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  1. Hi to everybody, next week first shipment to USA Hope you'll enjoy it
  2. Hi everybody, sorry for the big delay, but we have some problems with real work, and so.. we are in late! Hope you have appreciate that I have not asked you money, I'll do it only when it will be ready to ship! Did you sent your email with address to [email protected] ? please do it! I'm shipping right now a batch of 16 copies. Keep in touch. Federico
  3. I've not received it, please send to [email protected]
  4. Hi everybody, I've check again and.. the size of box are the same!!!! Only one copy of Animaction was a little bit smaller (I don't know why!!). Other Light pen games (including my other copies of Animaction) have the same size of normal games, so our project is (YES!) perfect size box! You can check the photo here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207876458567259&l=adc8a948ab https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207876455607185&l=90add5329d https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207876456327203&l=583656179e this is a really good news for me!!
  5. Hi guys, only to confirm you that Mail Plane box is made with the normal box and not the light pen ones (that are a little bit smaller, I think near 3mm). This because we use a normal box for the "die cut" and we made the mold for the cart holder to be used for all games (as a spare part). So the game is a reproduction of the original, but not a perfect one. If this is a problem for someone, I can cancel the order with no problem. Please tell me what you prefer. About the payment, we use paypal as gift.
  6. Thanks Mayhem, for sure, please send me a PM. update. This week I'll quote shipping cost to all countries, so I'll be ready to accept payment. I think that shipment will start on febraury 2016.
  7. We played both ROM and noticed no difference.I don't think that Chris sell his proto because we made the cib version of the game. I'll send you a pm.
  8. Please on email tell me your Nickname
  9. Hi everybody, first of all sorry for my English. Two years ago I've bought on ebay a proto of Mail Plane (that came out two weeks later than the one bought by Vectrexer). My idea was to make a repro of the original light pen games, including box, cart shell and sticker, instruction and a plastic cart holder. What you can see in these two pics is the first near complete proto of the game. We will produce only 100 limited (and numbered copy - no reservation for the number). The game will cost Euro 65, excluding shipping cost (the cost to produce are very high). This game is made for passion for all Vectrex lovers! If you are interested, please post here and send me an email at [email protected]
  10. I fall in love with #FunHouse #Pinball #Flipper #Williams #1990 .. My actual poor record #20.136.220 points http://t.co/GKDJOhSXJC

  11. Could you tell me when you ordered it? Many thanks!
  12. Wonderful! I've an Adventure Vision too and I love it. If you'll sell them, please let me know.
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