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  1. Looking for any info I can get about this prototype. I bought it here recently. It's my first prototype in my collection.
  2. Now an Active member! Hello AtariAge members!

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      Let me guess, you only came here for the chat, and now it's gone!

  3. It seems there Isnt a screw on the back of this one. Guy says it works though, Not that I can test it. I don't have the adapter for my 5200.
  4. No, its on its way now. :/ any idea how i would open it?
  5. Just looking for some info on it... maybe a value? https://goo.gl/photos/KDvknpEzG3rq5mAK6
  6. How much for what's left? I would have wanted the lot a lot more if Megaman was still in it though
  7. I need one I'm dipping my fingers into ps2 backups for the first time. How do i launch it? And I can use standard dvdr burns with img burn like a dreamcast right? I'll pay postage and everything.
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