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  1. Sapicco


    This would keep me busy for a while,but not worth a port
  2. So I didn’t look underneath the mouse for a switch, will check that out later. I did however select ST and it worked fine. I’m glad because the wire is way longer.
  3. I did. But I didn’t try it selecting ST, maybe I’ll give that a whirl. I got the mouse new from Best a year or so ago. is there a way to clean the mouse?
  4. I just used my Atari amiga mouse with Star Wars arcade. It really didn’t respond well at all. Any suggestions? Basically, I move the mouse and the cursor just moves erratically in directions of no reason. Luckily I have an st mouse and it works like a charm.
  5. Amazing! I can’t wait for this. Makes me wonder if contra could be done.
  6. Will there be carts? I would totally get at least one
  7. Is there music on beast busters?
  8. Wow I am such a 7800 beginner, even though it was the first console I ever owned. I was switching a switch on the back of the console!!!! Doh
  9. I can’t get the octopuses to work? How do I do it? I keep the difficulty switch to the right and no enemies.
  10. I’ll take a box please!
  11. I hope yours come through soon. It’s super dope!
  12. Looks sweet. I’ll come out of retirement to buy this lynx game
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