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  1. Solved: for some reason, the copied ROMs are showing at the end of the games list in the flashback portable.. not alphabetically sorted. the games are compatible and running fine. thank you.
  2. I tried all of these games on stellaDS emulator running on a Nintendo 3DS XL, they all run great. Wondering why they are compatibility issues with the FB portable .
  3. Dear all, I'm searching for the following flashback v2018 working ROMs: - space raid (similar to megamania) - threshold - base attack - sea monster - mysterious thief - bermuda (similar to river raid) Any help will be very much appreciated Thanks in advance...
  4. Hello everyone, i recently bought a jupiter ace mint condition working with manual but without box, anyone knows how much it should be worth as well as its rarity on a scale of 1-10? Thank you...
  5. A recent addition to the collection, Camputers Lynx 96K boxed and working.
  6. Camputers Lynx 96K on the way... supposedly boxed with a manual... will post it once received.
  7. You have to extract each game alone to a seperate folder then load it in DOSbox.
  8. Noted, also the first generation of rpi 1 came with single core processor at 500Mhz, 256Mb RAM @ 400Mhz while rpi 3 model b came with Quad core @ 1.2 Ghz, 1Gb RAM @ 900 Mhz, that should give some performance boost regarding the installation of cores...
  9. Ti 99/4A is good so far on rpi 3 model b, no lag/graphics issues on all tested games... will try with MAME and see what happens... and will check your previously made tests on rpi1, thank you for the info:.
  10. Did anyone try emulating 99/8 or Geneve on Retropie? Any idea if it works? I'm doing well so far with 99/4A on rpi 3b...
  11. Don't remind me of shipping issues... if the item costs $10 i would need a hundred more to ship it...
  12. I'd dream of a Geneve or a 99/8:. There are some BBCs on ebay right now you might want to check...
  13. Thank you, indeed there was a Lynx on ebay for about $900, did not get it because it was missing the logo sticker...
  14. Nice, my A1200 has a 50Gb H.D.D and a PCMCIA CF reader where you could install/load any AGA/ADF file you need without bothering with IOMEGA ZIPs... as for DOS related stuff, i use a Raspberry Pi 3B and DOSbox with all other Retropie emulators plus MIST FPGA from Lotharek.
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