind you the sandstorm that happend when Jon Court came to ask if there's anyone who could help him in dumping Gotcha online, but then various ***holes started doubting and even attacked him for asking such a thing?
  19. Oh and then explain to me why CJ's ST ports are exactly what you said, Copypasted?
  20. Wow you're being salty because JB has more skills than you? You said that Doger was a public demo so everybody could make a full-fledge game out of it, and don't modify my reply 'cause i know someone who did the same thing it seems that Reboot is finally showing their true faces.
  21. Sadly, no one has contact with him GT 'cause he got banned both here and Jagware Thanks to the moderators over here, i've tried but you can't send messages to Banned members sadly, which is a shame.
  22. ...What's up Sauron? You got Triggered by the name MegaData?...i guess so
  23. ...So has anyone been able to find the Source Code of the game?
  24. Yeah, same thing here as well, i'm aslo looking for Super Burnout, Val d'Isere and Rayman Jaguar source codes as well
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