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  1. Yeah sadly I bought the last one from best.. lucky for me. Those things are un repairable.
  2. Those boxes are a pain. I would do a power mod if you have the time
  3. Ensure you you use ground plane for ground I had tons of issues when I tried to localize the nearest ground. Such as bad colors and screen flip issues. Also the longer the connection to the GTIA the more issues.
  4. Got mine in. Love them both. I just wish there was at least a minimal continue on them and some music but in reality these are grea and i just turn on some dubstep that I find fitting. 10 year old me is way jelous.
  5. I do modding if you're looking. Just PM me if you're interested. Either way I hope it all pans out
  6. The power mod for the 4 port is easy to do. I do love my 2 port though.
  7. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/quickguide.htm They have a list of just about anything you'd need. It's a pita to navigate but I'm sure they have what you will need. Can even get a populated board for 35$. Can keep one as a parts board with future issues that may arise if you play the console alot.
  8. The lift and cable mod near the memory is normal. Try a new rf cable or swap the gtia chip out. I did have an issue like this but since I did the av mod I'm not sure what it was exactly. It had something to do with the RF modulator or its components. There was another one that had a flip flop issue near the power button. It wasn't powering the Cpu rail. And lastly I had another with a similar issue that u had to swap out memory chips to get it to work.
  9. The power issue might be a bad credit 7805 if not a loose cable connection. Easy solder fix.
  10. shows the interference most on top screen.
  11. You can set up mono 2 channel with stereo from tia as this attachment shows. Works well
  12. I am having issues with the ballblazer game. I've cut the base of q1 and q8. I have installed the tia switch. I've changed many variations of esound and I've tried 2 different carts. There is always a fluctuations on the screen. This is the only game that has these issues. I do have the LHE Mod I installed. It works great otherwise. I can't for the life of me find anything on Google that addresses this. I will have a link up of a video of it later
  13. That would let me utilize the unused pins on my snes multiout adaptor in the future.
  14. Did you get any luck with this?
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