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  1. Well that’s good news. But I am also 5 new releases behind. Need to catchup before this releases.
  2. Even with your busy work and life, 4 month turnaround time seems like the fastest fullfilment yet. Keep up the great work for the community.
  3. I grabbed hot dog a while ago, but also not interested in paying the asking price for relief pitcher. It looks like an awful game. Anyone ever play it?
  4. Sapicco

    JHL 20

    You got Jhl 20 in 2018?
  5. For the working Astrocades, have any had any mods or refurbishing done?
  6. What do the barrel power jack mods do? Does that mean you can’t use the original power plugs?
  7. Impressive list of future carts!
  8. Waluigi fan, obvi.
  9. Do you still have these in stock? I could go for about 35 @ $1.10 each.
  10. Just sell the carts on down low via this forum. Nintendo will never know!
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