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  1. I have the INTV and SNES from this seller - got them last March. They're really cute and the controllers and games do come apart from the system as shown.
  2. I signed up for a game near to my heart.
  3. The "Sticklers" as I believe one type of the add on joysticks are called never felt quite right on the Intellivision for me. I had a set back in the day because I liked how Atari joysticks felt. The downside of using the Sticklers with the INTV is that the discs doesn't have enough depth to accommodate much movement of the hard plastic sticks. I swear you could only move them like 1" from side to side, which I way overcompensated for back then being used to Atari and arcade joysticks that had a lot more play range. Once I realized I could get much better control with my thumb and the disc, I took the Sticklers off.
  4. I'm hoping to make it this year! Not sure of which dates, but definitely the Saturday...
  5. Such a shame. I'd hoped to meet him at a future retro convention, but after numerous Intellivisionaries interviews I feel like I knew him a bit already. My condolences to everyone who knew him and to his family.
  6. Sorry to hear about Salt. You were a good dog dad.
  7. I need some new wallpaper to spruce up my laptop and would love some INTV related wallpaper. Anyone have some they'd care to share?
  8. Hey! I want to run a fun game event at my work. Something with quick rounds where people play for 5 minutes or less, get a score of some kind, then I can either create a ladder where there's a playoff at the end or their scores stand alone for comparison. For example: Ms. Pac-Man, Mission-X, BurgerTime: How far can you get on 1 life? Max score wins (no playoff needed). Sharp Shot: Max score in a single round Has anyone run one of these types of events before? Any suggestions for the best way to sign people up and keep track of scores? The less formal for the participants, the better - I don't want people to have to "sign up" for slots.
  9. Best at? Lock 'n' Chase. Contender in: AD&D, Burgertime, Astrosmash
  10. Please put me down for one, number doesn't matter.
  11. All I had to do was click the EXE and it ran for me. No extra work needed.
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