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  1. I thought I would chime in since I bought a RPI 3B+ a week ago. I knew there would be a learning curve (Linux), however, I got the hang of getting everything going correctly. It emulates everything I care about and the best part is, with the console emulators, you don't have to remap the controls because they are mapped already. Another bonus is that in the mame emulators the SFII and other SF games and some MK games already have the buttons set up :-). It runs Gameboy Advance and Playstation 1 games very well. It works great for me in that its teeny tiny, and runs 12 or so systems out of the box. I only paid 65 for the canakit, because I already had a flash drive to use and a HDMI cable. Plus, the next time I go back home to visit my family and friends in NY, I can bring it with me. :-) I get a kick out of seeing Gameboy color and Atari Lynx blow up to mega pixels,
  2. My 2 cents about arcades then and now. I used to live in Syracuse, NY there was an arcade called Button's Arcade, they had a mix of 80s and 90s stuff. I used to talk to the owner quite a bit, he was a very nice man. Sometimes, he would say "close your eyes and hold out your hands for a surprise!". He would then dump a cup full of tokens into my little hands ( I was a kid then). Mr Buttons was the man, he fixed every machine, and if you lost credits he would give you more. He once told me in 1996, "I think arcades are dying, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis give immersive experiences, and now the Playstation is even more engrossing, I won't see as many people here as I used to." I tried to cheer him up by saying, "You only charge 1.00 for 7 tokens, a person could play forever, if they knew what to play." He responded, "I wish I had more customers like you." Fast forward to 2019. My wife and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. The only arcade is Geeks Mania Arcade. Last year they moved to a $15 a person pay model. Of course everything is on free play, so I was able to beat games I never could 20 years ago. Even the pinball machines are on free play as well. The arcade keeps expanding, they just added a marvel room with a showcase X-Men konami game from (1992), also in this Marvel room are: Captain America and the Avengers, Marvel vs Capcom, and X-Men Children of the atom. Due to the fact it's $15, I don't go very often and the games I like change month to month. However, they seem to hold onto "certain" ones. I wish my friends could visit me out here, I know they would love it there.
  3. I remember playing the Atari Tetris arcade machine at my local arcade (Buttons arcade) for those of you that live in Syracuse, NY. The music and little animations were very nice. The music was also very good and the 2 player mode was great too. Many years later there was a plug and play Tetris, but you had these blocks you and to turn to rotate. Personally, I would have loved to see a simple 4 way joystick and 2 rotate buttons, clockwise and counterclockwise. All of this would be in a nice plug and play form factor with the Atari arcade version of Tetris. For now I will enjoy it on mame :-) I never played the later arcade Tetris game, the grand master and have no experience with it.
  4. Aww man, I thought you said Sour Cream and Onion chips Now I'm hungry.... Anyways try best electronics, BNC computer vision, or you could take the pokey chip out of a ballblazer or commando cart.
  5. I have a few questions for you about those floppy disks. 1. Are they 1.44 MB floppy disks? 2. Do they come with labels to stick on them ? 3. What forms of payment do you accept ? Have a great day
  6. Hi Blaine, I too had CX78 joypads back when I still had my 7800. They are much better than that crapline joysticks that come with the 7800. Enjoy your games and have fun.
  7. Back in 1995 I had a Packard Bell Legend Computer it had DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 on it. I remember the games I had on it and all the fun I had. Nowadays, I have a generic beige pc with the following specs Pentium 166Mhz with MMX processor 16MB Ram (it came like that from the guy I bought it from) 8x cd rom drive 4 gig hard drive partitioned into two 2 gigabyte partitions I'm adding windows 3.11 only games that only run within windows 3.11 so far I have: Microsoft Entertainment Packs 1 - 4 Microsoft Golf 2.0 Spectre for Windows Castle of the Winds Episodes 1 and 2 Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures Jewel Thief Slam! Kid Pix Studio Deluxe Odell Down Under Myst Oregon Trail 1.2 CD Rom Jeopardy Multimedia Pool Mario is Missing Deluxe CD Microsoft Arcade Comet Busters Winroids Even more incredible Machine Bowling USA Its nice to have the max amount of hard drive space that I didn't have back then. Back then I had a 850 megabyte hard drive. What are your fun memories of windows 3.11?
  8. I had a Packard Bell Legend in 1995. I remember the specs at the time. Pentium 75 MHZ Processor 8MB of RAM (gee how nice) 56k modem (loud noises ahhh!) 2X CD ROM (gee sonic the hedgehog can beat that!) it came bundled with DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11 and Packard Bells Navigator software. I played the crap out of this computer since it was a family computer, even though my parents were scared of it because they didn't understand it. Anyways the only upgrade I did was take the RAM from 8MB to 64MB. What prompted me to upgrade was I was pissed that the demo of Mortal Kombat 3 crashed because I didn't have 16MB of ram at the time. Once I upgraded geez windows 3.11 and dos games flew at warp speed. To be fair most games and applications didn't need more than 8MB of ram back then.
