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  1. Here's my latest one : Ninja Gaiden love (stage 4-2) Unbreakable Determination
  2. The Monkey Island main theme . This is now my new favourite thing i did
  3. A couple of covers I recently done: Another undertale one , the Ruins theme ...and a simple arrangement of the Kokiri Forest from Zelda oot on Ukulele
  4. new cover is the Asgore Theme from Undertale
  5. I'm a bit behind posting these:) Next cover was Air Man
  6. Let's get back to more mainstream territory i'm starting a Mega Man 2 month of cover. 1 week one cover & kicked things off with Metal Man
  7. thanks:) Here's another classic from the Amiga era. Turrican - Shoot or Die
  8. so finally, a game that was on the Atari ST. I actually saw this game first on an ST while on holidays in germany at the time. I couldn't believe the sound that was coming out of this machine! Xenon 2 megablast : Bomb the Bass !
  9. The latest cover was so tough to pull of. I'd done a Shovel Knight cover before but this one was really tricky. Think it worked though
  10. hey guys. For the newest cover I'm going back to nintendo, and the gameboy with a cover of Super Mario Land - Muda Kingdom. The next one will be another gameboy title from Zelda, Link's Awakening - Mabe Village theme, I won't have access to a computer then (it's scheduled) so you'll have to check the channel Happpy xmas!
  11. Here's my new cover. It's the Megalovania theme from Undertale. Play this game if you haven't yet, it's beautiful.
  12. Hi,, Here's a new cover I just finished . Between mario maker and the NES birthday, I thought I'd go back to the early days of nintendo gaming with the next cover smile emoticon Ollie
  13. Here's the latest cover. From the first Dune game on the Amiga and PC and SEGA CD This is kind of a DIY one , with unusual "instruments" used
  14. New Cover. It's Pokemon RBY - Route 1 theme & I try to train my buddy Simon as a Pokemon
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