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  1. Will there be carts? I would totally get at least one
  2. Is there music on beast busters?
  3. Wow I am such a 7800 beginner, even though it was the first console I ever owned. I was switching a switch on the back of the console!!!! Doh
  4. I can’t get the octopuses to work? How do I do it? I keep the difficulty switch to the right and no enemies.
  5. I’ll take a box please!
  6. I hope yours come through soon. It’s super dope!
  7. Looks sweet. I’ll come out of retirement to buy this lynx game
  8. Retried in the model 2 today and it worked fine. Maybe it does that “first time” On any console?
  9. what’s crazy about that power thing you describe, I tried paprium on two different TVs, one tv ( an old flat screen from many years ago that had some issues) when I turned on the game the TV made a loud crack noise and pretty much blew. Do you think related? I just figured it was the tv’s time to go.
  10. Got mine today. Didn’t work on my model 2, but worked on the 3. I’ll have to retry the model 2
  11. Did yours glitch too? Keep us posted about the game genie and if it fixed it.
  12. Good thing most of us have multiple models and possibly multiples of each!
  13. Sapicco

    Bug Hunt

    I want to buy a cart.
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