  9. I can remember my first favorite arcade game. It was 1989 at Chuck E Cheeses in Syracuse, NY. My parents took me there for a afternoon of subpar pizza and arcade games. Obviously as a child, I did not know the pizza was not great. I remember they had a area towards the back that had many arcade machines you could play. It was then I saw it, Mario Bros. the arcade game. At the time, this confused poor little me, I remember thinking I have Super Mario Bros on Nintendo, so what the heck is this. I looked at the copyright date during the demo mode.. 1982 geez. I popped a quarter in and got that classical musical number with a demo of how to beat the shellcreepers. I started to play this simple and fun game. It was one of those games you could have fun because as a 7 year old kid, even I could figure it out. The animations were well beyond what Nintendo could do. It lost track of time, I played it so much. In 1995, I spent 3 years trying to track down Mario Bros. for NES. I tried every video game store in my city. I found the Nes version at a flea market for a whopping $5 dollars. I turned on my nes and it was the same Mario bros as the arcade. By this time, I used to arcade to nes ports being ok but not awesome. I noticed the changes: smaller sprites, the turtles went on a diet, Mario must have worked out because he was not chunky... etc. Still, I enjoyed it and come to find out, it is not a easy to find game, even before the retro madness swept the nation. It will always be my favorite arcade game. Small side story time :-) in 2001 I discovered mame at college, at the time I had a prebuilt generic windows 98se computer with a 1.5 gigahertz processor. At the time, you could go to www.mame.dk and download any mame roms you wanted. Man I miss that website. I quickly learned that parents roms were different from the other roms. You needed the parent version roms of a game for it to work. I thought, I wonder if Mario Bros will work, I downloaded the sound sample and then the game. I fired it up and then the title screen scrolled down into view. At this point when I was home, I yelled "yay! frickin Mario Bros!" I was so happy. Then this became a search mission for arkanoid, and teenage mutant ninja turtles, and wwf wrestlefest. The best part was when I told my friends I have the real teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade game on my computer, no one believed me. Until they all gathered around my computer and they heard "cowabunga!" and everyone just stared at the computer monitor as if god was talking to them lol. Anyways that is my story. :-)
  10. Hello Atari Pac Man Fan, I thought I would add to this conversation concerning Sega CD and the 32X. As many have said, both are worth having. Certain Sega cd games are way to expensive to own real copies of (Snatcher, Keios Flying Squadron, Lunar 1 and 2). When I had a sega cd many years ago I just burned every game I wanted to blank cds and had a blast. I enjoyed the following games: Final Fight CD Mortal Kombat NBA Jam Adventures of Willy Beamish Flink Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Wirehead Night Trap WWF Rage in the Cage Vay Star Wars Rebel Assault Snatcher The Lunar Games Fatal Fury Special It really depends on what games you like. For the Sega 32X I liked these games: WWF Raw WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game Virtua Fighter Doom Star Wars Arcade Tempo NBA JAM TE Afterburner Space Harrier Shadow Squadron Mortal Kombat 2 RBI Baseball 95 I would just get a mega everdrive X7 and just throw everything you want on there. I think between the Sega CD and 32x you could have lots of fun with at least 20 games if not more.
  11. I agree with BassGuitari, it would make sense to lump genesis, 32x, and sega cd into 1 emulation device. You would theoretically get the best of everything if people wanted to ignore licensing issues and sneak some "arrgh me mateys" onto the system anyways. I would buy such a plug and play device if it existed. Heck, if there was a 3DO, or Playstation 1, or Sega Saturn, or Dreamcast, or Gamecube plug and play, I would buy those as well. I wish sega themselves would handle the emulation work of their flashback systems, instead of having crapgames do it.
  12. I was hoping to generate some ideas or thoughts about this topic. Apparently no one cares, that's ok though. Mods, please delete this thread as no one cares to add anything to it. Have a nice day.
  13. I am talking about a emulated sega cd plug and play. the market would be really tiny but it seems neat. It would have Sonic CD FInal Fight CD Both Lunar Games Snatcher Rise of the Dragon Willy Beamish WWF Rage in the Cage Night Trap Eternal Champions CD Megarace Star Wars Rebel Assault Shining Fore CD Mortal Kombat CD NBA Jam CD cant think of others. thoughts, comments, ?
  14. Here in Madison, Wisconsin there is a great arcade called Geeks Mania. it is located off of Odana Road. They have a great selection of old and new games and lots of pinball tables too. Its $15 per person, but everything is set to free play, even the pinball machines. They keep expanding and adding more games, for instance I have never played the arcade machine blades of steel before 2 months ago. if you facebook search geeks mania arcade you can find all the latest updates. It is about 30 mins from where I live, of course my wife is not interested but sometimes I wonder if even she would find something she likes there.
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